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  1. I hope hope they keep Eason on the active roster, he has a lot of upside and can benefit learning from the both of them.(Rivers/Brissett)
  2. Everybody deserves a second, third or even a fourth chance. But not with the Colts, he had his chances...
  3. Retired in 2019, will not return in 2020 and we would have developed a rookie QB by then, so no thanks. Have a good life Luck, stay retired.
  4. Not going to happen now or in the future, JE is our future for this franchise.
  5. Stafford, now Minshew are on that list, this brings up an interesting topic of conversation. A point of interest if they're interested in our back-up QB. Maybe we can get a 2nd or a 3rd on him.
  6. We already know JB's downside, but Eason has more upside. Time will tell.
  7. It's unanimous, Eason makes the 53 club.
  8. Still considered racist since it belongs to a group of individuals.
  9. Wishful thinking is "A", but logically "B" makes more sense based on experience in the back up QB position...
  10. As long as there is football on the field. At the same time, the team is thinking of the safety of the fans.
  11. A ludicrous, lack of substance by ESPN to project this, Eason drafted in the 4th round with a lot of upsides while being tutored by an experience future HOF Qb, Just a lot of non sense, JB and/or CK will be cut first before they let EASON walk....
  12. It's rather strange how 2020 NFL season is evolving, the enthusiasm is diminishing as this pandemic is apparently is getting worse before it gets better. The evaluation process for the UFA, undrafted rookies will not occur, sad to see this, but the health factor is number one priority for the players and everyone associated with the NFL. . .
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