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  1. Controversial but I would move on from him.
  2. Tbh sounds like the guy wasn't very nice. And like others have commented there were probably more contributing factors to the o lines' success. Notably player talent level, scheme design etc.
  3. ukcolt12


    He is done and should be moved on. No room for sentimentality in this league. And reality is he has missed a fair few now in the postseason and really cost us last night. As bad a we played had he stuck away his chances the game is close. I like the guy, he is accountable and has been an awesome player but time to move on
  4. Better team won. But a few things really hurt us 1. Indiscipline 2. Poor play calling 3. AV 4 Luck playing shellshocked Still we have overchieved, been a great ride. But not gonna lie I feel like crap right now !
  5. Totally agree. Don't normally come in on gameday and can see why. So negative
  6. NFL Network = load of old, jumped up muppets
  7. Ha ha yeah lived up to my name there !
  8. Think we should expect bad news later on today
  9. Kinda obvious but If we play sound defence and eliminate the costly penalties we will take them down
  10. ukcolt12

    Malik Hooker

    Although you come back quicker these days from ACL I think it takes well over a year to be truly comfortable in yourself especially from a mental standpoint. It's clear he is a v good player. By next year he will be back on the trajectory he was on in his 1st year. But credit where credit due. He ended the game. No one else but him
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