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  1. Depends how long you'll be in Indy, the is a Pacers home game Friday, and you could take her to Hinkle Fieldhouse (Hoosiers was filmed) to see the Butler Bulldogs play on Saturday. There is always the zoo, or the Children's Museum just North of the city. Definitely St. Elmo's Steakhouse house (Reservations), before the Pacers game. Also a tour of Lucas Oil, or take a drive by the Speedway, and the Indy 500 Museum. Walk the canal downtown, starting at the NCAA Headquarters. We are flying in for the Panther vs. Colts game, and have the whole weekend for downtown sports.
  2. About a year long than you or the other ones complaining about a sarcastic post.
  3. Man, you have problems!! You need to step away from this, if you thought I was serious. Like I said to that last guy who commented on this. "How old are you? Do you not know what sarcasm is?"
  4. Yes!!! But leave it up to Colts fans, especially on here, and we will never sign a great player, because we don't want to spend the money, and he is not worth it. Oh, and every great player looking for a better contract, instantly doesn't fit our locker room, and has major personalities problems.
  5. How old are you? Do you not know sarcasm?
  6. Because the Colts always listens to their fans, and refuse to signs who we think won't be a good locker person.
  7. This might be the last time he's in the coaching world now that he's 77 years old. Mudd has been in the NFL for 39 years, including 12 seasons on the offensive line with the Colts. Sudden retirement has been a problem in Indy recently. https://twitter.com/HolderStephen/status/1170031364718104577
  8. All I know is that in 2015, Luck sustained 3 different injuries from 2 different games. 1 at the beginning of the season, and 2 towards the end of the season. Throwing shoulder, lacerated kidney, and torn abdominal muscle. So in 2019, we learn that 3 years ago, at the beginning of 2016, he went snowboarding, got in an accident, and again injured his right should. Went through all of 2016 with 2 separate injuries to his right shoulder, thus leading to surgery, and missing the 2017 season. So now, sometime before April, he tweaked his calf mysteriously, which lead to the ankle, then to high ankle, then back to the calf, and never knowing the cause of this mysterious injury. I'm wondering if a couple years from now, we will find out that Luck went out after the 2018 season, and did some kind of crazy activity again, and got into another accident, and injured his lower leg, where he would eventually miss the 2019 season, and feel this pain for a long, long time.
  9. I'm sure there isn't a Colts fan out there, that didn't believe in the hype that we are a legitimate SB contender this year with Luck. And when it came out that Luck tweaked his calf, and were told it's not a problem, but that he won't be participating in OTA''s, but will be ready for training camp, we believed the hype. And when we saw him participate in some drills during the beginning of camp, but the organization said they will use caution on him, because his calf was still giving him some soreness, and that they are looking for him to start week 1, we believe the hype. And when we saw him warming up, and doing foot and throwing drill before the 2nd preseason, and after Luck and the organization went on tv, and said Luck was excited for this upcoming season, and that he is doing everything he can, to be ready for week 1, and we believed the hype. And as the 3rd preseason game started, and Colts fans that are either at the game, or watching it on tv, that are watching Luck on the sideline laughing and joking with other players and coaches, and the fan knows in 2 weeks the season starts, and that this year will be something magical to watch and experience, are then suddenly blindsided by a tweet during the game. And then suddenly, somewhere in the average Colts fans human body, they were screaming, What? Why? This can't be!!! This is a rumor!!! wth!!! No!!! Not true!!! The internet started going crazy, tweets and alerts were ringing on all fans phones, and by 1 quarter later, and the end of the game, the rumor of your mega star players retirement, was true. Suddenly, the human bodies emotions take over, and anger is the first thing that is released. So yes, I understand why die hard (possibly been drinking the whole gsme) fans emotions took over their voice, and the few boos started to come out. Would have I booed? No!!! Would have I been dumbfounded and angry? You better believe it. So for the sports world to come out and say that Colts fans and the city of Indianapolis should be ashamed of themselves for a few fans that booed Luck, weren't there, or aren't Colts fans, and don't understand the love and passion we have for this organization. You can't tell me that the fans in Denver, once they signed Peyton Manning, and the team they already had, that they didn't think they weren't going to win multiple SB's for the time he was there. But if Peyton, 2 weeks before the season started, came out and suddenly say that he was retiring, because he was mentally exhausted, and the pain in his neck has never gone away, that the fans in that stadium wouldn't have emotionally done they same thing that a few Colts fans did? You don't think that Packer fans would have done the same thing, if Farve or Rogers, 6 years into their career, came out with this surprising statement? Any star player, on any team, no matter what sport, around the world, with this kind or similar situation, would have been given the same treatment. The human emotion is always the first to take over.
  10. I just don't know about Brissett. To me, I seem to see a guy that, as soon as the ball is hiked, he forgets the play. At times he just seems lost out there, and has a problem with just starring down one receiver. Even though he was in a new system, and as the season went on, he seem to play every game the same way. Looking lost!!! Watching the first 2 preseason games, he still looked the same way. Unless I'm missing something, he only had one good drive in the 2 games. With Kelly, he just seems more aware of his surroundings. He seemed to have a better command of the offense, and made great throws the times he was out there, and he just seemed to make better decisions playing, then Brissett did. Is either one of them a long term solution? In my opinion, No...
  11. It's not Irsay fault for Luck to all of the sudden take off running down the field, and try to run over the defense, and end up getting hurt. Manning and Brady learned this quick in their career, and also they knew they couldn't run worth crap. That is why when the pocket started to collapse, and there was no other option, Manning basically gave himself up, and fell to the ground. I actually believe the 2 key hits between Manning and Luck came when they decided to take off running. Colts vs. Redskins was one. On a rare opportunity, Manning decided to take off running, and got hit by multiple defenders, was bent over like a pretzel, and caused his neck injury, thus ending his time with the Colts. 2nd was with Luck vs Manning. Late in the game, Luck took off running, and got hit by 2 defenders, 1 in the front, and 1 in the back, causing his torn shouulder. So, basically you can't blame the owner for these hits.
  12. I'm just as mad as everyone else with what happened tonight, but this blame is all on him, and not what happened in the past. Now, I can understand if he was in a little bit of pain last year during the season, but he surely didn't show it. The blame is in what he went out and did to go out and get hurt, sometime from the last game, to the OTA'S. What crazy thing did he go out and do to himself during the off season? Did he go out and play basketball, beach volleyball, surfing, rock climbing, water skiing, regular snow skiing, snow boarding? I don't believe him or the Colts have come out and said how he got hurt. The point is, is that he caused his own pain somehow since the last game. Now, I'm only hoping we can regroup as a team, and have a winning season. There have been SB winners with crapy QB's in the past.
  13. The way I heard it, was that Reggie was cheating on his wife with the blonde chick from the Watson's commercials, and his wife found out about it, and burnt the house down. And that the fire department found the safe open with all his wife jewelry gone.
  14. What I did see, a least a couple times, was him 2nd guessing a tackle, and allowing someone else to make the tackle. I'm just hoping they throw his way more than often in these next 3 games. Only way to learn, is to treat you like a red headed step child. Practice is one thing, but getting your butt kicked in preseason is another.
  15. I know this doesn't sound good, but I'm glad they abused #34 the other night. He has a lot to learn as a rookie, and I'm hoping this game and the next 3 will really open his eyes, and tell him how much he needs to learn, and that he builds on his faults. Welcome to the NFL rookie!!!
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