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  1. To bad it didn't 'drop' in the toilet.
  2. Nice to see that they are also doing the "whole team run 60 yards to the end zone to do the stupid photo pose" thing. /sarcasm
  3. I didn't see it mentioned, but not only is it 2 games.....it's 2 games back to back. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/02/04/jaguars-will-play-back-to-back-home-games-in-london-in-2020/
  4. So...sign Brady for 2 years. Next year is a wash anyway.....then move up next year and get Lawrence. Have him sit behind Brady in the 2nd year. Brady retires and Lawrence steps in. /sarcasm
  5. Other than him saying Brissett is our future?
  6. And defending JB in this is.......? You have nothing. Carry on.
  7. Awesome comeback. You win..... P.S. JB sucks.
  8. Others might be afraid to tell you to wake the hell up. I'm not.
  9. What is lame is you defending somebody who isn't compent enough to lead a team. You love JB. We get it. Kelly kicked his * in preseason and he has no business'leading' a team. You're gonna hate next year when they draft somebody to actually do the job. Get off yor knees.
  10. Come on SugarBritches..... Stand up for your man!
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