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  1. ukcolt12

    The Dreaded Drops!!!

    great post, although not to be contrary reason there was hardly any drops was that we didn't throw anything to Rogers or Johnson ;-)
  2. ukcolt12

    Half Season Eval

    Totally agree. If we win I think it will be the catalyst for the Colts sneaking into the play-offs. If we find a way to lose (possible) then we still have long way to go. Overall I actually think the bye week is a huge momentum killer. Would have preferred to play Jag this Sunday. We are flying, they are self destructing. Although this extra week gives us opportunity to get healthy, it also gives Jags a week to settle everything down and weather the storm around their team at the moment.
  3. ukcolt12

    Interesting career earnings...

    I'm in the wrong job
  4. ukcolt12

    That Texans game we lost looks huge right now

    Biggest kicker was laying an egg against the Jets. For me that is the most frustrating loss this season. More so than all the rest.
  5. ukcolt12

    Tarell Basham claimed by New York Jets

    Let's be honest he was a major major disappointment. Only snag is we have no depth behind Turay now. Overall proves you need to find pass rusher no later than round 2. Projects don't appear to work in the game these days
  6. ukcolt12

    Colts need a WR!!

    That drop by Chester was truly horrific. My stomach is actually hurting thinking about it. He just can't get it done consistently. Grant I think is actually pretty solid. Feel sorry for Luck, so many drops yet it again.
  7. ukcolt12

    Hines play

    what I see also. Can't seem to break a tackle. But he is a gutsy player and is v effective in the passing game
  8. ukcolt12

    Didn't Ballard hire a

    Impact injuries part of the game, muscle pulls in this day and age can be reduced by diet, stretching and data analytics. half the team are out with hamstring pulls.
  9. ukcolt12

    Patriots predictions

    ha Just need to decide whether to stay up now to watch it or watch first thing in the morning. Have all notifications blocked from etc so easy to avoid hearing the score until I watch.
  10. ukcolt12

    Patriots predictions

    thanks guys for the feedback, tbh I wasn't sure, being lazy and should have read up on this but I assumed if sky had the game in UK, then it would not be on the game pass. Felt like that's what happened before whenever Colts have been on the Sky sunday game, which has not been for two seasons. Delighted to be proved wrong though in this case!
  11. ukcolt12

    Patriots predictions

    Believe this is a black out game on my NFL game pass here in UK and that may not be a bad thing! However Friday morning UK time with blackout restriction removed, I will still march downstairs with hope in my heart, pour myself a large coffee, fire up my game pass, then methodically watch Colts get destroyed 41-24. On a positive note if we were closer to full strength I think we would run them very close. Just too many injuries going into this game. FACT
  12. ukcolt12

    Final Play Call

    not enough to get into field goal range though. PS I was not against the call, more an observation that Houston would find a way to chalk up 20 or however many yards on the next play. That for me is more frustrating
  13. ukcolt12

    30 Yards rushing?

    Yeah agree starting to think the same
  14. ukcolt12

    Final Play Call

    Worst thing about the call was knowing immediately that Houston would charge down the field no trouble. And they did.
  15. ukcolt12

    30 Yards rushing?

    Absolutely awful yet again rushing. Groundhog day. I'm personally glad Turbin is back tomorrow. Very underrated