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  1. Flus was awaken with all the heat on the seat he was sitting on.....He's proactive now, just hope we don't use too much of the Zone defense. Go Colts.
  2. Looks reasonable with the exception that's mark with ***. Dolphins 26 Jaguars 24 Niners 27 Giants 20 *** Football Team 16 Browns 23 Bengals 28 Eagles 24 *** Raiders 16 Patriots 27 Bears 22 Falcons 24 *** Rams 27 Bills 23 *** Texans 27 Steelers 30 Titans 27 Vikings 21 *** Panthers 13 Chargers 23 Jets 17 Colts 23 Cowboys 30 Seahawks 34 Lions 7 Cardinals 27 Bucs 24 Broncos 10 Packers 31 Saints 30 Chiefs 24 Ravens 31
  3. The bottom line is we won, and limited the opponent to 11 pts. All around performance by the players.....JT excelled and will get better in YPC as the season progresses. Just hope we sustain this consistency from the QB position down to the Spec Teams...Go Colts!!
  4. Great showing by Buckner, he's adjusting the Colts culture in a physical way. Love it!!!
  5. I hate to see anyone get injured and unfortunately that's part of the NFL. M.Hooker, is a class act, never heard anything negative about him off the field. I know he's not going to get resigned by the Colts by end of the season, so good luck to Hooker on his NFL career.
  6. JT is going to be fine, in fact he's our bell cow. He's durable, once he adapts to our system, he'll run like crazy....
  7. Colts will start to roll and go on a winning streak......30-17 Colts.
  8. I saw something where Eason was inactive today. Does anyone know why??? Just curious.
  9. I think the blocking could improve up front for the RBs. JT should could have easily gained 200 yds. Castonzo need a little better footwork to fend these speed rushers. NGaouke owned him.
  10. Despite the untimely injuries for key players, we turned it around today. Hope we sustain this performance week to week. Go Colts!!
  11. Impressed with Blackmon today, hope it wasn't too soon to have him play after his knee injury......
  12. Hope it's just a sprain, we need the man.
  13. Close but no cigar, but Vikings prevail 30-27 on close game. Taylor went over 100 yds rushing, 40+ yds receiving..
  14. Initially, I had the Colts going 13-3, boy was I wrong after watching the first game. . Now I feel they might go 3-13 if the coaching doesn't improve.
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