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  1. I'm so glad that Chris Ballard is our GM, he has done an amazing job here in just 2 years! No matter who he picks this week I will trust that he made the right pick. His success last year warrants full trust from the fans. In Ballard We Trust!
  2. Keenum was traded to the Redskins a few weeks back: https://www.denverpost.com/2019/03/07/broncos-to-trade-case-keenum-to-redskins/ I do agree that Miami (or anybody else) wouldn't offer much and we might as well keep JB until his contract is up.
  3. Watch us get a bye week 1 due to playing in Tampa and then weather moves the game later in the season...
  4. I agree, the Titans look bad right now. The Texans have oline problems that haven't been addressed and we all know what happens is you leave your qb unprotected for long enough. I'm concerned for Deshaun Watson because of the swiss cheese oline he has. Jacksonville has the potential to be a threat as they have a great defense and Foles at qb. As for the Colts, it just depends how their schedule shakes out. 9.5 seems pretty fair at the moment.
  5. 72.6% of stats are made up... This is one of them.
  6. He let Melvin walk, and now Melvin isn't seen as the corner that he was here in Indy. Trust The Ballard
  7. Also having more talent doesn't mean they're better. We have one of the better chemistries in the league. Let's see how the chemistry works out in Cleveland.
  8. Exactly what Ballard is doing. In Ballard we trust.
  9. The Jets are just throwing money at everybody trying to make a run at being the heir to the Patriots dynasty in the AFC Least.
  10. I like how Romo predicts plays. Yeah he's talkative, but he's different than just a cookie-cutter analyst. And I like that about his style. Jason Witten should take Jim Nantz's place though
  11. Please be on Hard Knocks...
  12. Brown's not going to the Bills it seems like... https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/03/08/source-deal-for-antonio-brown-to-bills-not-even-close/
  13. Remember when Luck asked if he's a free agent? Maybe it will pay off...
  14. The Jags are contenders at this point if they sign him. Yes, their cap space situation will lead to many terrible problems later, but next year they might win the division and if they're in the playoffs, look out...
  15. I was just saying beating them in the playoffs means we get bragging rights. We didn't win the division, but the Texans can't brag about winning it.
  16. We are the 2018-2019 AFC South Champions! We beat them in the playoffs and we had the same amount of wins so that counts for me!
  17. Having no commercial timeouts is hurting the AAF. The AAF isn't making money off of their TV deal. They have to start adding more commercials if they want to get more money.
  18. The Orlando-San Antonio was the game of the year so far. Good offense, 37-29. There were 29k people there and the crowd was into it. The Iron also won this weekend too! 2-0!
  19. Andrew's dad Oliver is the commish of McMahon's XFL. There are rumors the XFL will get more than half of their games on national TV. I'm intrigued to see how it works out for them...
  20. I watched all 4 games just to see what it was like: The Commanders-Fleet game was great, the game just had energy to it like an NFL game. The Apollos-Legends game was boring. The 1st quarter was low-scoring, but then when the scoring happened it was all Orlando. The rain might have ruined the fan environment a bit, but it was boring. The Iron-Express game brought all the excitement from the Commanders-Fleet game back to earth. Trent Richardson averaged 2.4 yards per carry, Hackenberg was awful, and a 26-0 snoozer didn't help either (but my Iron did win!). CBSSN did do a good job miking the crowd up, but the 17,000 people there made the stadium look a bit empty. The Hotshots-Stallions game was pretty good from the play on the field, but Marvin Lewis should retire immediately from commentating, he was so boring. The Hotshots unis are actually better than I thought they'd be. The stadium was virtually empty too. Almost 12,000 people in a 70,000+ house. NFL Network had to keep the camera angles low to avoid the empty stands. Overall, it was a pretty good week for the Alliance, but we'll see if their success can be sustained over the season. Go Iron!
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