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  1. What Is everyone's opinion on Hurts? If the Eagles GM is adamant on keeping Wentz maybe Hurts is available? I haven't watched much of him but the little I did see he was solid and could make plays with his legs. Just a random thought.
  2. Would be amazing, but the chances are somewhere between never going to happen and a percentage lower than zero.
  3. Yeah, I love TY but it's time to move on. We haven't had the best luck when it comes to drafting WRs. Pittman was solid and I'm sure he will improve but some of those FA wrs are young and intriguing
  4. I'm going to speak it into existence. Buckner sack fumble recovered by Leonard for a TD!
  5. Starting to implode. Defense needs to get some momentum back. Let the Bills score here and its over
  6. I'd just give the Texans a "blank check" and ask what they want. Four 1st rounders? Ok. With Watson this team not only is a SB contender they would be the favorites for years to come.
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