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Colts @ Saints Game Day thread

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jacoby 4 of 12 for 30 yards he is on fire tonight guys might hit 80 yards by the end of the game .

Holy crap...I just stumbled across Chloe’s Twitter (obvious by the twitter handle) and he/she is blaming absolutely everybody but JB. I’m only saying it because it’s kind of extreme the way she’s call

Andrew Luck enjoying retirement!

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I feel as though this game will continue to show us exactly where we are as a franchise. Good enough to compete with some of the best, but yet fall short in the end.


My prediction: Colts at the beginning of the 4th quarter, 24-21, Colts at the end, 24-31. 

Hope I'm wrong. Go Blue.

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I was a bit surprised when the put computer generated QB's up when talking about the most TD's, they had Peyton in a Broncos Uniform.

1 minute ago, WoolMagnet said:

Tally-ho sports fans.

heres to hoping Brees spends the night on his butt.  Both on AND off the field.

I'm a Breed fan, so I can't root for that.

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14 minutes ago, Myles said:

I was a bit surprised when the put computer generated QB's up when talking about the most TD's, they had Peyton in a Broncos Uniform.

I'm a Breed fan, so I can't root for that.

I’m rather fond of “breeding” too.


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to be honest i hope we lose this game.    the odds of the steelers and titans losing the next two games and the colts winning this game plus the next two are slim to none. 


i rather get a better draft spot and try again next year if we lose the next 3 games and end up 6-10 we get in the top ten in draft spots have 2 high second round picks to trade plus next years first we can get into the top 2 or 3 spot and grab a QB

the eagles moved up from a high 1st round to number 2 to grab wentz

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Just now, coming on strong said:

its sad how empty this chat is .........   people stop watching when the colts are playing bad ..  true fans watch every game i dont care if this team is win less i show support


Partly that, partly because it’s a night game is my guess.

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    • Every year Ballard does a film session with the media showing them  film why they drafted the players they did. Here are some notes. As they write their stories I will post them here.    
    • Darius Leonard didn't sign his contract until July 23d. It's alright, folks. With the new CBA there is nothing that can really happen. Sooner or later the contract will get signed. 
    • People here don’t complain about the process, because people here don’t know the process.   Almost no one here does.    People here complain about the outcome, especially if it disagrees with their opinion.     So, for example, people here hated LaRaven Clark.   A few seasons back, Clarke had to play a fair amount for the Colts in the first month.   PFF gave him a passing grade, I think in the 60’s after the first quarter.  People here went nuts.   The team was struggling and Clarke was the designated person to blame.   By the end of the season, Clarke’s grade was lower, but that didn’t matter.  Once people here decide something is bad, it’s incredibly hard to change hearts and minds.    When Chip Kelly was the Eagles coach for two years, he HATED pff.   When he got fired, he accepted an invitation to visit and see what they do.   Kelly was so impressed that he became an investor.  Cris Collinsworth too.    It’s my understanding each game, is graded three different times by three different people and none of them knows what the others have done.     They’re not perfect.   I think their NFL grading is better than some of their college work.  But overall, I think they’re helpful.  Very helpful. 
    • So I know most expect mack to be gone what if he still decides to come back  even after this year ? I feel like a lot keep discrediting how good he was before Jt lol his vision is still better I’d assume between the two 
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