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  1. I must have missed this. What is the “Denzelle Good Situation” people are referring to?
  2. Joshy dropping out is one of the best things that could have happened to us. Can't believe teams are being dumb and trying to hire him again. Don't care though, I'll just enjoy a better coach that isn't a human trashbag.
  3. Derakynn

    Browns have sent request to interview Eberflus

    I’d be surprised to see teams go with many defensive coaches, considering the recent success of offensive coaches, and the failure of defensive coaches. If you want a good offensive coach to pair up with and develop your young QB, the only way you are going to keep him is if he is your HC.
  4. Derakynn

    Colts @ Titans Sunday Night Football Game Thread

    This game is so easy and they are just choking it away.
  5. Derakynn

    Colts @ Titans Sunday Night Football Game Thread

    Don't even call the extremely obvious holding.
  6. Derakynn

    Come on Redskins and Chargers!

    Surprised that sack wasn't called as roughing. Maybe I'm just used to the Colts but that OL looks kind of garbage.
  7. If Luck doesn’t win CPOY, that would be the stupidest one of all. You can argue for others. But nearly everyone thought Andrew might never come back at all. He does that and has had a really great season. Really shouldn’t even be a contest.
  8. Derakynn

    Al Woods to IR

    Disappointing. Was silently having a nice year.
  9. Derakynn

    Do you miss H.A?

    That's probably because he has only been active for 3 games this year.
  10. Derakynn

    Colts Defense now ranked 11th in NFL.

    It’s definitely been glossed over that Autry had a monster game yesterday. Those are some crazy stats.
  11. Derakynn

    Fan Voting is a JOKE!

    Yeah I'm not sure why they consider fan voting at all. Especially considering there is no voting cap. Having a bunch of homer fools that don't know anything and have no ability to properly analyze stats have a say makes the whole thing a joke.
  12. Derakynn

    Most likely to pull off upset

    I’m not afraid of Houston. The only thing they have had on us defensively is their pass rush, and we’ve obviously done a decent job in blocking recently. It just depends on if our defense shows up that week. We only lost to them before because we played them in the midst of the mass amount of drops. Id go with the Jags. They are the most likely to be able to stop our offense, showing they made good adjustments in the second half. That said, 2 of our drives stalled from drops then as well. Catch the ball and the offense should shred anyone.
  13. Derakynn

    Hooker downgraded

    Good thing Mike Mitchell is back then
  14. Derakynn

    Colts work out Jalen Collins

    Got a notification that he signed. Hopeful we can get some better secondary play now.
  15. Derakynn

    Positional Value

    You are right, we would have lost and Luck would have been injured. Much better.