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  1. Savage. Imagine had we won last week...
  2. TY plays and goes for over 100 yards receiving and at least 1 TD. Colts win 31-27.
  3. If we win the next 3 games we're going to make the playoffs. 8-4 and in 1st place where Houston could be 6-6 with their next 3 against Baltimore, us and New England.
  4. I'll say 8-8. If we win our next 2 though we'll be 7-4 and 4-0 in the division. Season isn't over yet but things aren't looking too good...
  5. Our Defense needs Desir badly. Rock has just been inept in the snaps he's been getting...
  6. Colts 24 Dolphins 23 Vinny smacks the game winner just because the Colts want my heart to give out lol.
  7. I don't think we'll see Hoyer Sunday, but definitely when we play the Dolphins we should.
  8. Let's get it! Maybe we can get a stop and get the ball back again.
  9. Sad that Houston can't win without their defense. 3rd and GOAL!!!
  10. Can these commentators shut up? Jinxing us 24/7
  11. I don't question the call at all. Pushoff from Hopkins there
  12. De"Yawn" Watson. I did my part so now we will win!
  13. Congrats Patriots on another AFC Championship! Cause KC sure isn't going to beat them the way they're playing now...
  14. Vinny FG to win the game: Colts 30 Texans 28
  15. Lol Falcons are trash Houston 3-2 Colts 2-2 Jags 2-3 Titans 2-3
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