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  1. Jdubu


    I lay a lot of blame on the coaching staff currently. Allowing all these 3rd and long yardage plays constantly has me concerned with how Eberflus runs his schemes. Wide, I mean wide open guys too often for this defense. That’s scheme issues. As for the offense, some may be scheme but when your QB has major limitations, the best wr in the league has issues. I don’t think there is any skirting around the issue here, we must get better at the helm and Ballard has to hit even better this offseason. Defense has to tighten way up. Losing Luck was a huge blow, even if we don’t want to admit it, Luck was good for 3-4 of the losses we had that would have been wins had he been the qb.
  2. I absolutely love the physical game Pascal has and he is above avg it seems. Strong blocker and strong hands. Not sure his ceiling is any higher though but there is a roll on the team for certain. TY, Fountain, Campbell, Johnson maybe. Going to need other pieces before we take a wr high imho.
  3. He certainly played better today but when we needed it, he couldn’t produce. Look at his entire career and his QBR for the 4th Q, he is historically bad and that’s not a good trait to hold.
  4. I’m flabbergasted on this teams performance today. I’m telling you, this team is the exact pathway of how the last regime came in and performed. It’s just an awful performing team. These coaches have to go look into a mirror because they are not putting together good plans on either side of the ball. Was Reich a one year wonder? Was Luck the reason this franchise was where it was last season and not Reich? Lots of questions need asked and answered.
  5. Keyestone cops lol. The team is laughable
  6. He is on par with the rest really
  7. I’d rather lose in man than this death by 1000 cuts defense.
  8. Every time wide open guys. Wide open
  9. Still perfect on extra points.
  10. Is it me or is it like neither team really wants to win this game? It’s like here you take it, no you, no you take it sir. And runs away———>
  11. And Vinny shows up in another guys jersey ughhhh
  12. What kind of passive nonsense play calling was that?
  13. Lmao!!! What a attrition of two awful teams.
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