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  1. jameszeigler834

    How to buy a draft pick

    Keenum ya Bortles no chance he sucks.
  2. Actually I think starting last year you can.
  3. jameszeigler834

    ESPN Off-season Dominoes

    He wont spend that kind of money on someone that injury prone.
  4. I would offer a2nd or 3rd but nothing higher they need to remember he is 30 years old will be 31 by the time the 2019 season kicks off he is no longer worth a 1st rounder.
  5. jameszeigler834

    Behind closed doors demand from Irsay ?

    That priority is already taken care of.
  6. jameszeigler834

    John Simon [Merge]

    I agree I also could care less about those Patriots.
  7. jameszeigler834

    I think I speak for all colts fans right now

    It was rigged from the second the saints got hosed.
  8. jameszeigler834

    Why Brady is NOT the GOAT

    He will always be a cheater in my mind I couldn't believe just how fixed that game looked last night.
  9. jameszeigler834

    Dee Ford

    Wasn't Ford a OLB?.
  10. jameszeigler834

    Mock Off-season 1.0

    ID try to trade him before cutting him.
  11. It depends on which receiver they pick I don't really think Harmon or Harry will be that good Harry cant separate and Harmon body catches everything.
  12. jameszeigler834

    Any updates on OL coach?

    Intrested to see how this guy from Denver works cause that line sucked.
  13. jameszeigler834

    Colts hire OL and TE Coaches

    Is this an upgrade or a degrade?.
  14. jameszeigler834

    Any updates on OL coach?

    I haven't heard anything on that since they fired they other guy which I still believe is a head scratcher.
  15. jameszeigler834

    SB Patriots Rams Predictions

    Is that sarcasm?