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  1. dodsworth

    Reich's offense

    Why such high expectations next season? Does the addition of Mudd impact the offense that much in your mind or something else?
  2. dodsworth

    Reich's offense

    Speaking of our screen game, is it because of scheme, preparation or possibly Luck's release speed or other?
  3. dodsworth

    Reich's offense

    Obviously I was thinking along the philosophy of Tom Moore but the stretch play could come into the offense under Mudd. Duh
  4. dodsworth

    Reich's offense

    Reich's offense is very complex and multi tiered as to be able to throw the same look but different play, and keep defenses questioning themselves and not able to just pin their ears back on our offense. Now, the offense appears to be making the next step towards complexity by adding Mudd to the mix. Where does the offense go now, does it add the no huddle with code words such as Apple Apple apple, Omaha and such or even the stretch play with our mobile O line which Mack, Hines and Wilkins could really flourish running behind that scheme from time to time. Will Luck get more freedom to change plays at the line like Manning did or is Mudd's philosophy going to be a small addition to the offense, stretch play and such?
  5. dodsworth

    Ouch. Top DL Tears ACL

    Would he be worth a 2nd rd pick for the Colts?
  6. I smell Andre Johnson results with this thread.
  7. dodsworth

    Ballard continues to lay the blueprint

    We had good lines that year which goes a long way in ball control.
  8. What happened with Ballard's first draft which was mediocre at best and last year's draft which was one of the best ever for the franchise? Was it trying to find players to fit Pagano's system, poor scouts or was last draft a lucky fluke?
  9. dodsworth

    Ballard continues to lay the blueprint

    Did you follow the Colts under Polian? Drafting skill players early leads to soft teams, as we have been shown over and over during his tenure. Drafting wideouts early is a good way to be a regular season juggernaut but fold like a lawn chair in the playoffs.
  10. It looks like Reich wants to add the old stretch play to his offense.
  11. dodsworth

    SB ratings hit a 10 year low

    Ballard/Reich along with the rest of the NFL had better figure out this enigma that had been going on for almost 20 years now. If they continue this dynasty after Brady retires then I'm totally done with the NFL.....totally.
  12. dodsworth

    Ballard continues to lay the blueprint

    Ballard gets it. A lot of fans want to go back to soft football and draft a skill player early.
  13. dodsworth

    SB ratings hit a 10 year low

    Not surprising, people are puke sick of the Patriots.
  14. dodsworth

    Dontrelle Inman acussed of assaulting a woman

    Sounds to me like another lazy American trying to hit the lottery by suing somebody instead of working hard for it themselves.
  15. dodsworth

    Will you be watching the SB?

    Why would any Colts fan put themselves through that?