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  1. There is 0 point to trading for a TE when we hardly even use them. We have MAC go off once or twice a year for 2 TDs and then forget about TEs for the rest of the season.
  2. They constantly do this stupid dance and it never works
  3. If you are wearing a mask at practice and when asked about being vaccinated you answer "It's a personal decision", then you are not vaccinated. Nobody who is vaccinated would ever answer that question in that manner.
  4. Knew 100% that Wentz would get popped with this at some point. Literally inevitable.
  5. Funchess didn't fail because of his performance. He had 3 catches and then had a season ending injury.
  6. Management may see it differently, but I'm not really interested in trading any draft capitol or players we would otherwise intend on keeping in order to pick up a mediocre backup QB. I'd just roll with Eason.
  7. This is a real thinker. They had a very good OL and they've absolutely demolished it now. If our line wasn't already so good I'd probably be interested in signing him.
  8. From what I read, the second year is voidable in that it is essentially a one-year deal which gives some flexibility in spreading his cap hit over this year and next. It is an automatically voiding second year (he is only under contract to actually play for this year, would need a contract extension to play here beyond 2021).
  9. Wow didn’t expect a Christmas game.
  10. Was hoping for Darrisaw but will root for Paye to do well. Not too excited about drafting another "developmental" pass rusher...
  11. 29 Passing TDs, 12 Ints, 4239 Passing Yards
  12. Now people are complaining about our trade that netted us 2 repeat all-pros and other starters... Really makes you think.
  13. Has a lot of starting experience. Apparently he was pretty bad this past year though (52.9 PFF grade). Hmm...
  14. Idk how you could bust harder than playing a total of 3 snaps for no physical or performance related reason. Any player that you think didn't perform well for their draft position can't hold a candle to a guy who never attempted to perform at all.
  15. Yayy I was hoping we could get Mack back. Was really looking forward to watching him last season...
  16. Just a reminder... only the top 51 contracts count against the salary cap. Teams aren't going to be cutting a bunch of people just so they can afford to fill out their 90 (or whatever the number is) man roster. Edit: But yeah if you are over the cap with only 40 something players, that's obviously gonna be a problem.
  17. Yeah dude was literally getting rag dolled in the last few Steelers games I watched last year (i.e. during their complete collapse). Do not want, especially if a rookie would be much cheaper.
  18. Idk why people like Fisher, dudes been a revolving door. My Chiefs fan friends have wanted him out for years. Dude also literally tossed his Achilles in the AFCCG.
  19. Rather draft one. Maybe he was injured, but Villanueva was getting manhandled in the Steelers games I saw at the end of the year.
  20. I can't imagine the Colts signing Hoyer after he was benched for an injured Brissett in the middle of a game and then subsequently released. I'd take Brissett if he'd want to come back. Fitzpatrick would be another good option.
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