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  1. I haven’t wanted anything as much in recent time as I want for the Colts to pull out this win.
  2. Let’s just worry about scoring man haha, I’m good with worrying about everything else after that.
  3. Man I pray to god we don’t hire this awful defensive coordinator y’all got. Cant stop the run nor can they stop the pass.
  4. In the red zone, you guys should give Rivers more opportunities to throw the ball on a regular pass not some dumb toss play. He had one regular pass and it was almost a TD.
  5. Is this a joke? The ball hit the receivers hands, he has to come down with it.
  6. Castanzo is still out though right? Rivers excels when he has a good LT protecting his blindside.
  7. This was the last time Rivers played in a playoff game...I hope we can see something similar again (with a similar result for game). Love seeing those wheels on Rivers go zoom zoom, that too against the #1 ranked defense in football!
  8. Well he looks like prime Peyton compared to Brissett who you guys had last season.
  9. Rivers easily. Dan Fouts himself conceded that Rivers is better than him during CBS broadcasts years ago when he used to do the Chargers games.
  10. Care to name 30 QBs better than Rivers all time?
  11. Line also set the NFL record for most holding penalties in any one drive. This was arguably the worst performance of an O line this season albeit low sack #s and 140 yards of rushing. Not sure what's the point in arguing this unless you missed the game and the gazillion holding penalties. I already made it clear I wasn't talking about the whole season and only this game.
  12. I meant for this game guys. Rivers seemed to have to evade heavy pressure even on the plays where there weren't penalties. One of his TD passes was in which he looked like Russel Wilson by evading a blocker who got nearly bulldozed into him then Rivers evaded him and slung it into the end-zone. Rivers sack #s doesn't mean anything btw. He has arguably the quickest release in football and even with a bad O line would throw it out quick otherwise his sack #s with the Chargers would be double or triple what it was. Anyway, I think we can all agree it wasn't the best game f
  13. Yeah let's enjoy the win tonight but I really hope the O line is back in synch before the Titans game.
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