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  1. Congratulations to my Colts' fan friends. I think that Josh has matured significantly since he was with the Broncos. He was arrogant and made a lot of mistakes. You will benefit from the lessons he learned in that process (assuming he did). I think Andrew will significantly benefit from this choice.
  2. Girlzarefanstoo

    Black Monday coaching tracker

    No idea on that, but we are keeping him and Coach Whisenhunt as OC. I completely agree on continuity, that's the part that kills you when you start to make progress and are in the playoffs each year. Your coaching staff gets cannabalized year-after-year and you're expected to get the same results. I believe he signed a 3 year contract extension. I hope he doesn't want to make the leap to head coach and hangs around. The guys love him and he shifted this D from a hybrid 3-4 to a 4-3 in a single year with all the other changes and the D just got better and better as the year went on.
  3. Girlzarefanstoo

    Big Ben throws somebody else under the bus.

    Your season comes to a crashing halt... I don't envy any of these guys that have to immediately go before the press without even having a chance to process what just happened. Never been a big fan of Big Ben, but there was nothing wrong with this interview.
  4. Girlzarefanstoo

    Teams of the future

    My daughters always hated him growing up and swore he was an alien!
  5. Girlzarefanstoo

    Will Kaepernick play a down in 2018?

    Kaep and other QBs that entered the league at that same time, were riding the wave of wildcat offenses. It took the defenses about a year to figure them out and every quarterback that couldn't adapt is gone. RG3 & Kaep being the most notable. Also, any QB that requires a specialized offense to utilize (Tebow,) or is more inclined to run that stay safer in the pocket is a longterm liability rather than an asset. There aren't many that have survived and thrived historically and if they get injured the entire team's success is completely at risk. If Kaep was honest with himself, he would understand the issues and work toward resolving them.
  6. Girlzarefanstoo

    Jon Gruden New Raiders Head Coach

    What could POSSIBLY go wrong.... Couldn't happen to a better team, they're buying a fairy tale in my humble opinion. It's easy to sound "all wise" when it's just talk. Throw in real life with its injuries, arrests (we ARE TALKING about Raiders) and an out of control locker room. 3 years in I bet they have massive regrets.
  7. Girlzarefanstoo

    Black Monday coaching tracker

    SO GLAD we are not on the coaching carousel this year. You can't be sure about a coach just one year in, but I love Anthony Lynn. He holds guys accountable, even publicly, but not in an abrasive manner. He didn't panic or let his men panic at 0-4. The men love him. Can't wait for next year. Good luck to those of you who have teams hunting for a good one!
  8. Girlzarefanstoo

    American Football Conference

    LOL all of our emotions Yeah... I felt SO DIRTY YESTERDAY... I was rooting for the Raiders and the Steelers on the same day *bblleecchh!* Raiders don't have enough left in the tank, so we will have to take KC out on our own AND make sure the Raiders don't get an emotional boost out of the thought of taking us out of the playoffs on our last game of the season (we've done that to them a time or two)
  9. Girlzarefanstoo

    AFC West (thru 12 games)

    But he is learning. I love that our new coach will call out a player publicly when they make a big mistake and Austin learns from his mistakes. He doesn't sulk. He corrects his errors. I have a feeling he's going to be a gem if we make the playoffs and definitely in the future.
  10. Girlzarefanstoo

    AFC West (thru 12 games)

    Rivers absolutely LOVES playing at KC, it will be for control of the division, so no pressure! My concerns are field goals instead of tds. That will work on lesser teams, but won't take you far in the playoffs. Getting better on penalties and mistakes. Ekeler made a big rookie mistake today that fortunately didn't matter but could in another game. I like where we are.
  11. Girlzarefanstoo

    AFC West (thru 12 games)

    That's a stadium location change, not a true move. SD was exploring 3 or 4 options for similar distance stadium builds, would have been no big deal at all. Big diff between a move and a stadium location. If you're not West Coast, LA is hated as a city, fan base etc.
  12. Girlzarefanstoo

    AFC West (thru 12 games)

    ABSOLUTELY. Mike Williams needs to get into the game the last 4 weeks. Even though he's been injured, he's been quite a disappointment to this point. Hunter Henry is growing into a larger role. The pass drops of the rest of the passing corp must stop. Austin Ekeler is growing by leaps and bounds into the Darren Sproles/Danny Woodhead role for us. I only hate Belichick because he's so dang good at blowing us up ;-)
  13. Girlzarefanstoo

    AFC West (thru 12 games)

    Gotcha - I don't live in SD and haven't since 2004 so I don't keep up on the bitter fan scene. Frankly, after like 15 years waiting for the city to come to the table I can't say that I blame the Chargers organization. I don't know of any other team that made a move that still allowed their prior city to be able to attend the games due to the short distance. If I lived in SD I would make the trip a couple times a year.
  14. Girlzarefanstoo

    AFC West (thru 12 games)

    That's a new one Jaguarswoman - "They don't deserve a playoff berth anyway because of their move to Los Angeles." LOL! That game was infuriating. So many mistakes. So many dumb choices. But you guys hung in there and didn't quit and when you had the chance to take the game, you DIDN'T make mistakes. I would imagine our guys would be totally hyped up to face y'all again ;-)
  15. Girlzarefanstoo

    Giants Fire Ben McAdoo

    So where does Eli go to get his streak back??? Ruinous, desperate decision by a coach on his way out the door. Utterly unfair to Eli though he handled it with class.