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  1. What I did see, a least a couple times, was him 2nd guessing a tackle, and allowing someone else to make the tackle. I'm just hoping they throw his way more than often in these next 3 games. Only way to learn, is to treat you like a red headed step child. Practice is one thing, but getting your butt kicked in preseason is another.
  2. I know this doesn't sound good, but I'm glad they abused #34 the other night. He has a lot to learn as a rookie, and I'm hoping this game and the next 3 will really open his eyes, and tell him how much he needs to learn, and that he builds on his faults. Welcome to the NFL rookie!!!
  3. If any of the players get anything out of this speech, I hope they get it when he explains going up against Tarik Glenn and what he had to do to beat one of the best.
  4. Found this interesting: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cleveland.com/browns/2019/05/gerald-mccoy-will-mull-browns-ravens-and-panthers-over-the-weekend-according-to-a-report.html%3foutputType=amp "McCoy opted to visit the Panthers when the numbers from the Ravens and Browns didn’t come in at the $10 million a year Ndamukong Suh got to replace him in Tampa, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reported. The Bengals have also been interested, a league source told cleveland.com, but McCoy wants to play for a contender. It’s why he’s already turned down $11 million a year from a non-contender, the source said."
  5. What? If we don't have a foundation now, then how do you expect these same guys to win a SB in the future. Bill Polian tried this and it took him 9 years to get to a SB, even though we were the best foundation team in the regular season. Since then, 2 GMs are still trying this, and 10 years later we are still not a SB team. And since we don't like to give money to elite players in the off season that could come in and make an immediate impact, then what are we going to do with Leonard and Nelson when their contract are do? Are we going to start with a new foundation, because Ballard refuses to pay elite players?
  6. No, but I would think they would do what ever they need to to do to jump up and get either Simmons or Lawrence who is projected to be the next Vince Wilfork.
  7. I'm talking about what the writers on Colts.com are talking about, if we trade early 2nd round picks, for later rounds, and future draft picks that we could use to bargain with for off season trades. What I'm saying is, is that (example) if the Colts trade for Bell, and gave the team our 2 2nd round picks next year, we won't pay that big money to them. After this season, we will start to see big players refusing to talk to the Colts, because they know now, that the Colts will never come close to what they are asking.
  8. Don't get butt hurt from our comments. I'm just not liking how the off season went, or how this draft is potentially going, or what we are hearing so far. I don't like hearing Ballard say "There are still GOOD players out there for us.." I rather hear him say "There are still some great players out there, that can come in here, and make an immediate impact for this team!!" Not hear him joking about trading back again for future draft picks, that he might can use in off season trades, when we all know that the Colts won't pay crap to any elite players, even when they have the money. We could have easily done what Washington did with us, to move up a couple spots to get a great defensive players that would have came in here, and would have an immediate impact. I can see Arizona taking D.K. Metcalf with their 1st pick to go with the shiny new QB and Fitzgerald. Heck, Larry even made a commercial about him. Talk about karma.
  9. You didn't know that Ballard is actually Brad Pitt in the movie Moneyball!!!
  10. Let's keep on trading back until all we have to draft are backup players.
  11. So they exposed the weakness in our defense and exploited it. Got it
  12. If they aren't exposed, then how did we get beat? Apparently the Chiefs and Patriots did something to beat us. Can you explain it?
  13. People need to stop with this locker room chemistry crap, because it doesn't prove anything. If it did, then why aren't we in the SB every year? Ballard needs to bring in the good players, and stop wishing these 2nd and 3rd tier players that he signs are going to get us to the SB.
  14. We lost to the Chiefs. They made it to the SB. Your missing the point. Nobody will care about their contract if the team makes it to the SB. I'm not saying for us to go out and sign every free agent out there, but the guys that are there are young, and at the top of their positions that we need to upgrade.
  15. That doesn't make any sense. Dollar Bill's don't have feelings.
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