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Colts @ Saints Game Day thread


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I was a bit surprised when the put computer generated QB's up when talking about the most TD's, they had Peyton in a Broncos Uniform.

1 minute ago, WoolMagnet said:

Tally-ho sports fans.

heres to hoping Brees spends the night on his butt.  Both on AND off the field.

I'm a Breed fan, so I can't root for that.

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to be honest i hope we lose this game.    the odds of the steelers and titans losing the next two games and the colts winning this game plus the next two are slim to none. 


i rather get a better draft spot and try again next year if we lose the next 3 games and end up 6-10 we get in the top ten in draft spots have 2 high second round picks to trade plus next years first we can get into the top 2 or 3 spot and grab a QB

the eagles moved up from a high 1st round to number 2 to grab wentz

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