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Colts @ Los Angeles Chargers Game Day Thread


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Just now, krunk said:

Vinny stinks today

He was showing signs of this coming to a head last season too, maybe not in misses but just had several that were just in one side or another. I hope AV realizes this is last season and he doesn’t force the team to not resign him. He has done a lot for this team over the years, I’m not mad at him. 

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Just now, ColtsGermany said:

Ok... So everytime we get smthng going... We're going to shoot ourselves in the foot.... 

Yeah.  THis is what put such pressure on QB's.  You don't have confidence in your kicker so you try to force it downfield.  Need Vinny to get his head together and quick!

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1 minute ago, MPStack said:

My only gripe thus far, is the Colts needs a new kicker.


I started a thread to that effect toward the end of last season.  Most posters here treated me like a heretic for it.


The time comes in every athlete’s career.  And AV’s came some time in the last 12 months or so.  We could’ve had Badgley last year — and should’ve.


It was a mistake by Ballard, rooted in sentimentality.

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Adam Vinateri is one of my favorite athletes ever not just because of his stellar play as a kicker but because of all the charitable things he's done off the field.


That being said, this is painful to watch the Chargers punter kicking better than Vinateri.

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