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  1. Thanks for your input!!! I'll take your word on Ryan. I'm going to go ahead and start Fant over Waller tonight. Thanks again...
  2. I'm in 2 leagues, and I have Darren Waller as my TE in both. As my backup I have Fant and Gesicki, and thinking about starting them instead. Thoughts? Also, Goff over Ryan?
  3. The way I see it was the Colts first 2 picks was wr and rb. In order, Higgins, Swift, Pittman and Taylor. Since Higgins went 1st, Colts couldn't go with Swift, because Houston would have picked Pittman. Colts went ahead and got Pittman, and then found out the Jaguars were going to get Taylor. Colts traded up to get the guy they wanted.
  4. $20 the Colts really liked him, and found out the Jaguars were going to pick him
  5. Seahawks gave up a 2019 1st, 2020 2nd, and 2019 swap of 3rd pick
  6. I believe he hasn't signed the franchise tag yet, and wants out of Jacksonville. The article said that last year Dee Ford got a 2nd, and Frank Clark got a 1st. So, not sure if the Jags are looking for the same. He is younger than Clowney, and has more sacks in 4 years, then JC 6 years. Just a thought
  7. Would you make the trade for a 2nd or something else? Maybe better deal and contract then what Clowney is asking for.
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