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  1. I thought of all my Colts' fan friends yesterday when I heard the news. I would be utterly devestated if Philip Rivers had announced something similar! Andrew has been a great player when healthy. He's also been a highly respected face of the franchise and a good man. It's a wise decision for his future life, wife and kids (to come). Blessings to him.
  2. Gehlken is beat writer for the Union Tribune covering the Chargers: Michael Gehlken ‏@UTgehlken 6m Former Colts inside linebacker Kavell Conner will visit Chargers tomorrow. Source says "strong possibility" a deal gets done. What do you guys think of Kavell Conner - I'm not familiar with the name.
  3. Good to see you here!!! Welcome back. :)

  4. I'm SOOOO glad it's time for football! I was going nuts (or nutsier if you ask my hubby!) Can't wait for the first game. Interesting stuff going on in FA, trades and signings but nothing matches big boys hitting each other ;-)

  5. Hi my friend. Good to see you here!

  6. I'm a life-long Chargers fan who also happens to like the Colts. Strange combination to be sure ;-) but both enjoyable to watch!

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