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  1. Reich is too soft, needs to play key players more in key positions like JT. He needs to touch the ball more.
  2. Pull this trade Ballard before the deadline so we can get something for JB before he walks. Besides he can move around the pocket over Dalton and Fitz.
  3. I think the Bucs are just heating up. Brady looked crisp out there with his passes, pinpoint accuracy to his receivers, and some long ball to boot....Keep an eye on the Bucs moving forward...
  4. Never considered either one. The Cowboys would consider anyone right now to go at center...I would pull that trade if the Cowboys are calling.
  5. Great question! But I think it had a lot to do with coaching.
  6. I think "Crazy Colt1" nailed it regarding being more conscious with fumbles and clutching the ball with two hands before breaking it. I noticed his college tapes and I didn't see him holding the ball to his chest with two hand before hitting the hole. If he can just let it rip once in a while without being conscious about fumbling this may get him to break some long runs.....True he hasn't fumbled at all so far this season, but he's only got less than a total of 400 yds total rushing too.
  7. 20-10 Colts, still maintain their #1 rank defense. Blackmon another int. JT will get close to 100 yds.
  8. I agree with most of you wanting to trade JB to the Cowboys and get something before the value comes down...After the Monday night debacle, I think JB might be a hot commodity for the Cowboys right now, b/c I don't think A. Dalton is the answer....
  9. Bring Garret back and the DC.
  10. 10-12 carries don't cut it with Taylor, need to give him the ball more so he can warm up and establish some consistency......Play calling doesn't favor JT under Reich.
  11. I think Father time has caught up to TY, no knock on him personally but to perform on this league, age is a factor in your success in the NFL to go with your skill sets and TY is affected by both on the downward side...Nice guy, but this is a business.
  12. I felt this about Reich if he was the Reich stuff for the Colts team, during the last year or so I've come to the realization that he's not the right fit for this organization. His play calling, excuses for players that do not perform well, not sure about his staff being held accountable as evident of the lackluster performance at the beginning of each game, where they've been beaten like a drum on the defensive sides, by not making the adjustment early enough so that the offense would have enough time to catch up. Also not utilizing certain key players on a more consistent basis. The team i
  13. This guy has a nose for the ball, I guess we have our Safety for the next few years. He's really a difference maker...especially late in the game.
  14. Despite playing a bad team, I'll give him credit for the marked improvement from last week...
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