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  1. Pascal has been a nice surprise, still wish Indy would have taken a chance on Gordon. Our wrs are mediocre without TY, and Ebron has regressed this season.
  2. Thank you for all the replies, and info. I appreciate it. Thinking about St. Elmos after the game. Do you have to have reservations? Also anyone have tickets for sale. Would rather give the money to you guys as opposed to something like StubHub.
  3. Hey everyone. Sorry, I am not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this topic. Anyway I am going to attend the Dolphins vs Colts game next Sunday and was wondering if anyone has reccomendations on best place to buy, parking etc? I'm driving over from Illinois and taking a young lady on our 1st (kinda) date. Shes also a Colts fan btw. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Aaron Donald Kahlil Mack Nick Bosa Christian McCaffrey Patrick Mahomes
  5. Jacoby had a great game. I'm genuinely happy that hes playing well and helping the team win. I really hope it continues. With that said I'm still not 100% sold hes a franchise QB. We all know the Texans and KC secondaries arent very good.
  6. Mahomes was clearly hurt. He was shredding this team before the injury. Without Watkins, and Hill.
  7. Hes a game manager. Nothing wrong with that, he did pretty good today. I'd like to see more down the field attempts as the season goes forward though.
  8. Please, 80 yards and that TD were during garbage time right after he threw that horrible pick 6. Without that he was 21/43 (48% completion) with 180 yards 2 tds and an INT. He may have had better stats, but Carr played better.
  9. I feel like we were in the same position last year. Rodgers or Pascal being our 2nd best WR behind TY. Campbell or Cain havent impressed.
  10. This isnt very shocking. I've been saying Jacoby Brissett is a mediocre qb and it shows. The draft class hasnt really made an impact. Campbell is doing next to nothing. He actually hurt the team today. Ya-Sin hasnt done much. Unless I'm missing something i dont recall Banagu (sp) making a play yet. Willis and Okereke have made a few plays but nothing special. Not having Hooker and Leonard hurts, but even the games Leonard played he didnt look good. This team is a .500 team if they are lucky without Andrew.
  11. JaCoBy Is ThE fUtUrE.... smh hes mediocre at best.
  12. Jacoby 23-31 208 yards 2 tds 1 Int 35 rushing yards Marlon Mack 18 attempts 70 yards 1 TD TY Hilton 6 receptions 80 yards 1 TD Deon Cain 1 TD Vinny goes 2/2 and 3/3 on xp. Falcons 35- Colts 27
  13. Another close one but I have the Titans winning 28-24.
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