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  1. When I get these notifications to my phone I immediately feel depressed.
  2. I'm good for whenever. Worst case I'll draft on my phone.
  3. I am. I was pretty ticked off over the whole "let's split time between St.Pete and Montreal" deal but I'm over it now. I've kind of always thought they would leave town some day because attendance is brutal. Either way I'm glad they are still in the hunt. They made a bunch of moves at the deadline to make that post season push. Hope for the best but expect the worst!
  4. Rays sweep the Redsox! Rays are limping to the finishline but they ain't dead yet baby!
  5. I'm leaning towards the "RB core is a sure thing". Maybe that short yardage back isn't quite nailed down yet but I think it unlikely the Colts will be bringing in a high profile guy at the position this season.
  6. I can't ever remember being this excited about a Colts defense!
  7. Calf injuries are very tricky and they like to linger. It's better to play it safe than push through this type of injury.
  8. Rodney Harrison: Great football player/Suspect analyst.
  9. The schedule isn't doing them any favors this season but the team should* be better. Maybe bowling again in 2020 is realistic.
  10. I think Jimbo knew a lot of those highly rated kids weren't as good as advertised once they got on campus and he just tried to get out of Dodge (and got paid handsomely to do so). Now Willie T has to try and clean up the mess Jimbo left behind. I'm a fan of Willie T but sadly, he'll likely get the boot if they have another 5-7 type season. Standards are high at FSU and they should be. If given time, I think WT would get them back on track. But again, it's likely make or break for WT.
  11. Louisville should be better this year for sure. Petrino lost the team and they gave up last year. I think Satterfield was a good hire and I expect him to get them back to being a good team very soon. Although I am still a little salty that Louisville flipped LB Dorian Jones from the Hoosiers on Signing Day.
  12. The West is stout this year. I think probably anyone but ILL could really win that division.
  13. Let's hear some predictions for everyone's favorite schools! IU goes 6-6 with a win over Purdue earning a Smurf's Bowl bid
  14. I don't recall any reports saying Cain would be the starting X WR. He played one preseason game and Ryan Grant started that game at X.
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