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  1. Man... Ballard sure is an *. He should have traded for Aaron Donald, Khalil Mack and Michael Thomas. Geeeesh.
  2. This game is a whole lot closer than it should be... but Colts prevail. Colts 26 Dolphins 17
  3. I LOL'd... that picture just bled confidence, bad assery and everything in between. My favorite Colt ever.
  4. That was my exact thought. It was a 3rd and 2 I believe, cannot remember specifically. But, the man behind me, tapped me and said that "that cheering was a bit loud on an easy 3rd down" I was baffled... but it made me cheer every more loud on every play that I could.
  5. I flew in from Virginia for this game and that was one of the first things I noticed was the amount of empty seats (especially in both endzones). Further... while the crowd was loud at times, I got told that I was "cheering too loud on easy 3rd downs."
  6. My biggest issue with QW is... what team would give up anything more than a very late round pick for him? His tape isnt good, he hasnt improved... so I do not know what another team would see in him to offer up a pick or player.
  7. Goodness... Pierre and Kenny are two HUGE ones. I wouldnt worry too much with Houston and Ebron.
  8. I think we need to take the Colts for what we are... they are going to hover around .500 and lose some game they should win. This is a young team, with alot of injuries right now. Relax folks!
  9. This one is not going to be pretty. Final score makes it look closer than it really is. 41-31.
  10. I would bet outside of Colts fans... most people are picking the Falcons to win this game.
  11. While I am as confused as the next guy... I do think he plays week 1.
  12. It would be my preference to go with Hilton, Funchess, Campbell, Cain, Fountain, Pascal.
  13. I agree that it is frustrating, but I still find it hard to believe he misses the start of the season.
  14. Such a good series. Really enjoyed this.
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