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  1. Always San Diego to me. Are you a former Chargers fan?
  2. 1. Evansville, Indiana 2. I typically watch games on local channels with friends/family, since Evansville is only three hours away from Indy. I’ve been to a few games so far, always a blast. 3. I love rewatching wins, but if we lose I try to never speak of it again lol It’s great to see we have so many Colts fans outside of Indiana and outside of America. I love knowing that there are Colts fans outside of the local areas, especially seeing as you could have chosen to root for another team, so thanks to all you guys for cheering for the Colts!
  3. Sorry for the late reply, but look at that game compared to the Rams game. One was played in a winter storm where pretty much no one on our team played well, and the other was played in a dome in a warm climate. In the situation of the Saint-Rams game, if Vinny's my kicker, I'll send him out for a 57-yarder. That doesn't means he's my first choice, I'd have more confidence in someone like Tucker or Greg, but I'll take my chances with Vinny. If we get a good kicker to replace Vinny fine, but I don't want to end up like Chicago, releasing a great kicker who's aging for a young guy who dings and donks kicks off the uprights on a clutch kick in a playoff game. Also, was that Chiefs field goal really that clutch of a kick? Even if Vinny made it, we get blown out by three less points; it wasn't a game winner or anything.
  4. I think instead of worrying about changing the uniforms maybe they should pay the cheerleaders more. From what I understand those women do a similar amount of work as the players yet a lot of them have to have a second job to support their families. I know they’re not the ones on the field plying the game but they should at least be paid a livable wage
  5. Yes. I’ve learned not to doubt Mr. V when it comes to clutch kicks, especially in the playoffs. To be fair though I would have a little more confidence in someone like Justin Tucker.
  6. Like FirsTime said, Evansville is pretty good this year. Last year down here was bad, not much Colts support, but this year people seem to have woken up. People in this area seem to be excited about the Colts for the first time since probably 2015. I’m assuming the same is true on a larger scale up in Indy.
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