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  1. I think this is correct. The team needs to go with the players who produce, or can set themselves apart form the others. Most of those WRs have never separated themselves from any other on the list. I think you force things to keep Harris around for a while to see what he can do. If he continues to perform the same and run new routes, or take the ball in the backfield, I can see him on the roster more so than Fountain, Patmon, or Hines.
  2. But with Reggie, when he fell off he was basically done....no longer could compete in the league. I think TY is a ways from that. He may not be what he used to be, but he's still a factor and can still play. The end of the contract is coming, and the end of the season is the time where you adjust the role that he will have. It would be prudent to figure that he will not be reverting back to the old TY going into next season.
  3. I don't have a dog in this fight, I think Rock is fine. He generally does his job. Just wondering though, if there are stats involved, its important to know how many games he's played.
  4. Not sure that board is correct. Its showing him playing 6 games, and I swear he has missed at least one game. Maybe the game count isn't for the player but for the team.
  5. That was a head scratcher of a pick at the time and its looking like the head scratchers got it right. I'll admit, I thought DK was going to be one of those workout warrior busts, and I never cared for Hardeman, but passing on AJ Brown there was unbelievable. Ben drafted 49, Brown 51, Campbell 59. Deebo was drafted higher, 36. We would have had to draft him instead of Rock, 34.
  6. Yeah, my last post crystalized my thinking better. He's not really a RB, maybe not really a WR, but what we saw on the field from Harris is the type of dynamics the Colts have been trying to get for Reich since he got here, primarily with Hines or maybe Campbell. I believe Harris also returned kicks, maybe punts (although he would be tiny for the NFL). And if Harris can keep it going, he's going to stick at the expense of someone else on offense, IMO.
  7. Ok, who knows what the decision making process was. But I think many here are observing that the kinds of things Harris did today on the field, shows us flashes of speed and athleticism, is what they expect to see from Hines more consistently. Or perhaps Campbell. Either way, its an element that the Colts have been trying to get on the field for Reich and they really haven't so far.
  8. I doubt that anybody would say that Harris was brought in as competition for Hines. If it was for Wilkins, I'd expect to see a bigger RB. But one game doesn't mean much.
  9. I think Harris was brought in to see if he could be an adequate replacement for Hines. Hines bonehead faircatch probably soured him on the coaches, as well as a general lack of production.....someone important is finally noticing. I don't think that it was a coincidence that Harris was added this week and was given some plays that Hines might otherwise run. Others will disagree I'm sure.
  10. Do you realize how depressing that is though?
  11. Exactly. We don't win this game if JB is the QB. I don't think Rivers is the same QB he was, but he was brought in to be a clear upgrade over JB and that's what he has been, mistakes included.
  12. Not sure that we can say that our LBs played well based upon what happened in the first half. I think Walker needs Leonard next to him to play well.
  13. IMO, Rivers was brought in to win us the 2 or 3 games that JB could not. And to let opponents know that our QB is capable of winning us a game, which might worth another 2 games. It became apparent that JB would not win us games, and opponents began to know that.
  14. Me neither. The old 12 is gone. Moving on.
  15. Maybe Harris is better? Wouldn't take much.
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