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  1. I think PFF lost all credibility when they continually had Laron Landry ranked as the best safety in the league...
  2. Grover Stewart. Think Stewart has always been solid eating up blocks but never really put up stats due to his role on the defense. Not sure how the rotation will go with the DTs but I doubt he’ll be seeing double teams playing next to Buckner and Houston
  3. I agree that his mental processing and zone awareness doesn’t need some improvement but his explosiveness does need improvement no question. He had I think a 1.65 10 yard split with is linebacker level. Explosiveness can close the gap in a fraction slow of play recognition. Ideally he will improve both simultaneously .
  4. Khari Willis Turn on some of the game film from the second half of the year and he pops out along with Bobby O. Khari’s instincts are on another level that make up for him not being an elite athlete like hooker. Players like Troy polomalu have become HOFers without being elite athletes. Khari has been training on pure explosion all offseason so I expect big things from him this year. And obviously not saying he’ll be Troy
  5. He’s posting workouts everyday of on field workouts. Lateral movement and quickness look like close to 100% already
  6. He’s been working with Mathis what seems like almost every single day. Really working on the hand placement and quickness aspect of pass rushing. Hope he stays healthy
  7. Bobby O outplays Lenord Marvell Tell is our best corner Lack of Oline depth is huge issue Burton is steal of free agency Tyquan Lewis ends up starting at end
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