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  1. This thread is weird. Let me lay down some facts 1. It was an amazing play 2. In the context of the game it was a huge moment Thank you Goodnight
  2. Great effort by the team, not so much from Vinny, and he is the story of the game
  3. A bad decision by the Colts management team. He was wobbly all last season and was dreadful in KC. Brain dead decision
  4. We will have to if we want to get a W out there
  5. River's throwing in the soft zone all day. Can't see us winning this one tbh, but it's week 1 so all bets are off.
  6. That Chad Kelly looks rather good. Brock please god no!
  7. I must admit i think there is a chance. Will miss football too much despite all his other interests etc. I did wonder whether he just mentally couldn't take the needed move to IR, and certainly the King podcast and feedback from Holder showcases a guy 100% ready for the new season. Then a few weeks later retires? Bigger question i guess would be whether Ballard would take him back...
  8. Not a fan of the move tbh but as always happy to be proved wrong.
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