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  1. Good luck on your retirement from the NFL.
  2. We hope. BTW, what's the latest with Flus possible future with the Texans?
  3. Watson was disrespected. There's such a thing as self respect. You can't fixed this over night. They(Owner, GM, HC, QB) need to hold a mtg asap to stop the bleeding and move forward . There's nothing that an emergency mtg cannot resolve.
  4. Isn't Eason mobile enough? Betcha he's more mobile than Rivers and Brissett.
  5. I would rather have Eason as the back up if they decide to bring back Rivers. That's a big IF! But I believe they'll draft a QB. Jones or Trask.
  6. He's much better than what we have in QB dept including the unproven rookie. I'll stretch it to 2 first rounds. And he's still 25 yrs old.
  7. Draft a rookie QB instead with 21st pick. Wentz no, not here.
  8. Brissett will not be back. Eason will take that role if we get a starter or not.
  9. It'll be the toughest division in the AFC. We need to get tougher in the off season....
  10. I agree whole heartedly with all of you about Reich's inept coaching qualities. He's always getting out coached despite the team outplaying the opposition. Need a new coach and a QB.
  11. I like the idea that was echoed by "Smoke 317" "Trade Reich to Philly for some draft picks"
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