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  1. They had 1:32 to play with three timeouts, you don’t take a kneel down there. The thing that cost them on that part was the fact that the Chiefs O-line is garbage.
  2. Fuller is talented but drops a lot. Hopkins is obviously the real threat. I think the key to beating them will be similar to the Chiefs, pressure Watson on D and slow down the run, then on O just grind it out with Mack and short passes. The Chiefs went for big chunk plays WAY too many times, and their defense is easily one of the worst in the league.
  3. Just to keep it in perspective though, we have to keep in mind that Andy Reid sucks at playcalling and the Chiefs D is vomit-inducing. If we have everyone but Hooker back, we will be a much tougher out. More than anything, this game just goes to show how bad the Chiefs really are if you play against their weaknesses.
  4. This is gonna be huge next week. We win, we lead the division. They win, we have a massive uphill battle to reclaim the South. The Jags and Titans don’t seem that likely to compete for the division, I think it’s up to us to hold down the Texans from the top. We need to play even better than against the Chiefs next week to win. At least it’s at home
  5. I disagree. Of course Mahomes wasn’t rattled at first, but when he first had his ankle stepped on I saw him start getting more frustrated and more worried looking. He was definitely a little rattled after those two possessions of his in his own end zone where he couldn’t make any passes and got hit every play. Also, when talking about JB, he doesn’t have a pocket presence, obviously, something he needs to work on. But he never lets a bad throw or a hit or even a turnover bring him down or let him make poor decisions. JB has what, three INTs? One of which should’ve been a face mask called on the Tennessee defender? For a backup, that’s good ball protection, especially when he’s scored a decent amount of touchdowns between passing and rushing. If there’s one thing JB is better at than younger Luck was, it’s not letting mistakes affect him. First-three-years-Luck always got down after he turned the ball over, JB does not. Is he Russel Wilson, Pat Mahomes, Drew Brees, or even Garrapalo? No But he doesn’t need to be I’m just grateful we don’t have Luke Faulk right now
  6. IMO, he’s definitely a starter. Not the best Sunday, but he doesn’t have much to throw to. T.Y. is consistently doubled, Jack is mostly used for blocking and check downs (which he should be), Ebron is in a rough patch, Parris and Cain are still developing, Funchess is out, and the rest are just mostly roster fillers. Hard to judge a guy like JB when he doesn’t have solid targets. One thing though, he doesn’t panic under pressure which is one of the best things for a QB to have. Mahomes looked rattled, JB never does
  7. THE COLTS HAVE CONQUERED THE CHIEFS! ONTO HOUSTON! Prayers for Kemoko, hopefully a speedy recovery Have a good night everybody, I’m off to brag to my KC friends
  8. I was hoping we’d hurt Mahomes but not too bad because of that lol Not that I want anyone hurt, but y’know...
  10. Someone said Von Miller maybe on the trade block? Hate to write off Turay like that but we need someone now
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