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  1. Pittman and Patmon. This should be interesting.
  2. People comparing Int totals from young QBs vs. a guy fighting off the Grim Reaper. Whatever your thoughts are on Rivers, that isn’t a good faith argument.
  3. We’ve tried to reclaim a WR nearly every year since Luck was drafted. And nearly every single one has failed completely (Avery is the only one I can remember who’s career didn’t come here to die). I’d expect this to turn out the same.
  4. Not a fan. Watched many Chargers games due to fantasy interest, and there were many times the dude was limp noodling the ball to defenders. At least Jacoby is only good for like 2 of those in a season.
  5. The Ravens are absolutely terrible. Awful coaching. Good thing they rested their starters and secured that bye week so they had all that extra time to prepare for dropping this steaming pile.
  6. Ravens are choking this game so hard, and so constantly. They’ve literally caused 2 10 point swings on their pathetic 4th and 1 attempts.
  7. Would be a good choice. Some of the quotes I’ve read from Dodd’s makes me think there is a solid chance he wouldn’t take the job though. Things about only getting one chance and it having to be the right situation. I honestly can’t see the Browns being the “right situation” with how terribly the ownership has been handling that team and the constant turnover of both GMs and coaches there.
  8. Imagine cheering for a divisional foe. There is no reason to even care about the Patriots. It’s been 10 years. It’s not a rivalry. The Colts have not even competed in a game against them since Manning was here.
  9. I expected him to be mediocre. By the end of the season, it was much worse. A great QB can make throws into tight windows. A mediocre (game-manager) QB should at least make throws to WRs that are open. Jacoby was completely missing the fact the WRs were open, and repeatedly would miss them even if he did recognize it. You could pick almost any starting QB in the league and they probably would have done better than he did in the final games.
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