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  1. Brady was showing his age late last season and to think at 43 and with a whole new system that his team is going to be a world beater is amusing to me. He will have nothing left in the tank by game ten.
  2. Sounds good. Don't sweep it under the rug and repost when they are under 10 wins.
  3. It was a money grab by Brady and Gronk. Brady will show his age and suck in a new system without Belicheck. Gronk will be on IR by mid season and the Bucs season will blow.
  4. Do we happen to get a comp pick for him if somebody picks him up and he becomes a starter?
  5. Hunt was nonexistent on the front last season so this is expected. I fully expect 2 new players on the interior of the defensive line this year.
  6. I thought we beat this horse to death years ago. yes, yes he sucked. He was way over his head from the start and Luck made him look better than he actually was.
  7. Wide receiver coach, pass game specialist and offensive quality coach. It looks like they are going to try to fix the offense this year.
  8. I'm eager to see what is done about the QB and D line positions this offseason.
  9. Either you're in or you're out, I don't want anybody playing on this team that don't have the heart and soul for it. See: Andrew Luck
  10. The "Hoodie" also video tapes the opponents walk throughs, deflates balls and who knows what else to gain an advantage. You need another golden bull to worship because this one is a mega cheat.
  11. The unforseen Luck retirement sent the rebuild back a couple steps.
  12. He will end up in a full body cast in traction if he comes to Indy with our injury history as a team.
  13. A short list of things Ballard had to deal with this season. 1. A franchise QB retiring right before the first kickoff: check 2. An unseasoned young roster: check 3. A hall of fame kicker with an epic case of the yips: check 4. Another injury plagued Colts roster: check
  14. I could be an NFL GM if I could pick my selections after the draft in hindsight.........
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