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Colts select Jacob Eason QB Washington

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listen, he's got more raw arm talent than anybody on our roster. 

if we can coach him up, he could be a steeeeal in the 4th round.


this is an interesting 4th round pick

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1 minute ago, GoColts8818 said:

Well I was wrong.  I am not a big fan of this pick with that said I am going to pull like crazy for him since he’s here.

Same here.  After watching jet O’Sullivans breakdown he was one qb I didn’t want but I am sure that I’m wrong

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This is how he’s described on CBS Sports....another big lmao  


Jacob Eason QB, WASH

Height: 6-6, Weight: 231

Play-through-the-whistle mauler in the run game with minimal effectiveness (and experience) in pass protection. Heavy-footed and lacks lateral agility or recovery skill. Very one-dimensional player. (Chris Trapasso)


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1 minute ago, rock8591 said:

Good pick in the 4th round, low risk, extremely high reward.


Would we rather have our history of 4th rounders, e.g. Montori Hughes, Josh Chapman, Zach Banner? ;)

 Who is to say he will be better than those guys? 


That being said, I am kind of indifferent on the pick

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5 minutes ago, HungarianColtsFan said:

We will see how far can he go here. I wonder what it means for other QBs on the roster. Kelly  will more likely be cut, or Jacoby traded?

I think its him vs Kelly for 3rd qb and Jacoby stays.

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he was my favorite qb after the first round, but thats not saying a lot.  didnt think much of the others like fromm or hurts


i would cut jacoby next and keep chad.  JB makes too much, chad hardly anything 

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