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  1. Also, you need a smart GM and HC once you get the #1 pick and surround your price possession with an excellent supporting cast. Otherwise, early retirement...
  2. My wife used to take me to Vegas every year on my birthday, until the funds kept running out! An addictive place, fun and entertaining as long as your will is stronger than the temptation.
  3. Sad, how else can you describe a tragedy like this. Prayers for the Bryant family..
  4. AC is expendable, there are lots of options in FA. Pick one that's available, I don't think AC is as dominating as the young OLs we have. Besides, AC is up there in age, he's using this negotiating tool of retirement as an excuse to get a better deal. Next man up!
  5. Here is my Mock: 13: R1P13 Herbert, if we miss out, then Love, or Fromm 34: R2P2-DL Gallimore 44: R2P12 RB AJ Dillon 75: R3P11 EDGE TERRELL LEWIS The above are my first four picks, the rest it's a crap shoot.
  6. We're definitely not happy with our current QB, so if we miss out on Burrow, Herbert, Love...Fromm or Gordon will do, but preferably Fromm.
  7. JB+HOOKER+WILSON+13TH for Bengals #1. Will they bite, not sure but it won't hurt to try!
  8. I like Herbert, either or, but also you have the pre season to evaluate, so if the rookie QB outplays JB, I would start the rookie, no question.
  9. It's one of those where you roll the dice and gamble and hoping you picked the right GM and HC. It just so happen the 49ers got lucky.
  10. Yea, I forgot about the Chargers, well I'm hoping...
  11. If they can't get Herbert, sign one of the veterans like T Brady and draft a young QB preferably Fromm to sit and study under Brady.
  12. I think it's a strategy on the Colts part to deflect their true intentions of drafting another QB. Since the Radiers draft before us, and hope they don't pick the one the Colts are targeting like Justin Herber or Jake Fromm. So, the hype is on so the Raiders will bite. It's a mind game for now, I think.
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