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  1. Very much tongue in cheek. I am aware of the restrictions to trade him now at this point.
  2. If they want to hit this team in a weak area, maybe they will try and steal Clark at LT. I mean, I’d offer him up to see lol. I can’t imagine Clark being capable of landing a job on any other NFL roster at this point, he is proven to be that bad.
  3. I’m not stressed over it at all. I’m pointing out observations I’ve made. It’s also not an outlier. I pointed out all the teams this Colts group has played without their top tackle or a top wr or their starting QB and those teams exploit ours for some reason far too often. Not sure why this team struggles when we should be able to attack those weaknesses but we rarely seem to do so. Their is just something about this coaching staff that isn’t too shelf and I just envision the team stuck in mediocrity for the duration while we have what we have. Again, that’s my view, others clearly have differ
  4. Running it sure, but when passing and the drop backs, how much time did their QB have to survey the field? I’m just going by what I’ve seen posted and written about, I haven’t seen a game this year. I think it was Bowen who mentioned in his pod that passrush wasn’t present. In fact, I think he also mentioned that team ran right, left and center without much resistance. But it did sound like our #2 backup LT struggled mightily. They had no concerns from using #3 guy. We have Houston and Turay and Muhammad with Lewis and Newly extended Grover steward and that defense did jack squat. Yea, missing
  5. Dude, they were using a third string left tackle if I’m not misunderstanding and we couldn’t offset this? It seems too often everyone just glosses over other teams overcoming their big loss and makes up for it in some way, we always want to use the crutch of well this guy is out or that guy is out. It’s more than Titans game, this team has been a roller coaster ride all year from reading articles and these forums. Very inconsistent. Did Turay contribute yesterday? Who else went up against the LT spot? Did anyone get pressure on their QB? Apologists in here.
  6. How is Flus a hot coaching candidate in people’s minds? How many teams are looking for a guy who can’t seem to develop first half plans but adjusts well in the second half? I just can’t understand this theory.
  7. I don’t know why so many people point to another team and say we should be in good shape because they are without player/a XYZ. When is the last time the team has taken advantage of a team without their A players on the field. How many third string tackles have we exposed? Then ask yourself the question from our team missing a guy, the position gets exposed. That’s coaching and I’m telling you, Reich just isn’t the guy to get this team into the SB. The seat should start warming up for FR. His team seems very inconsistent week in and week out.
  8. Did Pinter play any center or guard last week, or any week this year? If so, how has he looked?
  9. The overall picture yes, the ability to star without supporting cast, that’s the question. I like him, I think he has grown every year and I’m glad we have him however, you are dismissing what leverage a team or a player has by saying well ( insert leverage ). Let’s just say Stewart would really struggle terribly while Buck is out, who would have the leverage and now that’s on tape for other GM’s to also make decisions from. Conversely, the same is true for Stewart if he balled out in the absence of Buck. It’s just the nature of the game. Each side gamble on their situations.
  10. This is absolutely how they should approach the playoffs. They went this far, should try and guarantee a final finish of the season. Well we couldn’t beat the Jags with all the starters so you never know.
  11. Would have been interesting to see this signing occur after this upcoming game without Buckner. If he has a terrible game without him, would his contract offer go down a bit saying yeah, let’s see your tape with Buck and without. Idk. Of course if he dominates tomorrow, the player can do the same and say I need a little more cash. Glad he is successful in his contract
  12. Has he really done anything? I know lots were very high on his ceiling when in Miami but he hasn’t seemed to make his name a regular on any highlight shows at all unless I’ve missed it, which is entirely possible since I only follow this team through the forum and a little bleacher report and Kevin Bowen’s pod.
  13. I think that AC will play out his contract and he hasn’t sounded like he has been any different than his usual. I’d roll one last year with him but I’d draft his replacement 1 or 2 this upcoming draft. Doesn’t the new guy Demichael Harris fit this role perfectly? He won’t be anywhere near TY’s price tag, young, knows our system and we know him. He isn’t as dynamic it sounds like as TY was in his prime but I think the team wants bigger wr’s with Pittman and Patmon drafted. for sure with the CB. Will Rock ever get to the level of a lock down cb like they hoped for
  14. If Turay is going to have his breakout game for this year , this one is ripe for him to show the skills off the edge because we will need that pass rush for sure.
  15. My two concerns for this team would be having no DE pass rush of significance and having no dynamic production from the TE spot to exploit that middle space, which in theory should open up the running game better. We seem to have JAG’s at TE. We need a Dallas Clark, Kelce, Kittle, Ertz or even a Waller maybe. We have nothing close to where these guys have been. But I think having consistently no pass rush is going to be the downfall of this team into the playoffs because the QB’s get better and those teams will exploit the weak zones of the defense because they know they have a certain amount
  16. I am also rooting for the Cardinal to make it. Love these smaller school kids getting a chance to shine and make it. Seems like GB also had a Indiana Sycamore player on the team as well. Power houses lol.
  17. That is the factor right here for me. If PR can get this team into the playoffs, win a game or three, he is offered a chance to comeback (I think it’s Indy or retirement for PR as I doubt he wants to move his family 3 straight years). If he gets us to the playoffs and loses in the first round, what’s the point of playing with a guy who will be 39 and showed decline (potentially) into the playoffs? It would then be time to say it’s reasonable that next years PR will bet you the same results or less being a year older imho. It would be then time to see what the young guy has to offer (1st rd pic
  18. I wouldn’t be completely opposed to the idea, let’s see how the rest of this season goes for him and into the playoffs but I’d also like to have some small insight into how Eason is honestly progressing in his understanding of the NFL level game. My guess is if Rivers wants another year, he will get one here unless Eason has shown in practices that he has what it takes to run the team. I think the team will take the safe approach and offer PR up another 1 yr 25 mill contract and continue developing Eason, unless PR shows signs of serious wear in the end of this year and kinda falls off a cliff
  19. https://fantasyfootballers.org/te-tight-end-nfl-stats/ Having the best stats on the team doesn’t make him productive. Middle of the road. Maybe he will produce. I’m not seeing it how you see it. We shall depart in the discussion as we clearly see it differently.
  20. Meh, grafts and stats can be made into anything. I’m relating this discussion into reported injuries vs production. He just hasn’t been able to produce like you would hope and it’s either related to injuries or play calling/usage imho. If he is injured but still playing, he is not producing in that time period. One flash game in a season so far isn’t productive. Me or you will never know if injuries are hindering him from producing or playcalling is hindering him but something is clearly not allowing him to be utilized in a role we would have hoped he could have by this time in 2020.
  21. That seems right. Thanks for the memory nudge on this old man. Lol
  22. I do. Seemed like he had a promising career going on in Indy. What happened to him with his departure? Cut, contract expired, signed FA elsewhere for $$$, I can’t recall
  23. Edge first and then Wayne but it’s a very close 1-2.
  24. It’s not necessary the issue that he is missing games but he is dinged up, not playing at full steam and/or what sounds like either horrific play calling, usage of MAC or his injuries are a contributing factor in his usage. We don’t know. What I see on paper is he get limited in the week and then plays on game day. Maybe there is a correlation between the two. Again, idk, it just is an observation I see on paper. I could be off base and I’m fine with that.
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