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  1. I'll go out on the limb, 12-5. Go Colts!
  2. Definitely need an edge, may get one from the undrafted list that reports to camp.....
  3. I think we need to move on and get younger. Houston has loss a little bit of that edge as he is getting up there in time.
  4. I'll be upbeat about the outcome of the Wentz trade. Despite the negativity coming from his previous stint of not performing above par, I believe with the tutelage of Reich and and the culture surrounding Wentz in the locker room, he will be successful. Record: 12-5, and lose our 1st round pick in 2022 to the Eagles.
  5. One of the elite edge rushers will do. Preferably Oweh, Ossai or even Rousseau
  6. I'm sold on JT also, I think he will be the Colts RB for a while, and hopefully retire as a Colt.
  7. I like JT, good attitude, excellent runner now only if Reich utilizes him more he could probably can reach 2k.
  8. Hasn't really accomplished anything to be deserving of a # he wants. Need to show me the money!
  9. Why don't we draft Najee Harris from Bama as the 1 and 2 punch with JT. Harris being the bigger back would be the bruiser like the Fournette and Jones duo in Tampa.
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