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  1. And a shout out to LOS for being ranked #1 again by Stadium Journey.
  2. Crush22

    Colts Vs.Dolphins Game Day Thread

    Why did Doyle fall down after that one catch? He want even touched.
  3. Wow. Gonna be a long bye week.
  4. Crush22

    Colts "Mount Rushmore" - NFL Network

    Oddly enough, pre-1984, the Colts were my most hated team. Then in an instant, they were my favorite.
  5. Crush22

    Colts Vs. Bills Game Day Thread

    Leonard is the man. That is all.
  6. Crush22

    Is Reich on the Hot Seat?

    So "tucky".... with a whopping 48 posts, starts one of the dumbest threads I've ever seen, then disappears. Interesting.
  7. This says Anderson will probably get the start.
  8. Crush22

    Colts @ New York Jets Game Day Thread

    Cut him at halftime. Over it.
  9. Crush22

    Colts place Matt Slauson on IR
  10. Crush22

    How fun has this season been!

    Is that a bird in the background?
  11. Crush22

    Redskins predictions

    Feeling good about this one for some reason. I'll go Colts...... 38-13
  12. Crush22

    #ColtsForged is Back

    Anybody remember that "ASYLUM" banner that hung in the end zone for a few years? Wonder what ever happened to that thing.
  13. Crush22

    Music and sounds at stadium

    It's actually the beginning of Hells Bells from AC/DC....but that was pretty funny.