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  1. Eason and I can honestly say I've never seen him play or know anything about him.
  2. Only if Rivers returns to 2018 form.
  3. I like the Taylor pick better than Pittman, but never expected a RB and to trade up? Ballard must really like him.
  4. Damnit. Wanted Mims. Oh well. Hopefully hes good
  5. Colts fans "LoVe Is GuArAnTeEd To Go ToP 10"
  6. I'm going to bombard this forum with a temper tantrum of complaining if we trade up to draft Jordan Love. Please football gods.... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
  7. I like it a lot. I was wanting a DT at 13 anyway. Now we have a young pro bowl caliber DT. Plus we wont be taking Jordan Love Lol.
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