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  1. Great question but I’d honestly have to believe that a real discussion has to be had with CB after the season is over. He just has the pattern of being poor for anything more than 1 half. It’s literally Jekyll and Hyde all season. Make all the excuses you want. Refs, poor lighting, Reich was distracted by butterflies etc... but neither FR nor Flus has proven they can coach full tilt for 4 full quarters, regardless of all the tape he can look back at and see his own faults. He is on the chopping block imho. CB may think differently but I and many others feel he isn’t growing enough to
  2. Uhhhh, his actions suggest otherwise. He is a super nice guy but isn’t making good coaching decisions. That = and avg coach. We can do worse for sure (that Texans Coach O’Brien for example) but we can certainly do better.
  3. Is this defense a product of Eberflus going limp or is it a directive of FR telling his coordinators to stand down on aggression and just play to use clock? Basically try not to lose the game by playing aggressive and giving up big plays, however, it tends to lead to big plays and either a loss or a nail biter. When CB figures out who is making these adjustment calls, then he can relieve the appropriate person.
  4. Can we look back and count all the pressers in which crappy outcomes are blamed on him with a self admission? Perhaps he is just not a good coach and needs to be replaced with someone who can go 4 full quarters without severely overthinking every play call. I’d fully expect this from FR, it makes him feel better about it by stating the obvious fact. if CB does an open, honest and fair assessment of this coaching staff after the season is done next week, he will see that FR is not the guy to keep leading this team. Halftime games coached well isn’t enough. Cant keep playing poorly or
  5. Why is this shocking to you or anyone who has watched this team? You should have known it was coming. They are one half wonders, all year long. You just never know which half it will be but definitely ain’t getting 4 quarters from this team on offense or defense. It’s pretty well documented in their play over time. FR isn’t the leader this team now needs. It’s time to move on from him like we did back with diddly-poo Mora.
  6. No, I meant who said the loss was on them? I don’t out people for a typo.
  7. Who is still concerned about another team stealing Flus away from the Colts? With his awesome strategy of one half good and the other half meh/trash, yeah, nobody is taking that on.
  8. At this point, the Colts are just a marginally better version of the Raiders with nicer people in the building.
  9. It’s been about every game, win or lose the games. This team is unable to make correct in game adjustments since FR arrived. It’s either a great opening or closing but when has this team done both? I think people have to come to terms with Frank Reich being just a middle of the road, really likable type of guy? If this team were to win a SB under his leadership, it would be a flipping miracle. That’s not a post game rant, I’ve been harping on him since last season when he continued to ride JB in spite of a garbage output of play. Too loyal, too stubborn, given more credit for fantastic play ca
  10. Cant disagree too much here. All we need is no penalties from these two new position players at tackle whoever it is and to give just enough interference to allow a gap for a RB or a split second for the quick 3 step drop pass.
  11. Based on showing an increasingly poor output in yards given up as well as points and big plays over the past 4-6 weeks? I wished I could share in your enthusiasm for the middle of the pack (at best) defense. you watch your filthy mouth sir lol Anything is possible in an NFL game for certain. We need to see a score from the defense in pick 6 or fumble recovery for 6 and a few take aways. What can’t happen, this defense can’t allow long, time sucking drives against them for points. Flus has to be brilliant in this game plan specifically. He not only needs to come out of the gate
  12. I liked Pascal over his career so far, he is an overachiever. A physical guy and works harder than others. Stays healthy too iirc. The question is, what really is he? Is he a comparable #2/3 or is he a product of others making plays and the defenses forgetting about him? 1. TY 2. Pittman 3. Campbell 4,5,6 pascal, Pittman, Dullin, Harris (btw, is Harris on the team still?) It will be nice to keep him but I’m. It sure he will ever be that #1/2 guy for the team so as long as his $$ reflects that, I’d be fine having him back for a 3-4 yr deal.
  13. I agree. I’m definitely not one who is on this Flus is gonna get a head coach job because he is so awesome. He has shown to have many warts on his resumé. He needs to play a smart but aggressive game plan. Zone coverage seems to get them killed and driven on for long drives. Aggressive has potential for mistakes but either score quick or out. Just needs to get his guys disciplined to play aggressive.
  14. Just reading the post game and looking at the stat sheet. it appears D Buck had an excellent game Our kicker can hit past 50+ JT has a nice avg/run TY came back to earth and I suspect who he really has become Pittman with another penalty and a non factor in the game the Defense may be stout in the run but that pass defense is trash. Are any starters out? D Leonard made a game saving play. Needed the turnover at the end of each game played. That’s not playoff winning football. did AC play today and if so, how d
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