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  1. Or the 2019 Chargers. Or any season of the Chargers really.
  2. I don't understand how this quote by Reich isn't a concern. Something that can hurt the morale of the team by playing favorites.
  3. He’s not gonna have much trade value, he’s had trouble with the law dating back to his high school years that haven’t gone away. Its only a matter of time of time before he gets in trouble again.
  4. Which high schools do you know of that kick from 15 yard line for extra points?
  5. She doesn't want to file criminal charges but wants to go for the $$ instead? Yeah that's a red flag right there. AB is a piece of **** but this whole thing doesn't seem right.
  6. I think this is a rare instance in which both teams won the trade. That being said, I do think Dorsett gets overrated sometimes because he plays on the Patriots. If NE though so highly of him then they wouldn't have went after Antonio Brown.
  7. Yea Chargers are throtting out 40 year old washed up players like Brandon Mebane and Thomas Davis as starters on both the DL and LB.
  8. Chargers defense is missing Derwin James and lost CB #2 Michael Davis so an absolute scrub like Brandon Facyson had to defend a stud like Ty Hilton and both those shoulder fades to Cain and Funchess I believe was to the receiver that Facyson was guarding. Reich realized that once Davis went down, the Colts would have to pick on Facyson and did an excellent job of that.
  9. Anonymous


    Thanks. I disagree that it will be a long season for you guys, the Colts are better than I thought they would be. Way better. If the Chargers didn't get lucky with the missed FGs and some timely penalties falling in our favor, Colts would have snuck in a road win. I still take the Colts to win the division.
  10. Anonymous


    Lmao okay so you're definitely insulted. My post was definitely not supposed to be an insult and I'm not how you or the other guy felt that way but whatever. And no, the Chargers aren't gonna end the season 1-15 unless Rivers suffers a season ending injury during practice this week. In which case, yea we aren't winning another one. Just like the Colts aren't gonna lose the rest of the season just because they lost today. I'd wager they end with more wins than losses for the season even with the missing guys they have.
  11. Anonymous


    What? Lol are you insulted by me saying that? I wasn't trying to brag over a week 1 win lmao, I simply offered to buy it because the Chargers usually get their * handed to them in week 1s so I'd wear the shirt since it's a rare instance of us actually being 1-0.
  12. I'm so jealous you guys have Malik, I was a huge fan.
  13. Due to Ekeler's performance, Chargers media is reporting is reporting that Chargers are more motivated now to trade Gordon and help him find a new team. Colts should have interest imo because a 1/2 punch with him and Mack would be pretty damn deadly. Chargers should come down from their asking price of a 1st and 5th to perhaps two 2nd rd picks.
  14. When has Rivers ever in his career been a "turnover machine"?
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