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  1. Girlzarefanstoo

    The Most Painful Playoff Loss So Far SD, Indy, Philly?

    Pretty painful loss but we have a very young team with a lot of talent. Shore up the O Line and add some LBs, get our CBs back (maybe shore that up a bit as well) and we're back in the hunt. Rivers has 3-4 years left in him barring an injury that takes him out.
  2. Girlzarefanstoo

    San Diego (+4) at New England (1-13-19)

    Agreed. If I were Coach Lynn, I would make arrangements with a hotel & a northern college (outside the North East) but in the cold belt, to practice the weeks of the playoffs if needed. Have a plan in place that can be canceled if not needed. The breathing alone in cold is enough to disrupt every other part of your body. The last time that the Patriots played the Chargers in San Diego in a heat wave, Belicheck kept the team in Cali for the week to adjust. We were getting beat up the final 4 weeks - a bye week would have meant a lot. I trust that Coach Lynn is learning for future runs. He's a very good coach.
  3. Girlzarefanstoo

    San Diego (+4) at New England (1-13-19)

    This year 3/4 of the season we did pretty darn well against the injury bug but the 4th quarter it hit us pretty hard. We started the year light on LBs, and then lost our best. So there weren't really any major adjustments we could make. The 7 swarming DBs were to cover for that lack - worked on Baltimore, wasn't ever going to work on NE because they have an experienced coach and a QB that can make the adjustment on the field and just killed us with the dink and dunk passes and an occasional pass downfield that made us play honest. Defensive key injuries(all starters): 11/21 Placed Corey Liuget (DT) on Reserve/Injured 11/13 Placed Denzel Perryman (LB) on Reserve/Injured. (THIS REALLY HURT) 11/03 Placed Kyzir White (LB) on Reserve/Injured. 9/15 Placed Craig Mager (CB) on Reserve/Injured. LOST Jason Verett in camp (CB) Our O-line degraded at the end of the season. Joe Barksdale was cut for unrevealed issues. Our Center Pouncey had constant injury issues from about week 14 on. Our blocking TE Culkin the same. Both running backs were out over the same period. We couldn't adjust much on Offense because we couldn't get our running game going to make NE play honest. Rivers was getting killed back there. Tom Telesco signed 4 or 5 UDFAs each of the past 2 years, many of whom are starting. That increase in depth is what let us complete this year. The only area he "failed" significantly is in O Line draft picks. Forest Lamp didn't play much if any this second year. His first, first round draft pick was D.J. Fluker and he was a bust. We had 2 centers drafted that are no longer with us. Tom has mostly been a draft genius, but O Line not so much. MUST protect Rivers. With a young hungry team, and him at the helm we have a 3 year window barring any injuries. (Rivers was hurt Sunday, don't know how much, but OLine failure was the reason). Oh well.... It was a very fun year right up until the end.
  4. Girlzarefanstoo

    San Diego (+4) at New England (1-13-19)

    I knew in my hesrt of hearts that BB was going to take what the Ravens did and adapt. Our Oline was pathetic. I think Gordon was more hurt than the team let on. A one-sided offense will never beat the Patriots. Brady was picking his nose behind his line.
  5. Girlzarefanstoo

    Dallas (+7) at Los Angeles (1-12-19)

    Or not... Rams hold on for the win.
  6. Girlzarefanstoo

    Dallas (+7) at Los Angeles (1-12-19)

    We fought like heck to get it. Next year we have to start more quickly.
  7. Girlzarefanstoo

    Dallas (+7) at Los Angeles (1-12-19)

    Thanks. I've always rooted for the Colts when we are not in the playoffs. Easy team to like ♡
  8. Girlzarefanstoo

    Dallas (+7) at Los Angeles (1-12-19)

    If he does, i will miss it (DARN!!!) I will be watching delayed after going to early service at church ;-)
  9. Girlzarefanstoo

    San Diego (+4) at New England (1-13-19)

    He practiced limited this week, but is active for tomorrow so he should be a go. We're pretty healthy. Can't wait. Thanks for rooting for us ♡
  10. Moot point now. KC it will be if we get past New England. Can't help but think KC would prefer the Patriots.
  11. Girlzarefanstoo

    San Diego (+4) at New England (1-13-19)

    I'm over the SD vs. LA thing. Living out of area is a big part of it. SD fans are returning to the fold rapidly. Winnimg does that. Win or lose tomorrow this has been a fun season and as an oldster, I have been enjoying every second of it ♡♡♡
  12. Girlzarefanstoo

    Weather Forecast for Saturday's Game Does a 360

    With as many games as hubby and I have watched this season, I just realized that a Colts' game hasn't been one of them! We will be watching this afternoon and rooting for you guys. Good luck!
  13. Girlzarefanstoo

    San Diego (+4) at New England (1-13-19)

    Los Angeles annnnnnnd we're tougher than you think.
  14. Girlzarefanstoo

    Kitchens to be Browns new HC

    Ending the revolving door that is the Brown HC job is the best move. A young QB that is doing well doesn't need the chaos of a new system to learn.
  15. Girlzarefanstoo

    Brandon Mebane's Daughter Makenna, Passed Away

    It's particularly close to my heart as well. We lost a great-nephew in September at 6 months old. He had been born with an extremely rare genetic liver issue that was mis-diagnosed as there are only 2 other cases in the world. He had a transplant and all was looking well but he suddenly crashed. They discovered he had a nicked intestine from the surgery which is the most common complication due to the minuscule space they have to work in. I was/am heartbroken for his mom, who is a single mother. I'm very proud of the Chargers organization and how they have supported his family. Hopefully he will be able to escape a bit and pound some of his grief and frustration out on the Patriots this Sunday