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  1. No one single handedly beats teams.
  2. Well chargers also couldn't run the ball last season at all pass only offense's don't normally succeed you have to be able to run it a little bit to set up the pass.
  3. I blame him being terrible last year mostly on his o-line it made him try to play hero ball and that wont work in the NFL alot of his 20 INT's were self inflicted.
  4. Well im saying this cause I have seen this team trade for a high profile player before for a first rounder then a bunch on here said we got a steal and it quickly turned into a complete and utter flop.
  5. As long as he continues to play like that as an All Pro then i'm ok with the deal.
  6. I just hope the QB pick if there is one it isn't Fromm he is another Brissett.
  7. Doesn't mean they don't have plans for him.
  8. I like him too I also like Pittman Jr. from USC even though he isn't as fast as Claypool.
  9. Also zero chance we let Fountain walk if he is healthy and has another good training camp and doesn't get hurt again he will be on the team.
  10. He looked like crap at times during the 5-2 start not the answer ballard still thinks he is he is dumber than he looks.
  11. He is done even when he plays he is a shell of what he used to be.
  12. I don't think he has shown enough to go before 13 yet unless he goes to the Combine and lights it up don't see him in the top 10.
  13. Bengals would be foolish to trade that pick period Burrow is by far the best QB in this draft nobody else is close not even Herbert.
  14. I agree moving him up to the LOS makes zero sense I don't like the zone scheme I think it will hold this team back from its potential.
  15. Geathers is a free agent and I would be stunned if he is resigned. Walker was actually good some games better than Leonard specifically early in the year the bad at times LB play was overshadowed late in the year from the horrendous play of the secondary. I wouldn't mind seeing Desir ousted he was horrible.
  16. I thought he was a lot better in his 7 game rookie season in the 3-4 defense this defensive style just doesn't seem to fit what he does. Also im no longer sold on Eberflus either I think if this defense doesn't show a lot of improvement next season he needs to go.
  17. I hope he does comeback or we are in big trouble at Left Tackle.
  18. No decision I bet that means he is leaning towards retiring.
  19. Heard all this crap before and our GM continues to stay the course and bring in losers that don't help take this team to the next level he's only concerned with getting meaningless Comp picks and acquiring second round picks for pennies on the dollar. If he does spend any real money on a higher priced guy this year I will pinch myself to find out if i'm dreaming.
  20. Could weaken them even more by signing Henry and Tannehill.
  21. Our Future kind of depends on this draft and Free Agency class.
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