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  1. DraftMaster

    AFC and NFC Championship Predictions

    My prediction before the season was Patriots-Rams so I'm going to stick to that.
  2. DraftMaster

    Philip Rivers or Eli Manning To The HoF?

    I would pick Eli because he's won 2 Super Bowls. I do think Rivers will be an HOFer one day but maybe not first ballot.
  3. DraftMaster

    The 'bar' is now 10-6

    Right now it is, but the league changes a lot from now to September. Who knows which teams will be good next year and which will be bad? Our schedule could get tougher or easier.
  4. DraftMaster

    The 'bar' is now 10-6

    Probably 12-4. I mean we went 11-5 3 straight years and we couldn't get anything better than the 4 seed. NE went 11-5 to get it but that was an outlier. 12-4 should do it, and with our schedule that task is daunting.
  5. DraftMaster

    The 'bar' is now 10-6

    We really need a 1st round bye next year. No more slow starts or lazy finishes to the season. If we want to go to the AFCCG our best shot is getting a bye.
  6. DraftMaster

    Ballard press conference

    And that seemed pretty optimistic to many "experts". Ballard has the results to gain the respect he has. This year was way above any expectations. From #32 to here!
  7. DraftMaster

    Matt Slauson 2019?

    I think he might retire after that neck injury.
  8. DraftMaster

    Reality check

    Yeah we don't know if the Jags get a good QB yet, or if the Steelers trade AB, or if Jameis Winston finally reaches his potential. On the other hand who will the injury bug strike next year? There are so many variables that we really don't know the strength of our 2019 schedule...
  9. DraftMaster

    Colts away schedule is brutal

    Because the NFL likes the Titans...
  10. DraftMaster

    Philadelphia (+8) at New Orleans (1-13-19)

    Anything but Chefs Rams SB and I'll be ok.
  11. DraftMaster

    Philadelphia (+8) at New Orleans (1-13-19)

    What a penalty! Would've been 17-14 Saints, now 14-10, Eagles...
  12. DraftMaster

    Philadelphia (+8) at New Orleans (1-13-19)

    If the Eagles win that would be crazy...
  13. DraftMaster

    San Diego (+4) at New England (1-13-19)

    Wilson is cool to me, maybe it's because Seahawks fans don't treat him like he's god or something...
  14. DraftMaster

    San Diego (+4) at New England (1-13-19)

    I really don't like Pat Mahomes, he just rubs me the wrong way... Go Rams!