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  1. People saying Allen has grit? Dude is an absolute, unmitigated scoob. He's taken what, like 5 30-yard sacks? Why not just throw the ball backwards into the endzone?
  2. Watson, Stafford, Prescott. By all means do not get Trubisky. That'd be a nightmare.
  3. Time for the Colts pit stop on the Fitzmagic NFL Tour.
  4. One of several changes made to the practice squad this year where you could elevate players temporarily to play in the game (I believe to account for players being out from Covid?). They also removed the experience restriction on players on the practice squad, which is how you get a dude that is like 33 on there. I wondered why they didn't just sign him to the active roster, but I wonder if they intentionally did it like this just so he'd be able to go to another team if we got knocked out?
  5. Reich made so many garbage calls this game. Absolutely blew it. Disgusting.
  6. They are invalidating plays after they have been completed.
  7. Did I miss something? Because as far as I know Watson has not "gone to the media". "Sources" have allegedly released things to the media. The only thing I've seen him say publicly is a very non-specific (but likely relevent) tweet near the time the Caserio hire was announced. Regardless, he has a right to be frustrated. They basically allowed O'brien to tank the team before his eyes, trading away one of the best receivers in the game and squandering all their high draft picks. The hole to climb out of is deep, and Caserio isn't exactly an encouraging hire after watching NE tank as hard as
  8. Probably like 4 first rounders since they wouldn't want to intentionally give one of the best QBs to a divisional foe.
  9. It was pretty ridiculous. But I can't feel bad for the Giants either. Nobody in the NFC East deserved to get to the playoffs. You have teams in the AFC at risk of not making the playoffs at 11-5, meanwhile you have an 8-8 and a 7-9 (potentially could have been 6-10...)team in the NFC playoffs. Probably the easiest opportunity to get in the playoffs that the NFL has seen.
  10. The Pro Bowl is basically a complete joke at this point. I mean seriously, why is fan voting considered? Apparently you can vote as many times as you want, just retweet crap. Some retweets worth multiple votes? Absolutely no value anymore. If I were a player I'd laugh the front office & agent out of the building if you offered incentives based on getting voted to the pro bowl.
  11. Whoever the Steelers left tackle is looked awful today... not sure how he normally is.
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