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  1. People need to chill out. Be mad if the pick doesn't pan out down the line, not at this point. Have some faith.
  2. Haha "Holden, offence no... 10 yard penalty, repeat first down"
  3. Feels like a bit of a reach but you can't say it's not an area of need. We just couldn't get the the passer on passing downs. Considering how well the team coped without AC (Holden, Veldeer) I trust the powers that be to put in a solid LT either internally or through the draft and FA
  4. I actually think Campbell will be okay, certainly his knee injury was caused by a cheap shot. Can't really call durability into question with that. Let's see. Turay, I mean that was a bad bad ankle injury, I have my doubts with him to be honest. Hope I'm wrong but I'm not expecting him to contribute, which is an issue considering our need in this area.
  5. He came across well Bland as toast questions from the media
  6. Seems Raiders are trying to move Mariota. Wonder if Colts would consider this as a stop gap? Can't say I was ever that impressed by him when he was playing for Tennese.
  7. Does anyone think the colts are deliberately downplaying Eason and actually really like what they saw and are going to go with him? Look I mean I saw Ballard's end of season presser, it implies not but does make me wonder.
  8. As soon as I saw the presser i knew this thread would be dominated by the comments on Luck
  9. In his limited snaps i thought Holden played really well. I reckon Colts might take a punt on him as future LT
  10. I hate this part of the game, asset stripping with no compensation in return
  11. Emotions are raw after any defeat but especially after a defeat like that. Expect he will be back though, can't see him being traded.
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