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  1. There isn't an "other thread started by danlhart87 gif" available, but if there was, it would be inserted here.
  2. Here's a thought..... Stop fair catching fair catching at the 4 yead line.
  3. Will the '*Rumor* Andrew Luck' thread ever go away?
  4. Great video. And Marvin's spike....
  5. Officially. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/07/01/nfl-cuts-2020-preseason-in-half/?unapproved=7334300&moderation-hash=ad043afe816f45b8f3a6cf70c63a4ad6#comment-7334300
  6. Anonymous witness...check TMZ...check. Seems legit enough.
  7. Leonard. One of the best against the free pass.
  8. Awesome 1st post. You signed up for that?
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