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  1. Problem with a shootout is you have to actually take the lead at some point to win.
  2. Ya Sin is basically pulling the KC Playoffs Greg Toler special.
  3. I love how defense can't do that, but Henry is allowed to snap someones neck while running.
  4. This defense can't do anything and the offense is dying.
  5. How are you not prepared in every single game this year? Even against the Jets?
  6. This defense is terrible. Can they learn to actually be prepared for a game?
  7. Holding doesn't exist unless its the Colts about to beat the Packers.
  8. Time to get crushed on defense for at least the first half.
  9. Missed guessing the length of the field goal by 2 yards smh (it was a 39 yarder). Crazy to be so close to such a specific prediction.
  10. Lookin like a Pittman breakout game. Thankful to see.
  11. Refs being complete trash to help the other team. Color me surprised.
  12. This offense is so terrible incompetent at getting points. Its almost unbelievable.
  13. Imagine being on their side of the field 5 times and having 13 points.
  14. How did he manage to not touch the ground. Impressive.
  15. Guess they decided to allow the steamrolling to get going early.
  16. Have no defense anymore. Offense stopped playing hours ago.
  17. Offense and refs doing everything they can to choke.
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