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  1. If you look at the list of players you just mentioned, the guys we signed were cheap investments. Neither Bell or Brown fit into that bucket. Putting little capital into players with questionable character seems to be the formula, so far.
  2. I think the number of players who actually cause real problems for a team total about 5% of the NFL. They are not that hard to avoid, really. These guys have a screw loose somewhere, causing them they perceive many things as a personal slight or a lack of respect they feel they deserve. High character isn't required to be a football player. A simple "normal" personality is all that is is needed. And even temper tantrums can be considered "normal" depending upon the situation. These guys go beyond that, IMO.
  3. Fountain was still learning and had a ways to go. With TY, DF, Campbell, Cain, and likely Rogers ahead of him, Fountain probably would not have had a lot of PT. This is like a red-shirt season for him. Not bad really.
  4. JB is fine. We can win games with him. He got sacked a bunch in 2017 because he had no WRs competent enough to get open fast enough when blitzed. I assume both scheme and improved talent will help as long as he can practice efficiently. I want Luck back ASAP to win as many games as possible to improve our playoff seed. Outside of considerations for playoffs, I have no real issue with JB.
  5. Overall, I agree. I was thinking of PM and how neither he nor the Colts ever disclosed much about his condition(s). So the star players do get treated differently. A couple of mitigants: I think with Bob Sanders, he truly was week to week most of the time. They simply never knew if he could go or not until the last minute, IMO. Also, the inaccurate communication took part during the season, impacting how other teams might game plan us each week. With Luck its been mostly offseason stuff. In the past, the inaccurate communication had to do with messing with the other team. With Luck, people get the sense the Colts are messing with the fans. If there has been any gamesmanship about injuries in the past, its understandable it would take place during the season, but during the offseason seems a bit over the top.
  6. I think Polian repeated that on his show. I also remember Polian talking about a knee injury and saying that all ligament sprains are actually small tears, but that there is a difference in whether its partially torn from the bone, indicating why rehab could be earlier or later. A little bit of color gives the fans confidence the GM knows what he's talking about. Not that he wasn't lying through his teeth about how severely the player was injured, but how the message is delivered can provide a calming effect that things are under control, IMO.
  7. I understand. The crawler on the NFL network is now telling us the official Colts announcement, that CB said that Luck is dealing with a calf injury and a high ankle injury and that his readiness for week 1 is in jeopardy. That's a fairly clear message, but the topic of this thread is how Irsay called it a bone issue. That messed up the communication, IMO. I've been a Colts fan for a while. I remember Polian used to address injuries by stating the official diagnosis and supplementing that with some color. A 4-6 week timeframe would be the official remark, but he would say things like Anthony Gonzalez is a "slow healer", and that Dwight Freeny is a "quick healer", indicating some expectations of the timeframe being more 4 weeks or 6 weeks. It seems like with the current regime, Luck blows past the original range, and the goal posts get moved with an entirely new timeline. It's probably a real function of Luck having setbacks when he gets injured, but the pattern of messaging the time line is frustrating for the fans. As it stands now, most fans probably won't ever expect expect a player to return near the beginning of the time line, and that's why there is so much chatter and speculation when these things happen. IMO, the FO loses a bit of credibility when it can't seem to get the initial time line right, and that dampers enthusiasm.
  8. The way I read the tweet, Ballard is talking about the current and rather mystifying lingering ankle pain throughout the summer. If he thought that past reocurring pain in the same ankle at some level was totally unrelated he wouldn't have brought it up, IMO.
  9. What's your point? I never suggested that its the Colts responsibility to divulge Luck's health to the public. You're arguing with the wrong guy. In your 14 point list, did you mention that Ballard said that Luck has dealt with pain in that ankle for several years? Its great that they know he has an OT bone, but once they say they don't think that is the cause for this situation, then what is the cause for the pain over the years? And I'm not saying they should disclose that. But the notion Luck has had left ankle pain for years is news to me.
  10. That's news to me. I always thought rehabbing a strained muscle would be rather gentle. I wouldn't think the rehab would be so intense that a player would get a high ankle sprain. I think Chloe probably is right that its bone/calcium/cartilage related to the ankle and not a sprain, which is also consistent with what Irsay said originally a few days ago.
  11. Ok. So what we have learned in the past few days is that Luck has had a "bad" left ankle for several years. Not that there has ever been a responsibility to tell the public that, but I'm noting for the record that this is new information for most of us.
  12. When would that have happened in Luck's timeline since March? I don't think he would have been working out a lower left leg that had a strained calf if the solution was rest. The notion that he sprained his ankle is pretty recent if I'm reading the tweets correctly.
  13. Weighing back into the thread after reading most but not all of it. A few thoughts: If its a high ankle sprain, how does a football player get a high ankle sprain in the offseason, especially one that is not doing anything because he is resting the calf in the same leg? I thought high ankle sprains occur with more severe activity. Ballard said that Luck has had pain in the same ankle off and on for several seasons. I assume it would be related to possible changes in his throwing motion due to the lingering shoulder issue during those years? Since Luck has reported "pain in the ankle" for several seasons, certainly the Colts would have investigated that to determine the source of the pain back then? Its safe to say the Colts have either not investigated this very closely from the outset, or believe something more structural is going on, like arthritis setting in after years of torque and altered motions, and don't want to express that overall concern. It is concerning when they noted Luck had an injection of numbing medicine and it had little effect on the pain. The way is which they have spoke about this, above all else, leads to less credibility each time they speak. I don't think its deception, nor do I think they have a responsibility to be transparent (PM never disclosed the nature of his pains as to not want the defense to target the area). But I do think they have used up credibility capital by they way they have communicated Luck's time line. I think they realize this and are now offering more detailed explanations.
  14. I forgot about Rock and Tell. I'd think Quincy Wilson has more trade value than Hairston. Wilson was touted as a top 50 pick heading into the draft and seems like the type where teams would try to develop that talent over a guy like Hairston, whom they would simply wait to be cut, IMO.
  15. And through it all, you'd think an MRI would show the entire injury, and the professionals could anticipate where the problems would be as it healed. If what is going on now is that Luck aggravated the injury at its most tender spot (where it attaches to the bone), then that is an easy explanation. The Colts have had Ballard, Reich, Luck, and Irsay all chime in...but not the doctors who are the ones who should be able to interpret the MRI correctly with anticipated risks going forward. Edit: I'm not saying the Colts are lying or misleading, I'm just saying that the way they are choosing to talk about this seems scatterbrained. If they want to talk about the injury to the public, why do it in this manner?
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