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  1. Im betting 34th pick and next years first he is really good but not worth two high picks like that.
  2. I thinks shortened but not completely cancelled.
  3. Fountain is better than Cain he was atleast constantly making plays even that first preseason game before his injury he was making plays Cain had one good day all through TC last year and it was week 2 or 3 of preseason against the browns aside from that game he sucked.
  4. Me and CrazyColt1 don't see eye to eye on much but in this case I agree I would pay them both what they are worth not even a question so glad whoever said that isn't an NFL GM.
  5. The fact he is still here should be a crime he was awful when he had to play any meaningful defensive snaps last season.
  6. Maybe then again maybe not injuries have always been a problem for this guy so you never know.
  7. I agree we will miss Haeg but Andrews not so much.
  8. Not every teams will take a chance on a player that got in trouble with the law a lot of the teams don't like players that got into trouble like that flashes red flags. If i'm not mistaken teams passed on him in the draft the year he came out despite the talent because of red flags off the field when he was still in college.
  9. Didn't say that... he is ok for ST but what im saying is if he plays defensive snaps he blows.
  10. I think there should be an open competition for number 2 QB in camp whoever loses gets the axe.
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