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  1. I think if Ballard can pull a Jordan Love in the draft, we won't have some of these negative narrative about his past drafts......We can only hope this happens.
  2. No thanks, focus on Jordan Love, or Jake Fromn....start fresh with a new face....
  3. How about 6-10? This is the pits.
  4. CK time, rest JB the rest of the way and prepare him for his back role in 2020.
  5. The receiving corps for 2020 looks promising in the likes of: TY, Funchness, Campbell, Pascal, Johnson, et all.
  6. I think he's got the potential to be our long term kicker. He's a rookie and he could improve along the way, especially in the off season and will come out next season in clutch situations and drills it.
  7. It's a team loss, but the QB usually shoulders the blame....That's why he gets paid the big bucks.
  8. Look at the Titans as we speak are blowing out the Raiders with their back up QB...Where are the genius, scouts that are supposed to provide input for this Team's success...
  9. Make excuses all you want about injuries. Injuries are part of the game, it's the nucleus of the team, and coaching, planning, play calling etc.....are key parts of it...
  10. We keep trading down to pick up additional picks in the draft, and the talent level diminishes big time when you do this. To compound it all, when you try to develop players after drafting this low, it takes time and you end up like this....We're bottom feeders right now, blame it on Irsay and down....Need better products on the field..
  11. Saw the pass to Doyle, behind him, it's indicative of how JB plays, timing and indeciveness.
  12. Frustrating all around, HC, DC, Players, all around should be accountable.....Another disappointing season, only difference is we didn't make the play offs. Up and down again....Sick.
  13. Big "E" was a HC candidate last year. What happened? Was he upset by not getting the job, so he's taking it out on the team?
  14. Passing in key situations was atrocious, behind, in front of receivers. Still inconsistent by JB. Top 10 pick for sure...
  15. We will be 6-9 for sure after two weeks. Both Saints and Panthers loss today, they're wanting a win bad starting next week. Jacksonville is the last game and might loose today to the Chargers....I'm looking at possibly picking in the top 10 for sure....
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