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  1. Oh boy I love sports debate shows Especially the ones with guys like Shît Bayless and Stephen As•hat Smith
  2. I will argue one point here, Ben should have stopped a LONG time ago. He has had a % ton of concussions, I wouldn’t be suprised if he has CTE in the future along with other issues
  3. Fair enough, sad story for all involved I think. Just hope he finds his happiness and stays healthy. Sad that some people on here do seem to hate him.
  4. ESPN should only be qualified to comment on how useless they are as a sports reporting service. They cover maybe ten teams from each league, and their “experts” probably get along really well with boxes of rocks, to put it lightly.
  5. We will win the Super Bowl this year. Trust me, I’m an expert on optimism.
  6. Honestly, it’s two weeks. We still have no idea how good/bad the Colts, Chargers, Titans, Lions, or Jags are. We may have seriously demoralized the Titans, but if you watch the Lions-Chargers game you’ll see that the Lions should not have won that game; the Chargers gave it to them with dumb mistakes, like how they almost gave us our game. I don’t think we wreck teams, but we still rule in Nashville for sure.
  7. Has anyone not named Autry played well on defense so far? Give the unit time before we launch any of them into the sun. I don’t think Desir or Kenny played well so far either, but I still have faith in them.
  8. Mack is questionable for Sunday, so maybe Hines gets to shine this game, in addition to Wilkins. We really need to find a way to get those two firing on all cylinders. Both Hines and Wilkins have massive potential, just think what kind of three-headed monster we could have with them and Mack. We need more screen-type stuff with Hines, he seems to excel with quick movements and making guys miss, as well as catching out of the backfield, and we need to establish Jordan Wilkins as a downhill bruiser-type runner. I think we have Mack almost at his ceiling (which is much higher than I ever believed it was), now we need to develop Hines and Wilkins. Just imagine, Mack leading the charge with Hines running in exotic sets while Wilkins crushes downhill for tough gains, while Doyle, Ebron, MAC, TY, Cain, Funchess, Paris, and Fountain speed around the field, all while JB stays upright behind our great OL. It may be a pipe dream, but if it came to fruition this offense would be literally unstoppable.
  9. Although I respect your opinion, I highly disagree. Playing hurt is a million times less painful than the mental health struggles Luck went through. I’ve been what he’s been through, having to quit football because I sustained so many concussions I still have lasting brain damage from them, and there is nothing that can pull you out of that state except removing yourself from the source of it. People on here are acting like Luck gave up. Luck didn’t give up, he was mentally unable to continue. It’d be like if a guy broke his back; he literally cannot go anymore. If you ever listen to anything I say on this forum, trust me when I say that it is not a quit or stay situation: it is a situation where you CANNOT continue to play. Also, in regards to the money, is it Luck’s fault that entertainers make so much more than we do in today’s society? That sounds more like a cultural issue than one that Luck has control over. 2nd rant over
  10. Definitely the entire comeback against KC. The fumble dive TD was just amazing. Also, because some people had to % on a thread meant to celebrate a great player.... I may make some people angry with this, but if you are still upset over Luck deciding himself over us, YOU’RE the selfish one. Luck didn’t owe us %, yet all he did for our team, Indy, our state, and our community is massive. If you can’t respect someone retiring for mental health reasons, that’s shameful. The man went through shoulder surgery, concussions, leg rehab, a ruptured kidney where he was pissing blood, broken ribs, depresssion, mental health struggles, etc for our entertainment, and yet some people on here would still boo him. That’s just sad, and I would think that we were better than that. I guess my expectations might be too high. Idk Also, I’d bet my left arm that Manning was supportive of Luck’s decision.
  11. No one is actually going to do that, it’s just a joke. Also, the military wouldn’t use riot gear, they would just shoot them. People have been threatened and even shot before for just coming within a mile or two of the base. The military has every right to defend itself, and I’d think they’d be willing to do whatever it takes to hide those damn aliens.
  12. I predict 31-28, Colts. I’d actually predict a higher differential, but our lack of a Maniac and their surplus of talented WRs worries me. Also, not going to name names, but anyone who still would boo Luck obviously has never suffered from crippling mental issues, and should walk a mile in his shoes. Just saying
  13. Miami is basically a second bye. I think they’d rather lose. @Steelers actually looks very winnable now that the three B’s are gone. I think Brees will be back in time to face us, but who knows how good or bad he’ll be? Jags and Houston are very worrying, but I really only see one guaranteed loss on our schedule as of right now (at Chiefs) Can we get 14-2? I think I’d like that lol
  14. This is going to be close, even more so than last year. We can’t afford to play catch up again. For this week it’s us and Houston, and the Jags might not be far behind. Our games against Houston will be monumental, and the Jax games are very important now too. We need every win this year, we can’t spare much room if we want to get to the playoffs.
  15. So the entire NFL looked at this guy and thought, "No, it wouldn't be worth signing him for literally zero." If I'm the Saints, Steelers, Jets, Jags, etc, I'm jumping all over this guy. Who the hell is the Jets qb now anyway? Oh well, better for us I guess
  16. That other report was by Mike Florio. I think we all know how we feel about Mike Florio
  17. Literally anyone other than Dan Dakich and Gregg Doyel
  18. If you classify sometimes as all the time
  19. Pls no. Desir isn’t going to be out long, we don’t need to replace him or anyone else with a walking fist fight. This bozo would destroy our locker room, I’d wager
  20. I’ll be devils advocate and shame him for that. Shame on you, Mr. Hedlund For real though, although he’s not my number one choice, if Adam is done I guess the guy who was his understudy for several months wouldn’t be a bad place to start.
  21. Hedlund would get us back the short ones but I doubt he’d be kicking game winners past 40
  22. I’ll take Parkey. When he double doinks again, we won’t have to feel bad about running him out of town because the Bears did it first
  23. Good point. Well I’m out of ideas, maybe let Nelson just pile drive them all at the beginning of the game
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