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  1. Can those of you who think Jacoby is the guy explain why? I can't for the life of me see it, and not seen it all year. Love the guy, don't like the QB play.
  2. Games lost by AV. I love him, but ridiculous. Just ridiculous. Wow.
  3. Please for the love of God cut the MNF tv crew.
  4. Say he he does, can someone list our options and in order?
  5. Needs to make quicker decisions scanning his reads faster. He's OK, not franchise QB,however it's only two games.... 8 games from now could be singing a different tune.
  6. Definitely something needs done, at least a back up plan at a minimum.
  7. I guess I just needed to comment to get a TD. Though still not looking great.
  8. Just WOW. Where's all the new improvements at. I feel like we lost a step on both sides of the ball. Not the team the powers that be promised.
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