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  1. Well that's that good luck elsewhere Nix...
  2. He will be working at burger king by week 3 lol...
  3. Hooker better or Indy will be moving on from him he needs to play alot better this year to stay long term...
  4. He is a good player yes but doesn't out weigh the fact he seems to be a bit of a cancer...
  5. Sounds like Eason is beating Kelly hands down don't recall hearing much about Kelly so far.
  6. They still seem high on him though so I doubt that.
  7. Looks like it will go all the way to the cut down date to decide this competition.
  8. Keep in mind his QB last year was Brissett who holds on to the ball for 56,000 years with luck it wouldn't matter if he got beat cause the ball would have been long gone.
  9. No one single handedly beats teams.
  10. Well chargers also couldn't run the ball last season at all pass only offense's don't normally succeed you have to be able to run it a little bit to set up the pass.
  11. I blame him being terrible last year mostly on his o-line it made him try to play hero ball and that wont work in the NFL alot of his 20 INT's were self inflicted.
  12. We lose to Jags or Bengals then we dont deserve a playoff spot because both of those teams are trash...
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