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  1. So they exposed the weakness in our defense and exploited it. Got it
  2. If they aren't exposed, then how did we get beat? Apparently the Chiefs and Patriots did something to beat us. Can you explain it?
  3. People need to stop with this locker room chemistry crap, because it doesn't prove anything. If it did, then why aren't we in the SB every year? Ballard needs to bring in the good players, and stop wishing these 2nd and 3rd tier players that he signs are going to get us to the SB.
  4. We lost to the Chiefs. They made it to the SB. Your missing the point. Nobody will care about their contract if the team makes it to the SB. I'm not saying for us to go out and sign every free agent out there, but the guys that are there are young, and at the top of their positions that we need to upgrade.
  5. That doesn't make any sense. Dollar Bill's don't have feelings.
  6. I find it funny that most of you guys never want the Colts to spend the money (even when we have the most cap space), on these big time proven players, that could come in and truly make a difference on this team from the start. Especially when these top tier players are that young and would be with us for 4-5 years. But are you all still going to be saying this when Nelson and Leonard are do their next contract? Especially when they will still be young. If they continue to play like they did this past season, they will both be at the top of their positions, and be demanding these same or more kind of contracts. Will you be saying the same thing?
  7. Didn't see it, but Bell did put out a tweet about the Chiefs the other day. Maybe they are making cap space to sign him. Kinda like what Jacksonville is doing to sign Nick Foles.
  8. Who ever said anything about the Chiefs, and I never said anything about Clowney or Ford, I just mentioned DE Frank Clark from the Seattle Seahawks. He is only 25 yrs old, with 35 sacks in his first 4 years. I would say that is pretty young. And because also, Rotoworld just posted that Seattle is getting trade interest from other teams, when they just tagged him 4 days ago.
  9. I didn't say he had told those two who he wants. He had expressed that he want Collins through a tweet, and there are also rumors of Seattle wanting to sign him. I just found it interesting that they tagged him 4 days ago, and today they are getting trade talks from other teams.
  10. C.J. Mosley, Landon Collins, and trade for Frank Clark now that Seattle are open up for trade talks.
  11. Personally, I think that would be a great idea. Give him a 1 year deal at a time, and he could end up retiring as a Colt. Super Bowl veteran to these guys, leader and great teacher. And would add some great backup.
  12. I read were Seattle tagged DE Frank Clark on March 4, then an article that was written on March 6 (247 Sports) called "Frank Clark lays the ground work to recruit S Landon Collins", where the article was saying that Clark was very clear in what free agency he wanted the Seahawks to bring in, i.e. S Landon Collins. But now on March 8th, Rotoworld just put out that Seattle is getting trade interest in Clark. Could that mean maybe Collins has already told them he isn't interested in Seattle, and that Clark might not be happy now with the tag, and hinted around were he would like a trade? Maybe the talk about the Colts being interested in Collins is true, and would you make a trade for Frank Clark? Here's a wish: Clark, Mosley and Collins
  13. So, I guess the Rams got to the SB because they went out and signed a couple 2nd string players.
  14. Lol. Even with the most money in the league to spend this off season, a lot of you guys don't want the Colts to go out and pick up players in need. Even when they are some of the best at their positions, you still refuse. And you wonder why the Colts have only been to 2 SB's in the last 20 years.
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