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  1. I had always known that Philip Rivers would leave the game sooner than I wanted him to. He's one of the rare players that has his priorities very straight and realizes there is life after the game. BUT I was NOT expecting this. I should have taken a cue from his press conference after the playoff loss, he was really emotional. I think he was pretty sure even then. SHOOT, DANG IT ALL I really thought he would play another season. The fit with the Colts was a good one and his skills were still sharp if not at his peak levels. Now I get to experience the loss all over again
  2. I loved that play too. It reminded me of a dozen plays over the years where he made things happen. Rivers has always been slippery in the pocket, a characteristic many have overlooked. I remember seeing a mike'd up episode where defenders were miked playing against him and were tearing their hair out that they couldn't get to him. He was never fast to begin with, so I don't think he's "lost a step" lol! His awareness is key. If given time and not run over from the blind side he's often able to slip out and continue the play.
  3. We Chargers' fans are delighted they drafted Tua as well I didn't want him because of his injury history even before his hip, and was ecstatic when we landed Herbie. In all honesty though. I never would have imagined how well he's done this season.
  4. We will be glued to all the games that determine your playoff fate. We Chargers made the playoffs some years back, it only took about 8 DIFFERENT THINGS to happen for us and every single one did that day You only need to win your game and have 1 team lose... Fingers, toes and eyes crossed for you!!!
  5. I watched Philip's last press conference for the Chargers again today. Brought fresh tears to this girl's eyes. We have watched every Colts' game we could this year and have loved seeing him playing with a real O Line and a stout D. For me, the Colts were the best possible landing place for him as they've always been my #2 team. I could not have imagined last year how this year would play out. Praying y'all make the playoffs and have a magical run. Having Justin Herbert as our next franchise QB, I can patiently wait for him to fully develop and ALSO enjoy watching my long term
  6. I watched the game and for the most part Rivers looked pretty good. The quicker tempo suited him. I noticed that a high percentage of his passes were short and medium range. The loss was a bigger failing than just Rivers, but his errors were significant. Biggest failing that he didn't used to do... staring down the receiver. When you've lost a bit of the zip on your throws you can't give away where you are throwing it. The NFL will eat you alive if you do.
  7. Something I haven't seen addressed thus far is an observation I've noted as Charger's and Philip Rivers' long time fan. For some reason during the last 3-4 years the Chargers have abandoned the hurry up offense and quick passing game that worked incredibly well with Rivers ability to read defenses, cycle through his reads and score quickly. This past couple years they constantly ran the clock all the way down almost to zero, allowing defenses to hide their intent and to know when the snap was coming. I hope that the Colts will vary the timing of the offense and go hurry up at u
  8. I was about to point that out after reading all the posts here, PHILIP, ONE L lol! I came to the board today after seeing the Rivers' miked up video the Colts put out on Twitter. Phil looked sharp. His release was really quick and the throws I saw were really clean and on target. Not at game speed or under physical threat of course, but looking good anyway. Almost brought a tear to my eye, I forget he's gone then it's such a jolt to see him in a Colt's uni. You guys are going to get to know what an amazing man Rivers is. He's one of a kind. Selfless. Humble.
  9. Really good question to ask. Too much blame or honor often goes to the QB. No matter how great, the QB can't make enough difference to carry the team alone. Defense was really hit hard last year when Derwin James went down in preseason. Derwin is in on almost every single play, has the widest range, quickest instincts and closing speed I've seen in a long time. He's also such a solid tackler that if he's near the play he makes the stop. Everyone is a better player when he's on the field. Then we lost 2 CBs, 10 and 16 days later to injured reserve, and then S Nassir Adderly a
  10. They're about "due" for another announcement ;-) One of my favorite memories of the Rivers' family is that he will take them onto the field after a home game when the fans have gone and play catch with all of them. Philip and Tiffani are really special parents. Oh, and I loved the Andrew Luck version, I quite literally laughed out loud when I saw it yesterday. Hope it's the original person because he/she was so funny and original.
  11. I will leave off the discussion here. Thanks for the chat.
  12. Absolutely correct point of view. I believe Rivers didn't get to finish out his career with the Chargers because of Melvin Gordon's holdout. It started a cascade of many events (including O-Line injuries) that were too much for one player to overcome. Ekeler did an outstanding job filling in, but when Gordon AND Ekeler are on the field the entire game is much more effective. Derwin James injury in training camp changed the entire function of the defense. He had 75 tackles in his rookie year and made everyone on the D better. Our D really dropped in turnovers they generated.
  13. I believe you are reading into things and in essence quoting things that he didn't say or express. I absolutely do not recall at all him saying anything at all denigrating LA. Period. Like reports of him "cussing" (which he never does) he also just isn't ever NEGATIVE. Basically, he had 8 kids at the time. They were in a great school, had a great church, great friends, and they had just finished building their dream home in Northern San Diego County (Rancho Santa Fe). It wasn't as much about disliking LA as about being able to continue the same quality of life for his large family an
  14. I haven't lived in San Diego for 17 years so I wasn't getting the local papers & water cooler discussions about the day to day. Philip did fight hard to encourage the team to stay and NEVER disrespected the San Diego fans, but once the decision was made he never undercut it. He simply adjusted to the new reality and took care of his family. He continued to live in San Diego until January. He bought a high tech van and had a driver take him to LA and back each day. He did his film study in the van. They sold their home and moved to Florida. I understand the en
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