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  1. Reich outcoached again, Texans 24-22.
  2. Any team is a good team if you beat a team like the Colts, Texans, etc...Then, again if you beat the Chargers, Cowboys, Rams then it's safe to say you're a great team...
  3. Ditto, Doyle instigated that one by pushing his head to the ground. Human nature would retaliate.
  4. Discussing the ineffectiveness of the defense after the fact with your DC doesn't cut it. A good coach would have discussed it during the game when the defense was giving up all those yardage and also no pressure on the QB.
  5. Maybe he's thinking he's receivers are the same height as he is. The balls thrown to Taylor, Hines and Dulin seemed a to sail a bit.
  6. We're playing the Texans next and if we lose this game, fire Reich and bench Wentz and use Ehlinger and/or Eason the rest of the way so we can keep our #1. Heck we're not going to make the playoffs, so why waste our prime pick. Put Hundley back to the PS.
  7. Even though the defense lost the game, you're still the HC of the team, you can advise or instruct the DC to use other options if need be, this game was an early Xmas present to the Ravens. Thank you Reich!!
  8. Couldn't hold the lead towards the end of the 3rd Qtr, 25-9, I blame it on coaching.
  9. Better Coach, better players. Ravens 28-14.
  10. Bring him in along with Gilmore, we need impact players, difference makers.
  11. Oline is nowhere to be found, injuries has taken a toll on this team. JT injured, Wentz running for his life, can't trust the back up QBs, so we're not going anywhere this season folks. I say, let's not lose our top ten pick......
  12. I think Ehlinger has a better chance of being our QB of the future than Wentz or Eason. Secure the top ten pick and focus on an edge elite rusher. Reich will be fired along with Flus simply by having a top ten pick.
  13. It'll be close but the defense of Miami will prevail.. JB will beat the Colts as a consolation price for being let go. "Revenge time" Miami 24-14 over Colts. Wentz plays, but getting pressures, QB hits, sacks in this game....
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