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  1. The past obviously sucks out loud against this franchise, but that's the past. The future looks as if we will be winning our fare share of games with Ballard and Reich at their positions.
  2. Polian was a good GM, not great. His teams were waaay too soft.
  3. Ballard said he was gonna build depth...
  4. Brady was showing his age late last season and to think at 43 and with a whole new system that his team is going to be a world beater is amusing to me. He will have nothing left in the tank by game ten.
  5. Obviously this thread is about speculation. There are 5 players in college who had more yardage than Taylor and had flamed out in the NFL but they all had 4 years to prove their numbers compared to the 3 years Taylor played. Not to mention Ballard and staff moved up in the 2nd to snag him. Wisconsin ran a mauling offense much like the Colts so the transition should be seamless.
  6. Good points, it will be interesting to see how many "gadget plays" Hines will get per game. I'm not the biggest fan of handing the ball off to him unless Reich has specifically drawn up plays to fit his Speed and skill set. Very weak at the point of contact to be an effective "between the tackles" running back.
  7. During the 2006 Superbowl season, Addai had 1081 yards for the season and Rhodes had 641 ground yards. That's a little over 1700 yards between the backfield duo on their way to a Superbowl season. So the question is, will Mack n Taylor or "Mack n Cheese, since Taylor played for Wisconsin" have more ground yards vs. our Title winning duo during the 2006 season? Mack alone had 1091 yards last season, so how many will he have this season along with the total for Taylor? 1700 yards is the over under, watcha got?
  8. Walker will be snatched up quick by another franchise, much like David Thornton and Mike Peterson.
  9. Because the folk hero Blankenship would win this poll walking away. I would add it but the editor won't allow add ons. Kicker is a big competition position, you are correct Wool.
  10. Wide receiver seems to be the obvious choice here but there are arguments for the other positions in this poll for a roster spot or playing time.
  11. Willis should have a big jump in production in 2020 now that he can focus on football.
  12. Give Eason any Back up minutes and let him grow.
  13. They contended with other teams last season, they should be a 10/11 win season at least without the Luck fiasco and Vinetieri shanking kicks at the hot dog vendor.
  14. I have been excited since Ballard brought in Reich and 3 straight solid draft classes. This program has never appeared this solid from the very top with Irsay to the very bottom locker room manager. If you can't get jacked about your Colts then go get checked for Covid 19 because you aren't feeling very well.
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