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  1. That's what I was thinking too. In reality they held a good offense to 23 points and 3.7 ypc. Credit their playmakers for making some really tough catches. All of that and we were missing our all pro LB. The defense is fine.
  2. They got abused in the first half but looked much better in the passing game in the 2nd half. The run defense is top tier though. Do the 9 points gifted by Rivers count towards the defense?
  3. We were all hoping that the oline would be the difference, but that's obviously not the case. Hes the same guy he was last year, and that is an aging declining QB that cant win in a sshootout and makes really bad costly throws.
  4. The entire offense has been disappointing and it starts with Rivers. He is who he is though. He wont win any shootouts. If I was Ballard I'd consider trading multiple high draft picks to land a QB in this draft.
  5. This offseason I'd consider giving up multiple high draft picks to move up for a QB
  6. Without AC and Leonard I think Browns sneak out a win. 28-24
  7. Big losses, not sure Colts get the W this week.
  8. I dont see anywhere that hes been ruled out. You have a link?
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