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  1. If he does it likely wouldn't be for the colts...
  2. When we played man coverage even good QB's weren't lighting us up for 400 yards then late in the season all they wanted to play was that two deep zone garbage the prevent me from winning defense cause in todays NFL you wont beat anybody playing that coverage if we play more man i think the sky is the limit for this team but anymore zone crap no chance...
  3. Well whatever they did it failed miserably that unit must be better this season for this team to do anything no with the addition of Buckner I believe they will be but time will tell.
  4. I hate when the team says mild cause it almost never ends up bein mild.
  5. The whole defense got manhandled last year seems like that happend when the team decided to go smaller on the D-line...
  6. I think Kelly has alot more upside than Brissett I mean its really not even close i also wouldn't be shocked if Eason is even better than him.
  7. Brissett wouldn't sniff a super bowl not even as good as this team could be.
  8. Luck would still be our QB and probably wouldn't have had the major injury history he now has and the team would have likely won a super bowl or two...
  9. They have to clear waivers first to make it to the practice squad.
  10. Only if he has a resurgent season he was terrible last year so if he plays alot better i'm all for it if he doesn't I could see Blackmon taking his spot...
  11. Ya that can happen when the defender responsible for the injury is getting away with hands to the face...
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