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  1. I’m not worried, you’re worried
  2. I didn’t realize how truly annoying that chant is until I saw it live at Memorial Stadium, twice. I feel bad for you Michigan fans on that one. Next time you lose to OSU, just remember at least you don’t root for a Big Ten team in Indiana, lol, it could be worse.
  3. Always San Diego to me. Are you a former Chargers fan?
  4. 1. Evansville, Indiana 2. I typically watch games on local channels with friends/family, since Evansville is only three hours away from Indy. I’ve been to a few games so far, always a blast. 3. I love rewatching wins, but if we lose I try to never speak of it again lol It’s great to see we have so many Colts fans outside of Indiana and outside of America. I love knowing that there are Colts fans outside of the local areas, especially seeing as you could have chosen to root for another team, so thanks to all you guys for cheering for the Colts!
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