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  1. I’d have concerns that either of these late pick ups will do anything more than average work. Hope I’m wrong exactly. If the young rushers can’t get their trade to cross over into the NFL, we are stuck. I would definitely take a Shane Ray over a Milligan everyday. He was an undersized kid coming into the league and sort of that tweener but he has surely added nfl muscle and has real nfl experience. He could be an asset at pass rusher. Not sure what he would provide if the run came at him. He is surely worthy of a try.
  2. To be fair here, in the context of my entire quote, I never believed JB is worth first round picks or second, in fact I don’t believe I have a worth. However, in theory, I said IF that deal came to my desk or we can hope that Pitt comes calling and then I added I was getting greedy. It was all in the context of a never happening scenario. we MIGHT obtain 2 ones from someone for Luck if we were to trade his rights, and that would be a much higher chance than anyone giving us 2-1’s or 3-2’s or 5-3’s. JB is, right now, worth more to us than most every other team right now. He gets us into a SB game this year, that may change things. Currently, he isn’t special.
  3. I’ve literally seen zero from Lewis. At this point, he is teetering on bust. He is the tweener of too slow for DE and not big enough to be in the middle. Now, if we get a double teaming NT next to him that allows for more penetration and he doesn’t have a new injury every other day, maybe we can get something from him. I just have pretty much written Lewis out of the defense though. Maybe we get lucky and a solid DE or DT falls to us in the first in this next draft.
  4. I think you’re wrong but we may never know. Hentges is on the same career path as Doyle. Unrestricted guy with blocking traits and surprises with catching abilities. Doyle got the opportunity to show it maybe by necessity, Hentges has yet to be fortunate enough to fall into a role that shows he can do it in a game if called upon. Doyle wasn’t a name his first two years, I just think Hentges shows those exact same traits that Doyle did at his entry into the league. I’d love to see Hentges get plucked back to the team. In fact, I’d cut MAC for Hentges but I’m not running the show. MAC has done zip during his time, he is all potential with great size. I don’t get the hype on that guy at all.
  5. If some team offered me 2 1st round picks for JB, I would trade him tomorrow and bring up Kelly and run with whatever season we fall to. I know you weren’t saying someone out there is ready to hand over two picks for JB currently but if that trade offer cane to my desk, I’m taking it. While JB has been capable of running the offense, he hasn’t shown he is special. He has shown he can ball security, toughness inside the pocket to shed blockers and can use the pile to drive for 4th and 1-2. Those are very high qualities imho but the inability (so far) to look through progressions concerns me. If he was showing better promise with that aspect, along with the other qualities I’ve mentioned, I’d lock him up for 6 and turn down any trade offers. Let’s hope for the Colts sake, JB either shows that progression or we get a call from Pittsburgh offering two 1’s or a 1 and 3 2’s (getting greedy now)
  6. He looked pretty good spirited up until he took the podium.
  7. I can’t imagine the team would have paid JB the kind of money they did if they weren’t fully committed to being without Luck, at least for this year. Then factor in what they paid the mentor guy to be here. I just absolutely don’t see Luck stepping back into a Colt uniform again. Maybe after the season they could entertain bringing him back, especially if the team falters at QB through the year. I take it as Luck coming in to chat with his old friends, congratulating them on the big win and just being a happy go lucky retired millionaire.
  8. If they re-sign AC, it’s going to require at least 3 years and not 2. Now they could just franchise him and draft a LT but at the play he is currently giving the team, I’d go ahead and give him the LT money. Long season ahead so let’s see how he holds up.
  9. He should come back against the Dolphins as a primer for the real game return. If we need DF to win against the Dolphins, the team is in shambles at that point considering how they have been tanking. I do hope we get him back by then.
  10. You are most certainly right about a team telling a guy they may want to bring back later if there is an injury or something doesn’t work out like they planned. However, that doesn’t always mean that after a few weeks of working out and preparing as though the phone rings for him, and it doesn’t, he doesn’t have a weak moment when his buddies call up and say hey, let’s go hits some clubs and hang out and he thinks sure, they ain’t calling me so why do all the extra work and stay clean when I can go have fun with my buds. It just takes the one weak moment. Of course he may have never tried the stuff and is a clean guy regardless of being an NFL or not. I was just pointing out one possible scenario as to maybe why we aren’t bringing him back in to take the reps. Maybe CB was working on a trade deal somewhere for a bit better player that’s longer term. Idk
  11. Ray was on the Broncos wasn’t he? I mean, if you can’t produce with those guys they had around him, 3-4 or 4-3, I’m just not sure you’re gonna get much from him. I’ll trust whoever CB brings in but sure would like to know why Carol isn’t even in the potential for discussion in the team. He was giving 120% in preseason. I don’t think he was PS eligible but a little surprised he didn’t get a sniff anywhere. He would seemingly be the easiest to slide into the roll, assuming he wasn’t at home all this time smoking fatties and eating Ho Ho’s. Idk, I wonder if that’s ever a issue with these fringe like guys. Works hard in PS, thinks they did well, gets cut, gets down or depressed, gets out of shape, does a drug he will get tested positive for and then when the agent calls and says hey, Indy wants to try you out you ready? They are asking are you in game shape and would you have any issues passing a test? If the guy says might test +, that’s the end of it and we never hear that part of it. Idk, just have to wonder about some of the guys in the league who get cut and they showed flashes but are never heard from again.
