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  1. Imagine how good he will be once he is familiar with the defense.
  2. We have had absolutely no D line pressure whatsoever on the QB for two games straight.
  3. The D line has had no pressure for two games now.
  4. With the weapons Jacoby has at his disposal, I would be excited with Campbell getting 80 yards. If he gets 180 then we have a legitimate 2nd receiver finally.
  5. Lewis is looking like an often injured player unfortunately.
  6. Good post, our pass rush was virtually non existent vs the Falcons. Also, the RB position behind Mack is a little shaky, Wilkins looked pedestrian yesterday.
  7. I will add that we can win by running the ball or throwing it. We could not do that in the past for most Colts teams.
  8. I'm gonna wait until the defense gels 5 games in before I give a trusted defender any negativity. Who really knows if some of his bad plays are because of overcompesating for our other new defenders miscues?
  9. My question is, do they pick and scheme Wilkins touches because his ypc is really good?
  10. The Giants have had 2 SB titles over the last 15 years and the Colts only one. Stop whining metro p uss cakes.....
  11. Wilkins needs about 8 to 10 touches a game IMO.
  12. It's as if we tune in every Sunday and watch the refs dictate the outcome of games instead of the coaches and players. It is starting to make me nauseated watching the corruption that is going on in sports anymore.
  13. Didn't Brisset have a QBR of 120 points vs the Chargers? Not bad for his first game in 2 years.
  14. He missed one from 46, 29 and an extra point. (7 points) the 46er can be forgiven I guess.
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