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  1. I actually thought his tackling was much improved last season. Overall the secondary were terrible for 90% of the season of which he is part accountable along with his team mates, plus I think the coaches. His coverage was definitely off. Is that not coachable though? Maybe he lacks a bit of juice out on the turf and appears to be very passive on some plays. Who knows. I would have picked up the option, maintain that it will come back to haunt us but hope I proven wrong!
  2. Apologies misinterpreted the message, long day!
  3. You make some good points. Lets see how it plays out. I just think there is something special in there which we would do well to try and extract.
  4. Hurt feelings?! I just don't like the decision that's all. It's not gonna ruin my week or anything lol.
  5. I don't like the decision to be honest. Think this one will come back to bite Ballard. Of course I would be happy to be proven wrong but have a feeling he will ball out somewhere else in 20/21 and all we would have done is leave ourselves with no depth in a key position of our D. I would also argue that the whole secondary played pretty awful last season so is that not more a coaching issue? The durability issue is a weak argument as outside of the ACL he has only missed a handful of games. The scheme fit? Well why draft him then? And don't give me this rubbish that Ballard
  6. Great Pro, but time to move on. Father time waits for no man and its caught up with Adam. He was pretty bad last season and it became an embarrassing thing all round for everyone.
  7. You can't blame him for tearing his ACL. You remember the hit right?! I kinda get your point and some other durability issues are valid but 85% of his missed game allocation is due to this
  8. But Hooker missed like 10 games or so with a torn acl?
  9. They finally have an interior pash rush (Buckner) and improving exterior pass rush which plays into Hooker's core strengths. Yet they look to get rid? Makes no sense to me. He wasn't great last season but frankly none of the DB's were. He has the skillset to take away the ball which outside of Moore, no other DB possesses
  10. Overall I think he has flashed just about enough. Consistency does need to improve though and maybe with an improved pass rush we finally see that. Would not be looking to get rid of him tbh
  11. "Yeah, we got a little time (on that). When we get through the draft, we’ll sit down and we’ll talk about the direction we’re going to go there.” What is people's take on this?
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