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How do these hacks on this team cash their paychecks. These fools are terrible at their jobs up and down the 53 and the coaches are either putting poor plans, poor teaching or have already checked out. This looks like the play of an expansion team. I want Jeff George teams back 

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    • Good and not so good times from about 2003-2009.  Loved watching Manning tear up the league.  But we were always like “let’s get the season over and get to the playoffs”.   Now it’s more like “let’s hope we can make the playoffs”.     I know what you mean though. I end up with a tension headache after most games now.   
    • You aren't allowed to say anything about JT on here except that he's the greatest running back of all time in all phases of the game, lol.  But I guess I will type my mind.   I wouldn't think there would be too much difference in stuff runs.  He got stuffed quite a bit last year and made a lot of hay on his long breakaway type of runs.  He really hasn't had any of those long ones yet, but they increase his ypc dramatically.  When I watch film with Taylor, he needs excellent blocking to get through the los because his lateral agility is not a strong suit.  So I wouldn't think this stat would be dramatically different, the lower ypc would seem to be a function of not having the big runs to my eyes.   YPC is significantly lower I would surmise for the same reason.     YBC last year would be much greater last year than this year I would think.  JT when he was rolling would often have massive lanes to get up to speed in and then he's deadly in the open field running right at a defender and doing one of his dramatic one cut type of stuff.  This is where I think guys like Doyle and Pascal would make a big difference.   Taylor's strength is burning Ds with explosive speed, and there either hasn't been or he hasn't found those seems to exploit as much this year so far than last it seems to me.  I don't think JT is special around the LOS.  Middle of the road IMO at the first level of the D.    So what do the actual numbers say?   Another thing I find interesting is his ypc is 4.7 which in the past would be outstanding, but it's middle of the road right now in the league.  There are 12 teams that average 4.7 or above.    
    • Henry has never been an elite pass catcher, he may be good for a few yards in space but he does his best damage between the tackles. Like Bill Parcells said with Lawrence Taylor "if the guy is good at rushing the passer, let him keep rushing", and that is what the Titans will do with Henry, run him between the tackles mostly and throw in a change of pace passing play to him. They just become real hard to stop once they are in the red zone because of Henry. Most of the stops for the Colts D need to happen between the 20s, IMO.
    • Ahhh I was unaware of that. Yikes. 
    • For one reason their is no way he didn’t have a concussion after last weeks game. That was a lie about his back locking up. Second there was no way to clear concussion protocol in a short week.
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