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  1. Crush22

    How fun has this season been!

    Is that a bird in the background?
  2. Crush22

    Redskins predictions

    Feeling good about this one for some reason. I'll go Colts...... 38-13
  3. Crush22

    #ColtsForged is Back

    Anybody remember that "ASYLUM" banner that hung in the end zone for a few years? Wonder what ever happened to that thing.
  4. Crush22

    Music and sounds at stadium

    It's actually the beginning of Hells Bells from AC/DC....but that was pretty funny.
  5. Crush22

    Braden Smith
  6. Crush22

    Obscure Colts Game

    Shane Curry Drafted in the 2nd round by the Colts in 1991....murdered in Cincinnati, May 1992.
  7. Crush22

    Collts @ Seahawks Preseason Game Night Thread

    Not according to this
  8. Crush22

    Collts @ Seahawks Preseason Game Night Thread

    Awesome warmup videos on the Colts Facebook page.
  9. Crush22

    Collts @ Seahawks Preseason Game Night Thread

    By multiple he means 4:00am Friday morning.
  10. Crush22

    Can't make this stuff up...

    The article has your answer.
  11. Crush22

    Sect 431

    Should be around $100 plus fees.
  12. Crush22

    10 Days

  13. Crush22

    Turf being replaced at Lucas Oil Stadium

    Hopefully they'll take that 80's helmet logo with it.