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  1. It may not be shot, I don't think TY is the type of person to create unnecessary drama with other teammates. Also, the hate on Luck is still ongoing i see, leave the man be... It's pathetic
  2. so basically running out the clock just to possibly tie ?
  3. Keep Hines as the primary runner !
  4. Even if he isn't 100%, he could very well be used as a decoy.
  5. Ride AV until the season. There is no better option out there
  6. If we lose this game, i can only imagine the meltdown this board will have lol
  7. We've had slow starts since the pagano days and unfortunately, it still has not been fixed.
  8. These guys don't get started until the second half. Its the same story every game.
  9. Rest Brissett and keep him fresh for the jags. I firmly believe Hoyer can handle the dolphins.
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