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  1. We have absolutely no quality backups on the O line.
  2. There will be a lot of battle hardened knowledge on the field today for the current players to pick the minds of. It also allows the retired vets get a glimpse of a quality Colts team since the days that they played. Everyone is getting excited about this season.
  3. Luck may possibly play the first game but watching him consistently play through nagging injuries is really getting old.
  4. From what I'm reading is that Fountain is eating everyone's lunch that's not named TY Hilton or Funchess.
  5. I used to chuckle as Manning would always go to the turf with the brush of a fingernail, but at least he was available on Sundays.
  6. He was indestructible until he had to go against Autrey every day in practice.
  7. Moore is the smallest guy on our defense, this isn't a game changer.
  8. Although having hands the size of pie pans would allow the orangutan to field punts effortlessly, the bow legged running style would not yield enough YAC to make the final 53.
  9. dodsworth

    TC day 13

    Collins appears to be getting burnt and picked on more than other cornerbacks.
  10. See Darious Leonard.....
  11. This kid is going to be fun watching grow as the season progresses.
  12. dodsworth

    TC day 11

    I hope the defense isn't looking good because of sooooo many offensive starters not playing.
  13. There is no reason for Luck to start slow this year with the line and weapons on this team.
  14. Stretch play to Mack. Let's see how the line does with Mudd and the new d line coach right off the bat.
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