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  1. If we aren’t going safety in the first 3 rounds, we already have our day 3 safety here in Odum. Honestly, Farley could also take that next step up if used this season as well if called upon as he has a pretty good game. Of course he too has some injury concerns though.
  2. Jdubu

    Colts Corner trade rumours

    What’s your feeling his contract would look like at a team friendly deal? I’m always curious on what everyone thinks a deal would look like, several times, people on here are pretty dang close.
  3. So you think we take 2 wr’s in the draft, one high and then Morgan later? Unless something happened today, I can still see Inman coming back on a 2-3 year deal if nobody gives him a good deal or something with a few years security. My other take from limited view last season was I liked what I seen from Johnson as a kid who could make a jump given reps. If he worked hard this offseason and shows in the summer, I could see him making a push for a spot. I’d love to see one of the other receivers to just break out this year and show we are able to flank TY and give him some relief in coverages. You maybe right though and all those other guys are just guys, peaked at who they are at this point.
  4. Read and comprehend please. I never said he is out, just pointing out that he was a pick to develop and he didn’t last year so when you go into another years draft and pick another player, you compete so my question was to basically compare these two in how they were seen in their draft. This has zero to do with DF and his making the team or not, it’s really let’s compare the profiles of them. So please settle down so early in the morning. Sheesh
  5. So let’s compare this kid to Daurice Fountain because that was a kid CB picked to groom hopefully but never really made it. What was his comparison with Stanley, 2018 draft and the 2019 draft? If this guy is a later round pick, he would be competing with the roster spot of Fountain, Cain, Pascal, Johnson and maybe even Ishmael. What makes him further apart from those guys? Serious, legit question. Thanks
  6. I still recall how upset I was when they took Edge over Ricky as well as the old Indy Star forum. I was like who is this James guy, never heard of him and Williams was right there for the taking. Which guy ended up far and away the best guy? Yep, Edge and it wasn’t close. Edge turned out to be my favorite Colt ever to date, wished we could have had him for his last 5 years in the league Sometime we fans just have to accept the faith in the GM that they have scouted and picked the right guy, regardless of how we think we should have taken the other guy. To date, CB has earned the full trust he will get the right guy for this team. So until he picks a Björn Werner with his 1st pick, he gets 100% approval of his picks from me because what do I really know about these kids that the team scouts don’t know?
  7. Who is the next best space eater in this draft? Is he comparable to the level of Lawrence? I’d assume he is labeled as the DT in our scheme and then you have to ask, if Wilkins is there, he would be the UT we need but who is left as his equal for an UT that might be available at 34? Or if you wanted to look at the DE spot, which player is available at 26 and who is your next player rated at that spot who may reasonably be avail at 34? To me it it comes down to who would be the two players best possible to get at 26 and 34 that makes the line better as a whole? Sounds very simple saying it but is it as simple to apply it if a GM has fallen in love with a player and he is there at 26 but most would also feel that same player (or a close equivalent) could be avail at 34 so you have to stay disciplined enough to get two quality players at those spots and not strike out on one of them and have to settle for another lesser needed position. Lots to map out on a draft board no doubt.
  8. I think if this draft were to happen this way, many would poop their pants in excitement. On paper, that’s a haul of picks. The question I have , so many feel that Sweat will be long gone by the 26 pick, let alone the 34th, would that lead one to think about taking Sweat at 26 and wonder if Wilkins could still be there at 34? Which position means more to this defense, the edge pressure or the interior presence? I’d like both based off draft previews but if I can only have one, do we need edge rushers or the DT?
  9. I think CB will not promise anyone coming in a starters position, however he will promise a fair chance to win the starting job over guys who are currently on staff or picked in the draft. He has consistently preached competition and the coach now isn’t squishy Chuck who chose many spots based on how buddy buddy he was with them vs their play on the field. I feel like Shane could get plenty of snaps but ultimately, he would go wherever the team will pay him the most over being named a “starter” imho.
  10. It’s tough to figure out Inman. He was nearly out of the NFL until we signed him. He shined many times for us when he played. Seemed to catch the balls he was thrown yet he struggles to catch an offer from us or the outside...so far of course. Maybe he is taking the patient approach but if we offered him anything over 3 million a year, I would have expected him to take it and enjoy the rest of his career. Maybe he is hedging his bets or maybe we just said we are going younger and good luck. Hard to know. As for Geathers, I’d have a hard time believing he has been offered any large contracts from an outside team knowing his injury history. Maybe he gets a small base contract and it’s all loaded in playing time and other incentives but my guess is that tweet was in hopes of someone panicking and offering something to him quicker with a decent amount of money. I’d be more surprised if he didn’t come back here on a 1 year deal tbh.
  11. I would love to know the numbers that both Clayton Geathers and Inman are hearing from other teams because I would like both of them back if possible. It’s smart for Ballard to allow both of them to see the market and decide whether another team can provide them not only a nice payday but a positive locker room as they’ve been preaching here.
  12. I can’t say you’re wrong nor can I say you’re right. CB May in fact be that far down the list but when you look at our cb’s, there isn’t one that concerns anyone to game plan against them. I would tend to think that any player CB feels will improve this defense come pick 26, he will take. We we all have that perfect pick player or think we see a position that is certain but I’d guess CB views one player as a team fix and not just a position fix. I hope a DE or a special fit for us falls to 26 and we can solidify that space but if Williams is picked there, obviously CB feels he is a better cog in the wheel than anyone else left at this point and our DC can gameplan him into the defense to create a stronger defense.
  13. Jdubu

    Should we extend Kenny Moore right now?

    Maybe he does or doesn’t but think of it like this, how many of the athletes say, I’m not giving a home town discount when it comes time for a renewal? So why would the company want to pay early, anymore money than they have to? I’d just hold tight and pay what’s owed on the signed contract until he signs the next one at market price. Honestly, I wished we would have more incentives contracts come out. Get paid nicely but if you break out, you will always get paid like those top players who make 14-17 million a year. If you flop and turn in a bad performance, you just get paid.
  14. Jdubu

    CB Pierre Desir Re-signing

    I think the number is high and was hopeful it would be closer to the 5mil/yr mark but after seeing many of these other ridiculous, I’m mean stupid ridiculous money contracts given, giving a known quantity player a guaranteed 12 million, 3 year contract in this environment, doesn’t sound so out of the mainstream anymore. Sometimes you pay for the talent, the person, the need and the fit. All of these items are involved in CB making this signing of this player, and more players in the mold of this type player imho. My only question mark here is how much is Inman looking to cash in on because he too fits the same mold. Because of age and him just making due of his talent for our team in just a half season, his number shouldn’t be where Fuenchess is, more in line with Desir type of contract if the team viewed him appropriately. Idk, guess we will see where the Inman gamble comes out. I’d like to see Inman back and I’m happy we have Desir back too. It will be interesting to see the breakdown of this contract.
  15. I really don’t care if they are making a killing in salary but i wished the nfl could think of the average joe fan who has to pay through the nose to go see and game and with salaries like this, when is the fan breaking point? Mine already came in my cash flow and family time. I gave up the season tickets because the cost wasn’t nearly worth taking a family to Cancun or Bahamas trip that could be had for half what I spent in the season tickets and venue prices. I know the majority of money is earned from TV and advertising stuff but as player salaries rise into the multi millions, I just wished we fans could be given some repreive as well.