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  1. Matthew Gilbert

    Quinnen Williams

    Old rankings. Both Kiper and McShay have Q.Williams in their top five now.
  2. Matthew Gilbert

    College Football 2018-19 Thread

    Allen also had offers from Alabama A&M, Buffalo, Hawaii, and Kansas ( Not exactly football powerhouses). Rutgers also wanted him but I think they only offered a "preferred walk-on" chance. Allen also put on 50 lbs. while at UK, which certainly doesn't happen a lot but every strength and conditioning coach is faced with that task with certain players. Nonetheless, hats off to Allen on a great season and great career at UK. He'll likely be a top 10 pick and I like his chances at having a successful NFL career.
  3. Matthew Gilbert

    College Football 2018-19 Thread

    Looks like IU really hit big with Phinisee. And I agree the B1G is going to be as tough as ever this season. There really are no pushovers anymore. Even the traditional bottom feeders of the conference are very solid now.
  4. Matthew Gilbert

    College Football 2018-19 Thread

    Herbie did seem pretty sure that Urb wouldn't return to coaching but I have my doubts since he is only 54. Maybe two years off and we'll seem him on the sidelines again.
  5. The answer is in the film. He runs two routes and DCs figured his game out. He is nothing more than a red zone target at this point IMO.
  6. I think Lodge might be "special". If you watched the LSU tape (easily his worst game) maybe you could say he has "questionable hands" But I don't think that's the case with Lodge at all. I think he can pluck the ball with the best of them in this class. He has excellent body control, ball skills, and I love his play in traffic. If he develops like I think he can, opposing defenses will be game planning for him week in week out in the league.
  7. Matthew Gilbert

    Deebo Samuel

    I would love for Samuel to slip to the 3rd round but I have a feeling he goes mid 2nd.
  8. Matthew Gilbert

    College Players to Scout Today

    Is anyone else in love with RB D'Andre Swift? He won't be eligible until the 2020 draft but man does he look special. I'm also a big fan of RB Travis Etienne but he also won't be available until 2020.
  9. Not that I don't like Metcalf but I'd much rather have Lodge later in the draft.
  10. Matthew Gilbert

    College Players to Scout Today

    @MikeCurtis I was just about to start this thread lol. One of the best days of the year to see prospects!
  11. Matthew Gilbert

    Roster Building: The Case for a 1st Rd WR is Pretty Strong

    I think we can rest assure that the Colts won't be taking a WR in the first round.
  12. Matthew Gilbert

    Roster Building: The Case for a 1st Rd WR is Pretty Strong

    Go ahead and add DaMarkus Lodge to that list if you haven't already. He's my favorite of the three Ole Miss guys. LSU tape is pretty ugly but overall I see some star potential with Lodge. I think he has work to do but his raw skills are outstanding IMO. I've read that he should test very well, which might kill his chances of being there in the middle rounds like I had hoped.
  13. Dogs meaning really good players, not underdogs. I'd say their talent is right on par with the last two groups of Bama interior lineman. I like Williams better than Davis but expect both of them to be very serviceable pro players.
  14. Remember that Bama brings in absolute dogs every year to their program. It's not really that far fetched that they're producing another set of high draft picks from their interior d-line. And you also just proved my point by bringing up Allen, Robinson, and Reed.
  15. I'm not sure I'm getting your argument here. Hand has the highest PFF ranking for rookie D-linemen and Payne (#13 overall pick) isn't too far off of his mark. Payne was one of the best DT prospects in last years class. Maybe that's why Williams "couldn't beat him out".