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  1. Ya and last year we were among the top10 teams in the league for plays of 20 yards or more so you can tell just how much Luck retiring damaged this offense.
  2. Even on passes thrown directly to him he had stone hands no thanks on a new contract for him. Hopefully he can stay healthy during that time.
  3. Make Kelly number 2 cut Hoyer and go from there.
  4. In Mack's case I just hope that hand is healed and he isn't returning too soon and reinjures it and ends up missing the final 3 games.
  5. Peoples Jones was getting perfect passes against Ohio State he couldn't catch a cold in that game.
  6. Don't know unless you let him play do you atleast we would know.
  7. Couldn't be much worst than Rogers I guess.
  8. I picked Hurts but just for kicks I went on youtube and looked up Loves entire 2018 season I have judged this kid a lot cause his numbers look really bad but I will eat crow from what I saw on this video I see what everybody on here sees a potential franchise QB has all the arm talent we need seemed accurate if he has time deadly accurate mental clock something Jacoby doesn't even come close to having knows when he needs to get the ball out of there lots of touch on his deep ball another thing Jacoby doesn't even come close to having so ya im sold don't know about first round but we will see how he looks at combine.
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