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  1. Jdubu

    Dontrelle Inman making a difference

    Inman has been one of my favorite pick ups and so late into the start of the season at that. If I were GM, I’d reach out to his camp and see about a 2 year contract at a reasonable contract. Maybe 3-5/yr and add in some incentives. He seems to be a solid #3 guy. Him, TY, Cain, Fountain, pascal, Rogers, Johnson and I’m forgetting someone but only TY, Cain are guaranteed to make this team next year. Grant was a 1 yr let’s look deal and he hasn’t separated himself from any of these other guys. Inman as you stated has stuck out and Johnson also looked reasonable in his short stint here before IR grabbed him too. We we are in good shape in the wr group next year imho.
  2. Jdubu

    George Odum

    Maulet is probably one of the worst players on this team right now. My guess is we will see a change from Maulet and bring up Collins. Be my guess if they are looking at production and progress. Maulet has shown zero. He is a liability on what had been a shaky defense.
  3. Jdubu

    Titan's Game Injuries

  4. Jdubu

    Notes On #12

    Oh I disagree with that statement, Luck is getting plenty of attention for sure. If Luck doesn’t win it though and either Mahhomes or Brees wins, those two are equally deserving of it based on what they’ve done to date. Mahhomes is just a tremendous athlete and still making the right decisions. Hard to sustain for a full season so time will tell his story.
  5. Jdubu

    Ryan Kelly

    I hope you’re right but we’ve seen many players over the years walk off and then IR after MRI results are confirmed. Heck, I believe Edge walked off and he tore his knee up too.
  6. Jdubu

    Ryan Kelly

    Boehm seems to be an adequate stop gap for now. Let’s just hope that we don’t have to use him for the rest of the season, rather a game or two.
  7. Jdubu


    No I don’t believe he will be DPOY either but he has a high % for DROY absolutely. He is the star of the defense in a group of average players. We do have a few guys with Lewis and Turay that are showing great potential, but they haven’t been the difference makers we need yet. LVE has some other difference makers on his defense that assists his ability to do what he does to a certain degree. Chubb certainly has a few playmakers alongside him if he gets thrust into the conversation. Not sure about the CB from San Diego , maybe he gets into the talk but I know that our guy is flat out legit!
  8. Jdubu


    It’s ok, I’m a very forgiving person....on colt win days anyways lol. He he has a couple drow awards and a drom award already. I think it’s a high possibility that he takes DROY award as well but LVE is not having a bad season for Dallas either. It’s between them two.
  9. Jdubu

    Brian Baldinger on Q

    Quite honestly, I’m beginning to think Baldy wants to take a long hot shower with Nelson, candles and soft music and all. Lmao!!
  10. Jdubu


    Do you think with Leonard’s game today was enough to win another defensive rookie player of the week award? 7 tackles, sack, FF, int. I believe those were his stats. Not a bad day. Not sure if he had any PD today. Overall from the stat line, great rookie game. What do you think? Did anyone else out play him on defense from the rookie play on defense this week?
  11. Jdubu

    Titan's Game Injuries

    I hope Kelly isn’t an injury requiring surgery but my fear is anytime they schedule an MRI, don’t they already know there is something damaged, just need the MRI for confirmation? Not too often we hear MRI and negative with knee concerns.
  12. Jdubu

    Colts Vs. Titans Game Day Thread

    Not Kelly!!!
  13. Jdubu

    Colts Vs. Titans Game Day Thread

    Hey guys, who wants to bid for my Back up QB says Ballard lol.
  14. Jdubu

    Colts Vs. Titans Game Day Thread

    Not his best day for sure.
  15. Jdubu

    Colts Vs. Titans Game Day Thread

    He may get sent to Washington for a first rounder