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  1. dodsworth

    Unsung heros on the defense

    This defense has been a joy to watch grow this year. We need to win these next 3 games and give us a chance for the final wild card spot because 3 more games just isn't enough for this fun season.
  2. dodsworth

    Peyton breaks down the Pascal TD

    GM, coaching and QB. As a collection I agree.
  3. The Chargers or Chiefs will obviously claim one of the wild card spots so I guess that means the Colts and everyone else will be fighting for the remaining slot for the playoffs. These next 3 games are going to be dicey.
  4. dodsworth

    Extending some love to Jim Irsay

    Irsay runs a classy organization. He said he wants to win Lombardi's and every decision he has made the last couple of years has backed up his words.
  5. My two most hated teams. I hope they clobber the heck outta each other and look like a mash unit afterwards.
  6. dodsworth

    Why the Colts will put Dallas

    Eberflus is the wildcard in this game.
  7. dodsworth

    Autry AFC Defensive Player of the Week

    I was thinking the very same thing. I would be ecstatic if we could find a game changer D lineman with our first few picks.
  8. Ballard and his scouts along with the imploded new coaching staff deserve a lot of respect for what they have accomplished this year.
  9. I don't think these guys realized how many times per game our quarterbacks have been flat backed. The roster was loaded with holes and to be sniffing the playoffs is pretty amazing.
  10. Let's hope there are no setbacks with Kelly in practice. Missing him on the line has caused the offense to sputter.
  11. dodsworth

    Autry AFC Defensive Player of the Week

    Ballard is the king of dumpster diving.
  12. dodsworth

    I Ran into some Colts

    A lot of horses needing fed in your post for sure. It will be interesting how Ballard will work difficult cap decisions in the future.
  13. dodsworth

    The chances of keeping our Colts Coordinators?

    Sirianni and Eberflus should get some sniffs in the next few years if the team continues progress as they have this year.
  14. dodsworth

    The chances of keeping our Colts Coordinators?

    Abducted by aliens and probed or is there another type of probing that I'm not aware of?
  15. dodsworth

    I Ran into some Colts

    We should have kept David Thornton instead of trading him to the Titans many years ago. Him and Washington were two very good linebackers and were let go. I never understood why they were not re signed.