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  1. Best case: Andrew Luck returns, then we trade back with Mia from #13 for #26 and #39 overall and end up with four picks in 26 to 44 range.
  2. As much as I love Jeudy as a prospect, I'm doubting Ballard would take a WR that high as well. At the moment, I'm pounding the table for Kinlaw but him being available at #13 might be a stretch.
  3. You gotta love having that 2nd pick of the second round. There should be some nice offers coming Ballard's way for that spot.
  4. Kind of a wildcard right now. I could see a team taking him earlier than expected, but he could also go undrafted. His game reminds me of Kaepernick's. He'd likely need a few years to develop, but he does have some upside.
  5. I blame the system more than I blame Fromm's talent. Joe Burrow put up worse stats in a similar system to UGA's in 2018.
  6. When has a Mike Leach QB not put up eye popping stats in college? You're out of your mind if you think Gordon is a better prospect than Love. I don't care if you're a middle school QB coach or not. I've worked with QBs for almost twenty years now and anyone in their right mind can see that Love's ceiling is the Sears Tower compared to the quant two story home of Gordon's ceiling.
  7. I've been saying it for years, Hurts has a chance to be a really good NFL RB. Oklahoma's offense can make an average QB look great, but as a passer, Hurts looked average at best. I doubt many teams are really high on him as a QB prospect. I could see a team like the Ravens holding on to him as a QB because they wouldn't have to change their offense much if Lamar Jackson went down. But in the long run, Hurts is a RB if he really want's to stick on a NFL roster IMO.
  8. I was just about to say the same thing. I like Shenault's upside but he's far from a finished product. Jeudy is about as polished as it gets in terms of WR prospects.
  9. https://www.foxsports.com/nfl/story/seattle-seahawks-russell-wilson-philadelphia-eagles-andy-reid-111816
  10. A Von Miller quote came out today saying he thinks Lock is going to be special. Miller gets to see him in practice everyday but I guess we won't know until we see it ourselves.
  11. I wouldn't say he has the strongest arm in the class, but I think it's more than adequate.
  12. Have you ever seen Jake Fromm throw a football? Arm strength is not a concern for me at all. I could agree with the athleticism part but it's not like you have to be Lamar Jackson to play the position. I think his ceiling is more like a Drew Brees in his prime rather than a 40 year old Tom Brady.
  13. You're just looking at Fromm's stats then and not his film. Fromm is doing exactly what is asked of him. UGA's scheme is too pound the ball and beat you with defense.
  14. It's a year early and IU has ran into a lot of teams that are down on their luck, but I'll certainly take it! How crazy does it sound to say IU is 7-2?!
  15. Kinlaw has to be moving up drafts boards. With his size/measureables and production, he might just sneak into the top ten.
  16. When I get these notifications to my phone I immediately feel depressed.
  17. I'm good for whenever. Worst case I'll draft on my phone.
  18. I am. I was pretty ticked off over the whole "let's split time between St.Pete and Montreal" deal but I'm over it now. I've kind of always thought they would leave town some day because attendance is brutal. Either way I'm glad they are still in the hunt. They made a bunch of moves at the deadline to make that post season push. Hope for the best but expect the worst!
  19. Rays sweep the Redsox! Rays are limping to the finishline but they ain't dead yet baby!
  20. I'm leaning towards the "RB core is a sure thing". Maybe that short yardage back isn't quite nailed down yet but I think it unlikely the Colts will be bringing in a high profile guy at the position this season.
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