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  1. Yes Drafted Taylor, Pittman, and Colts defense. Havent played Pittman yet but next week he will be in the lineup due to bye weeks. Dropped Colts D after week 1. Picked up Bills defense. Have not added any other Colts. QB- Murray RB- Ekeler RB- Taylor WR- Mclaurin WR- Keenan Allen TE- Dawson Knox Flex- Darrell Henderson Flex- Jamarr Chase Def- Bills RB- Chase Edmonds WR- Michael Pittman RB- Jamaal Williams WR- Cole Beasley RB- Chuba Hubbard
  2. Sorry if its been brought up before but hes not wearing a mask, did he get vaccinated?
  3. Im on season 8 of a Jacob Eason led Colts team. He is a 97 overall (without adjustments) and a 5 time SB winner. This is the most realistic outcome I can think of for him.
  4. I cant wait for him, Duron Carter and Moncreif to breakout!
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