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  1. DougDew

    Letter from Frank Reich to Colts fans

    Nice touch
  2. Yeah, I guess that applies to us civilians too. It matters how much talent there is to coach. Better chance to succeed at his trade.
  3. DougDew

    Ballard press conference

    Cut out the noise and it comes down to this: If Ballard said he didn't say last year's line was deficient in talent, he then fails to corroborate the notion it sucked from a talent perspective. If Ballard did say it was deficient in talent, he then threw the players under the bus and he fails to corroborate the notion that he is a classy guy. I find that conflict interesting...and not problematic for me. Simple as that.
  4. DougDew

    Ballard press conference

    LOL, that's my basic reaction to this entire page. I don't think you get the gist of the conversation that took place at the top of the page. That's okay. Its really only about one thing, whether or not Ballard threw last year's oline players under the bus. I'll summarize: I recapped the presser, and noted that Ballard, IMO, said that he DIDN'T think the oline was "talent deficient" last year. I pointed that out since I thought that was interesting on some levels. esmort very cordially explained that I misinterpreted what Ballard said, and in so many words, Ballard DID indirectly call last year's oline "talent deficient" Another commented to simply parrot esmort as an avenue to criticize me I responded to esmort that if Ballard said last year's oline was talent deficient, then he essentially told guys that are on the current roster (Haeg, Clark) Good, and other former players that he thought they were talent deficient. IMO, If Ballard actually called the former oline talent deficient, rather than other typical "GM speak" terms, I thought that was classless, or careless at best. Another quoted me to criticize me but made irrelevant comparisons, and I responded. Another then asked me if I had a problem with truthful GMs (even when the truth throws the current and former players under the bus) Anyway: We are now left with the thought of whether or not Ballard truthfully said in a presser that he thought the previous oline was talent deficient. And if he meant to say that, I was wondering how that statement squared with the thought that he is a class guy. My opinion is that those two thoughts are in conflict, in that telling the press that your previous oline had a talent problem is a bit classless. And these opinions don't even apply to me, because I don't think he said the oline talent was deficient in the first place. Follow?
  5. DougDew

    Ballard press conference

    Just wondering though, about your overall opinion about truth and stuff. If he did in fact say the previous oline was talent deficient, would you think it was more important for him to disclose that opinion to appease opinionated fans over not being so blunt about it to support the young men who are fighting for a roster spot and risking getting CTE doing it? See, (if that's what he actually said) I think he didn't really mean to tell the truth and was probably just careless, so I wouldn't say it was a problem. But, I actually think he didn't say last year's oline was talent deficient. I'm interested in understanding the combination of opinions that thinks he did mean to say it, but still considers him a class guy. That must be a conflict that's tough to sort out.
  6. DougDew

    Ballard press conference

    No. Not sure how you got to that question either. I don't have a "problem" with anything he's said, nor anything he has done, ever. (must I disclose that opinion, like a payment to cross a bridge, or can I keep being ambiguous about it if it suits me?) I simply found his comments about the oline to be interesting, in which ever way you want to interpret them.
  7. DougDew

    Let's talk 2019 offseason

    Ok, Nicks was the 3rd WR next to TY and Reggie. Scratch off the 3rd WR as the reason.
  8. Methinks Frank has a plan for what he wants.
  9. DougDew

    Let's talk 2019 offseason

    The only difference I can think of between 2014 and the other years is the health of Reggie Wayne, but I never thought of him as a YAC guy in that way. Was DA getting YAC? Who was the #3 that year? Yes, we need somebody for that role. Absent of YAC, accumulating yardage relies too much upon Luck hitting his receivers. Getting some YAC and a few TDs off of it takes the pressure off of him.
  10. DougDew

    Let's talk 2019 offseason

    I'll wager that we have been near bottom of the league in YAC for years. For a new WR, the attributes that matter most are separation, hands, and YAC, IMO. Height would be the least of my concerns.
  11. That's what I was wondering. The oline coach doesn't make blocking assignments during the game Maybe Reich didn't have the right personnel, or Kelly/Luck whiffed a few times with their identification. Maybe Kelly wasn't coached well enough. I just don't see how the oline coach can be responsible for what happened in one game, unless its a sign of a bigger issue about training.
  12. DougDew

    Colts want Adam Vinatieri back (Update) (Merge)

    He's good. Any kicker can have a bad day. At age 60 or whatever, he finally came back to the pack.
  13. DougDew

    Ballard press conference

    I think most examples you provided would be discussed in the context of "performance deficiency". A "talent deficiency" speaks to the notion that you think their performance will never improve because of what they lack. That's harsh. And its careless to say it that way in public. Again, your criticisms of me are derived from wrong perceptions if not flat out errors.
  14. I often wonder what would be the motivation for an assistant coach to take a lateral. Its easy to say more money, but hiring LB coach Eberflus to be a DC is a natural transition, but I can't say the same for an OL coach who may currently hold the same position with another team. College maybe?
  15. DougDew

    Rick Venturi on JMV

    Yeah. Just taking Venturi's comment and others comments about Venturi's comments, I don't know if everybody's definition of character issues is the same. I'd have to listen to an example of a specific situation for me to really opine that Venturi and Ballard's point of view is remarkably different.