  12. I absolutely hated to see us part with Hentges. I think he will become someone’s new Doyle.
  13. I could give two craps over Ward, Hentges however I believe will become just that lunch pail, workhorse guy. Don’t imagine Washington will provide that so maybe we can get him back but imho, Hentges could be a huge loss for this team down the line. He was a better Doyle clone and I’d rather see two Doyle’s than MAC.
  14. We are talking about Carol Phillips correct? I’m for calling that guy back up and he isn’t on the PS currently. I think Green is just too raw and I’d rather pick up Phillips if he is still out there. He knows the playbook and two weeks to prepare with the team because of the bye week.
  15. Don’t fret, Indy will get the league letter apologizing for the missed calls. I will say one thing, pretty sure based off of so many challenges to PI and not getting overturned, I think the league has a stance of I don’t care if it’s blatantly missed, we are not overturning it. Has any been overturned this season yet anywhere?
  16. Jdubu

    Deon Cain

    Didn’t Cain have a nice two feet down, sideline catch? The kid has talents and will get there eventually but right now, just need reps. One would hope that’s the maturation process for JB and his development. Play time is part of it, film and study and planning with coaches is the other huge side of getting better. It will be interesting to see how JB develops after this season given he will have one full season in as “the guy”. Too bad our run game didn’t look like yesterday’s game for the last season KC game, it was supposed to look the same. Run at will, we could not do anything last season.
  17. That would be my hope as well. He was a smaller guy than I’d want at full time DE but for a pass rush on 3rd down, he was a real bright spot in PS. He is back with us now.
  18. So no post game anywhere?
  19. I don’t recall stating either way here but I’ll admit I wasn’t one who thought this game was winnable under our current personnel left. Good win. Now to get healthy. I believe we’ve lost Turay for the year watching him go off the field though.
  20. But we do what we do. Is the defensive coordinator capable of altering something that so far has worked as well as just putting out tackling dummies on the field would yield. I’m not sure what the answer is, but I’d expect them to figure something out or it’s going to be very very ugly. Like playing an angry Pats team with cheating built in and no checks.
  21. https://www.wthr.com/article/dungy-montae-reagor-alert-after-auto-accident?amp
  22. I don’t mean anything personally, I simply meant it as had he not been injured we would have had that touchdown and won . As for her, I hope she got out of a bad relationship then. I dislike abusers of women, children and elderly more than anything. I think those people should be beaten in the town square by their community.
  23. I get the concept the team went for. Real speed and athletic ability to get off the block first before the olineman can get a square handle on them and get into the backfield. Our guys haven’t been able to do that as they are just shoving all our guys in a big pile in the middle and the end guys are trying to run all the way around the 6 second mile to the QB. I see nothing in the dline that gives the oline any confusion of who to block. I wished our dline coaches would watch film of other dline guys confusing our line because how many times do we see crazy pressure with them using 4-5 guys. We use 6 and still nothing but a 3rd down and long conversion. Houston hasn’t provided any pass rush. We could be paying a rookie UDFA to give us what he has provided. I hope Sheard can provide the 2018 stability he gave us and allow the others to get into the backfield. IDk but they have to do something different or someone/s has to do it much better than they are
  24. Nick got stabbed in the leg by his wife (I so dislike whoever she is). I know it was a DT who got in a car accident just prior to our playoff run iirc (which memory here is questionable at best lol). I’d have to look it up but it was around the timeframe he played.
  25. It’s hard to enjoy this defense or defend it in any way, shape or form when you watch a Chicago vs Minnesota game or the Dallas/New Orleans game. And then you see our team on 3rd and 725 give up 782 yards. It’s been frustrating not only this year but for a few now. Or when you see our guys running routes and everything is contested only to see the mid Atlantic schnitzel wringers come in and be wide open on nearly every throw. I get a game where you have a busted coverage or just a really good throw in a tight fit but man, we give up cushions of space to receivers. Our guys have to get lucky or hope for a busted coverage. It’s almost like the patriots have installed microphones for the other 31 teams to listen in on our play calling just because they hate us for exposing their cheating ways multiple times
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