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  1. You guys are popular.... https://www.chiefsplanet.com/BB/showthread.php?t=325611
  2. It's easier to catch the ball when it's not thrown behind you.
  3. They are all from the same guy. I'm calling nonsense. The Colts would never sign a guy with that attitude.
  4. I live in Cincinnati. UC is opening tonight against UCLA at home. That's the big game in town.
  5. Ewok still has 2 years left on a contract he signed. I call that a problem.
  6. Nothing we haven't already heard unfortunately.
  7. Anybody listening to NFL Network on SiriusXM? Just had Ballard on.... Irsay coming up in a few.
  8. What's it gonna do Thursday? I got plans.
  9. I agree with the shoulder striping. I have no idea why they made them shorter. I prefer this...
  10. This guy is a moronic attention *. Disappear "Gronk".
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