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  1. Congrats Patriots on another AFC Championship! Cause KC sure isn't going to beat them the way they're playing now...
  2. Vinny FG to win the game: Colts 30 Texans 28
  3. Lol Falcons are trash Houston 3-2 Colts 2-2 Jags 2-3 Titans 2-3
  4. Houston's going to win but at least they're @KC next week.
  5. Everyone in our division is basically 0-0 HOU:2-2 IND:2-2 TEN:2-2 JAX:2-2 Mediocre Party!!!
  6. Might as well just game plan for the Texans for three weeks. Will give us 1st in the AFCS if we beat them. Basically already 2-3.
  7. At least Houston lost. HOU:2-2 IND:2-2 TEN-2-2 JAX-1-2 If Jacksonville wins all 4 teams will be 2-2 lol
  8. Shouldn't Rodgers have let that one bounce?
  9. Zooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeee
  10. Things aren't looking so good right now...
  11. 2nd half will be a big test for Jacoby. If we comeback and win this, he'll have to be amazing.
  12. We need a win really... Coach Reich will have his guys ready though
  13. I'd rather have a bad first half than a bad second half.
  14. At least Houston's down 10-3 to Carolina at home at the half.
  15. We can still win this. We have the better coach and 30 minutes to go.
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