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  1. Colts D has a lot of opportunities to get picks, considering we’re playing Winston. Tampa pass D can probably take the day off.
  2. I’ll take 23-10 Colts. I could see it being the same score but the other way too
  3. Any idea who we would sign? I would like a better QB than JB but who do you think would fill that?
  4. Well that’s good for them. I never thought much of him but I really don’t watch the 49ers so take my opinion with a grain of salt
  5. May be best to leave the caveman alone, I hear they’re dangerous when disturbed
  6. I would say the answer to that is no. I don’t watch Jimmy G a whole lot, but from what I’ve seen he’s not a “carry the team” type of guy. I don’t think he’s bad, but he’s not gonna be tossing out any Aaron Rodgers Hail Marys
  7. Time to see what the new kicker can do, hopefully he does well!
  8. Damn, Bleacher Report found out Jack Doyle’s secret: that he’s already washed up. Looks like old CB has been tricked again!
  9. Other than my two teams, I couldn’t give a rats * about the NFL. If the Colts and Bengals didn’t play in the NFL I wouldn’t watch it. I’m sure this is just my perspective, but I get no enjoyment out of watching other teams do well. It does nothing for me. If my teams aren’t winning, then I don’t care. I barely even watch the SB at this point Sorry if that seems mean, just trying to explain my own thought process I respect watching the other games for the fun of it and I hope you enjoy it, it’s just not for me
  10. Normally I’d be enraptured by the NFC playoff race, but this year I can’t seem to care. Sports have become such a drain on my life that I’m becoming apathetic, and I have a lot of others things that are way more important. I guess I’ll say that whoever wins that division is my pick to make the SB. 49ers really need the one seed, they need to stay warm and cozy in SF, a trip to Seattle, Minnesota, or Green Bay in December would kill them On second thought I guess Minnesota doesn’t matter since they have a roof now. You get my point though
  11. Easy. Unless you’re Phillip Rivers, you need to win a SB to get into the Hall. That’s just the name of the game. Also, as good as Ryan and Stafford have been, there are always lots of guys who deserve it more. Maybe someday they’ll get in, but not soon. Whether we think Stafford or Ryan will be HOF isn’t really relevant anyways
  12. If it's true that Wilson was still too immature, I have no problem letting him go. Immaturity runs rampant in this league, we don't need that cancer in the Colts locker room. Whatever is going on, I wish him the best and thank him for his time as a Colt.
  13. No offense, but this is slightly wrong. Okereke had an INT in the KC game, but a herd of zebras stole it from him. Also Okereke being so good is great for us because it allows us to rotate Leonard, Okereke and Walker in and out and have two solid/great LBs in at all times.
  14. Vinny lost us the SD and Pitt games, but the Miami loss belongs squarely on the shoulders of one Brian Hoyer and Frank Reich for not even trying Chad Kelley.
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