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  1. There is 0 point to trading for a TE when we hardly even use them. We have MAC go off once or twice a year for 2 TDs and then forget about TEs for the rest of the season.
  2. They constantly do this stupid dance and it never works
  3. If you are wearing a mask at practice and when asked about being vaccinated you answer "It's a personal decision", then you are not vaccinated. Nobody who is vaccinated would ever answer that question in that manner.
  4. Knew 100% that Wentz would get popped with this at some point. Literally inevitable.
  5. Funchess didn't fail because of his performance. He had 3 catches and then had a season ending injury.
  6. Management may see it differently, but I'm not really interested in trading any draft capitol or players we would otherwise intend on keeping in order to pick up a mediocre backup QB. I'd just roll with Eason.
  7. This is a real thinker. They had a very good OL and they've absolutely demolished it now. If our line wasn't already so good I'd probably be interested in signing him.
  8. From what I read, the second year is voidable in that it is essentially a one-year deal which gives some flexibility in spreading his cap hit over this year and next. It is an automatically voiding second year (he is only under contract to actually play for this year, would need a contract extension to play here beyond 2021).
  9. Wow didn’t expect a Christmas game.
  10. Was hoping for Darrisaw but will root for Paye to do well. Not too excited about drafting another "developmental" pass rusher...
  11. 29 Passing TDs, 12 Ints, 4239 Passing Yards
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