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  1. He can't scramble, he can't throw(unless 5 yds). Move on.
  2. Hopefully the show will go on.
  3. Pass on Tua, can get a QB in the 3rd round.
  4. Another EDGE Then, WR Then QB Then RB The rest, you pick em..
  5. Yes, definitely an elite RB at 34 or 44. Aj Dillon comes to mind. Then again a QB at 44.
  6. This is the mental approach Reich has with his players, i.e..AV, you know the rest, 3 games loss. Reich needs some juevos and provide some tough love to win games period.
  7. I guess Reich and Siriani doesn't want to hurt JB's feelings being bumped down to a back up role. You're here to win the games quite from Herm Edward's. This is a business, otherwise you wouldn't last long as a coach with that mindset. Move on!
  8. I don't see the rationale by putting JB in for 5 to 7 plays. . This would disrupt the chemistry what has already been established during the course of the game. Taysom Hill he's not. Either keep him on the bench or cut ties with him.
  9. I heard too that Haskins wasn't able to understand the playbook as well. Double pass on this. Move on and get a QB in the draft, like maybe Eason.
  10. They,(CB, Coaches) can't be that stupid!! To even discuss his future is even more mind boggling.
  11. Make or break every year for this guy, time to cut the umbilical cord...
  12. They have other pressing needs than to give up 2 early round picks. You can get a QB to develop under Rivers in the third or fourth round. Utilize the 34 and 44 for some WRs or DLs.
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