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  1. DraftMaster

    CB Pierre Desir Re-signing

  2. DraftMaster

    I think my math is right?

    72.6% of stats are made up... This is one of them.
  3. DraftMaster

    Desir a test for Ballard?

    He let Melvin walk, and now Melvin isn't seen as the corner that he was here in Indy. Trust The Ballard
  4. DraftMaster

    Bell to Jets

    Also having more talent doesn't mean they're better. We have one of the better chemistries in the league. Let's see how the chemistry works out in Cleveland.
  5. DraftMaster

    What would you do if you were the Colts GM?

    Exactly what Ballard is doing. In Ballard we trust.
  6. DraftMaster

    Tampering is upon us!

    The Jets are just throwing money at everybody trying to make a run at being the heir to the Patriots dynasty in the AFC Least.
  7. DraftMaster

    So much for free agency...

    Fire Ballard
  8. DraftMaster

    Tampering is upon us!

    Gotta give a hats off to this
  9. DraftMaster

    Romo - Yeah or Nay?

    I like how Romo predicts plays. Yeah he's talkative, but he's different than just a cookie-cutter analyst. And I like that about his style. Jason Witten should take Jim Nantz's place though
  10. DraftMaster

    Antonio Brown to the Raiders

    Please be on Hard Knocks...
  11. DraftMaster

    Antonio Brown to the Bills.

    Brown's not going to the Bills it seems like... https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/03/08/source-deal-for-antonio-brown-to-bills-not-even-close/
  12. DraftMaster

    Hypothetical Mega Trade

    Not. At. All.
  13. Remember when Luck asked if he's a free agent? Maybe it will pay off...
  14. DraftMaster

    Report: Jaguars expected to sign Nick Foles

    The Jags are contenders at this point if they sign him. Yes, their cap space situation will lead to many terrible problems later, but next year they might win the division and if they're in the playoffs, look out...
  15. DraftMaster

    NFL Believes the Colts won the AFC South

    I was just saying beating them in the playoffs means we get bragging rights. We didn't win the division, but the Texans can't brag about winning it.