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  1. I agree with the previous poster, and I just say that currently Colts have backup QBs in name only. I can’t see any of them playing well enough to win a game if Wentz can’t play. Then the question is why waste the time and money on them, it’s like you don’t have them. I miss the days when Matt Hasselbeck used to be our backup QB.
  2. I can see why the definition of “hurry” may be ambiguous due to the lack of a proper metric. A sack and a TFL is obvious, player on the ground and, that’s it, you can count it. A hurry could be subjective because it depends on factors such as play design, QB executing the play quickly, that’s my guess. That being said, count me in among those who hope that Polian is terribly wrong.
  3. I was happy to see him too. He looked like he put some weight on since retiring from NFL.
  4. I like Ehlinger, looks competent to me. He can win number 2 spot.
  5. This draft so far looks underwhelming for the Colts from my perspective. First round pick is a player with low production in college, despite his athletic abilities, not a safe pick for a first rounder, needs way too much coaching. Second rounder is a redshirt player, good physical traits, a lot of promise, but again, a lot of uncertainties.
  6. I hope nobody goes back and listens to Bill Polian on his podcast from 2 weeks ago when he talked about Paye because if you respect Polian’s opinion, like I do, the optimism about this pick will suddenly plummet.
  7. I think that other than Pittman and Pascal, from whom I know what to expect there are question marks about the rest of them, whether about health ( Hilton, Campbell) or about form. I would say average group at NFL level.
  8. I like how they put together the separately conducted interviews with Reich and Wentz to make it look like they were completing each other’s sentences. It makes it look like they are related, or at least on the same page.
  9. According to the guys who came out with that rumor, he’s not.
  10. I don’t know man, but I just watched a clip on Youtube with this guy falling on his butt after trying to block an imaginary d-lineman in front of him.
  11. This signing looks like a bad joke to annoy fans.
  12. Latest podcast with Bill Polian, very informative https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/inside-football-podcast-with-bill-polian/id1510749403
  13. Great news! It’s a win-win situation. Good for Philip: nice career, avoids being criticized or even detested by fans when his wheels fall off (ala Peyton, Drew). Good for Colts: it forces them to look for a long term solution, hopefully.
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