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  1. Lol...Like the others, you are coming up with excuses. The problem with your rebuttal is that you never answered my question. Who is better out there that we can sign that is better than the players we are willing to let go, and that will come in and make us better than last year? Obviously you are one of the fans that keep repeating "Trust the binder", be patient. But yet have no idea wth your talking about. Get off the Ballard cult. He is not perfect. But like I said. As long as Ballard keeps believing in this Money Ball theory, we will never win a SB.
  2. You are reaching. And No, it is not a stupid post. Your same argument can go towards Tampa Bay, Bills, Kansas, Green Bay. What happened? Funny how you put down post, but refuse to answer my questions. What upgrades have we done other than a questionable QB? Who is better still left out there than the starters we are willing to let walk?
  3. And this is why we will never win a Super Bowl under Ballard. For some reason he has the same thought process that Brad Pitt had in the movie "Money Ball". 2nd and 3rd tier players can win. Sorry, but NO!!! I get tired of people who keep bringing up the Luck years and what could have been. None of this matters because it was the past. As far as people talking about patience or trust the binder, these are the same people, every year that say the same thing, same time. This is nothing but an excuse for the way Ballard acts, and an excuse of why we don't win the SB. Do we have players to sign next year? Yes, but are they winning us a SB? Our GM is willing to let possibly 6-7 starters walk for what reason? We already know it is not to replace them with better players. So, then why not just resign them, instead what seems like trying to teach them a lesson that nobody wants them except the Colts. Here is a question. If the Colts acted like the Pat's have done so far, who any of you have a problem with it? And remember the cap goes up another $40+ million next year.
  4. Does anyone know where I can find some 4k pictures from inside Lucas Oil Stadium taken from the suites? During a game or empty. There is a company close to me that will blow up pictures to wall size, but they need 4k pics. I want to make one of the walls in my man cave so it looks like I'm in a suite overlooking the field. Preferably from the 45-50-45 yard line. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Thanks for your input!!! I'll take your word on Ryan. I'm going to go ahead and start Fant over Waller tonight. Thanks again...
  6. I'm in 2 leagues, and I have Darren Waller as my TE in both. As my backup I have Fant and Gesicki, and thinking about starting them instead. Thoughts? Also, Goff over Ryan?
  7. Looking at the map, would that be on S. Meridian and W. McCarty St? How early should we get there? Coming from Plainfield.
  8. My daughter and I flew in to see the game tomorrow, and was wondering if anybody could recommend good parking, but to expensive. How early should we leave, and what game day experience do you recommend? Thanks for your help....
  9. Depends how long you'll be in Indy, the is a Pacers home game Friday, and you could take her to Hinkle Fieldhouse (Hoosiers was filmed) to see the Butler Bulldogs play on Saturday. There is always the zoo, or the Children's Museum just North of the city. Definitely St. Elmo's Steakhouse house (Reservations), before the Pacers game. Also a tour of Lucas Oil, or take a drive by the Speedway, and the Indy 500 Museum. Walk the canal downtown, starting at the NCAA Headquarters. We are flying in for the Panther vs. Colts game, and have the whole weekend for downtown sports.
  10. About a year long than you or the other ones complaining about a sarcastic post.
  11. Man, you have problems!! You need to step away from this, if you thought I was serious. Like I said to that last guy who commented on this. "How old are you? Do you not know what sarcasm is?"
  12. Yes!!! But leave it up to Colts fans, especially on here, and we will never sign a great player, because we don't want to spend the money, and he is not worth it. Oh, and every great player looking for a better contract, instantly doesn't fit our locker room, and has major personalities problems.
  13. How old are you? Do you not know sarcasm?
  14. Because the Colts always listens to their fans, and refuse to signs who we think won't be a good locker person.
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