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  1. I don’t think the defense did a great job at all today. This whole team today was awful. We held once they started to back off being agressive. Not one part of this team today made me feel good. I feel food that that we have cap space and draft capital next season. I still feel we have the right people running the team but nothing about this game was good.
  2. I agree. This team today was a junior varsity coached/played team.
  3. I would have been happy to be one dimensional. We weren’t close to that.
  4. I can’t disagree. This was a game where we never adjusted a thing and nothing we did worked and nobody stepped up. This was probably the worst game we’ve played all year. The Jags game will be second because at least the defense played as well as could be asked. inwould t bring Vinny back, I wouldn’t extend Ebron yet, I’d extend Kenny Moore before he gets on the bus. We better use all the cap space this year. I’m extremely disappointed in this game, wry encourages for the years to come if we buy in.
  5. We’ve seen the last of Vinny. I hope he doesn’t force the team to not sign him and he retires as a HOF player. What a crappy game overall in every phase.
  6. Luck has pooped a large brick this game. It’s not all his fault because this game was lost with coaching, game plan, defense, offense and special teams. Nothing went right in this game at all. It’s a night and day team from the past 10 weeks, save the Jags game.
  7. To be fair, we all knew defense needed upgrades in the beginning. We overachieved this year and the draft and FA can address the defense like this season addressed the oline. We still have a bright future. Mahomes is just a very very good player.
  8. Well we had Smith with holding it wasn’t called so I’m not blaming calls yet, they’ve missed plenty already.
  9. Ant get any worse of a start. They score here in rheee conditions and it might be near impossible to overcome.
  10. Jdubu

    Is Luck vs Mahomes the new Manning vs Brady

    I had similar thoughts on this subject. There are several teams though who could compete at a high level once they solve their Achilles heel of their team. Remember, we didn’t become a playoff type team until we solidified our oline. We happy to get the defense resolved in the right way near the same time frame. With this group of guys, this season, we know what we have going into the next game. What does a few tweaks and some personnel changes cause the dynamics to change us? Better hopefully but nothing is guaranteed. Same things can be said for Watson and the Texans. If texans get their oline turned around before Watson turns into Shell shocked David Carr, that team is set up to win a lot as well. There are a lot of above avg QB’s in this league to do real damage right now and the QB is always the main ingredient to a winning team. I, like several others, believe that Mahomes is the real deal however, I too want to see him repeat his magic over a couple seasons and let’s see the game planning and execution of that team in a high pressure playoff game.
  11. Jdubu

    I owe Quentin Nelson an apology

    It really appears that either of those theee would have been the right choice. I’m glad we have Nelson though, he has transformed the offense into what it could have been since 2012 with a real oline.
  12. Jdubu

    Outlook of our 2019 Offseason

    I agree, the team doesn’t really have room for 9 draftees. Just wondering if we bundle some of those picks to move up in the first or bundle to get a second pick in the first round. I’d rather take a shot of a few quality picks than a smorgasbord of late round gambles. One thing we do need based off of this year is a couple improvements at the back up safety spot. We know Geathers, I’d retained, is still likely to be injured at some point. Mitchell was fine the first few games and then he turned into JAG. We need better back ups waiting to take up the role when called. Need that pass rusher from the dline and we could use additional cb’s. Surely we are going to get a big prize from the FA this year, guys do see this team is on a major upward curve and we don’t have an * like Grigson running it nor do we have an old, entrenched, arrogant Polian (he had a rep). We have a young, GM who seems to react well with current generation players and we have most of the pieces in place......and money. We have the ingredients for a FA haven here right now. We aren’t the only team but we have more cap space than all the others. The only thing this team lacks for FA choice is we aren’t close to a coastline and we get cold here.
  13. Jdubu

    Braden Smith vs Justin Houston

    I hope you are correct. We have certainly faced some defenses this season to get better with the experience.
  14. Jdubu

    Braden Smith vs Justin Houston

    I always respect your positions on this forum but you would have to agree that players are often a top notch player at their position and have different styles at achieving that. So I think we can say that Watt is an absolute monster but his excellence is based from power and technique, not from speed and quick twitch. Houston is based on speed and quick twitch and that makes him great at what he does as well. Both styles create different troubles for a lineman. One style can become dominated while the other makes them look like a rookie. We know Smith can handle the power guy one on one, can he dominate a speed rusher the same way? He may but I’d hope for a bit, they add a little insurance help to his side until he shows he has this. Save Luck is the mantra. Look forward to your thoughts.
  15. I never trust a weather forecast until the hour prior to the game. It will be what it is. Just deal with what is in front of you.