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  1. Article I read said he did, in fact, favor joining the Ravens.
  2. Seems unfair if it was once you signed a contract. That'd basically be an end to many players' careers. Players are rarely signed if they have a suspension of that length.
  3. I've always kind of wondered where TY stands with AB at this point. They were childhood friends, right? Not sure if his presence here would help with AB being in the locker room. I doubt we'll ever find out.
  4. Seems questionable considering how successful Fitzpatrick has been so far. Like they literally dominated in their last game and they bench him? Hope this doesn't ruin Gaskin in fantasy...
  5. Can always count on the Colts to allow a 3rd and long conversion.
  6. These team is a disaster. Gonna get absolutely blown out by a 1-3 team lol.
  7. Stop pretending like this isn't a business. Teams have no issue with tossing you out the door when it no longer suits them. Players have a right to use all tools necessary to extract every bit of their worth. Getting out of the Jets is a no-brainer. The Jets are absolutely terrible offensively and the fact that they ever hired Gase as HC in the first place was a joke. His biggest mistake was signing there in the first place. Obviously they offered the most money.
  8. Gotta say its pretty weird to be riding on our defense. Not something we've been able to say for I don't even know how long. Offensive regression is concerning. Many of our offensive stats are sitting at bottom of the league with offensive juggernauts like the Jets and the Football Team.
  9. The defense has been very good (outside of yesterday 1st half...) so I can't see this being a high-scoring game on the Bengal's side (barring horrible offensive turnovers). Colts should win the game. But the offense can't keep relying on multiple interception games and ST TDs to cover for its terrible efficiency. 24-13 Colts.
  10. Seriously why did we sign the guy hiding from the undertaker.
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