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  1. What a fun thread. So many apologists making no sense. I like the way @EastStreet deflected the thread right off the mark. Evidence suggests that if we had a healthy Luck, that the team's record would be just like it was when we've always had a healthy Luck. 13 and 3, 11 and 5; contending for the division or winning it, possibly playing in the AFCCG; just like in the past. So the question, where would we be with Luck? The answer: Pretty much where we always were with Luck. Of course, @Moosejawcolt your statement highlights the problem. Its not where would we be with Luck. That's irrelevant. When Luck was hurt, or, not playing at all, the statements were "look how much Luck carries this roster" as a support for a mob-ish narrative. We now have JB, a lesser QB. I'll say (but nobody else has the nerve) "Look how much Luck carried this roster" LOL. In the past, it was said about 550 times in 2 years. I just said it now. I've got 549 more times to say it. What a fun thread.
  2. Its a matter of how you want to build a team. If you want to win a shootout, then we'll need a franchise Qb who's selected very high. Like Jameis Winston. If we can't find that Qb, or he turns out not to be that guy, like Jameis Winston, then we'd have to win football games by holding the opponent to 21 points or less.
  3. If you told me that we could build a great oline by stacking it with mid to high first rounders across each position, then I would expect the team to be able to run the ball whenever it wanted to even when the opposing defense was stacking the box. I don't think that is reality. So I'm saying a team needs to have elite talent in several positions throughout the field. I simply don't see that with the Colts roster, especially the game-day roster we've had active the past few weeks.
  4. Ok. One of the reasons I didn't not mention any player or GMs name is because I'm not trying to affix blame. We can look at any decision and reason that it was the best thing to do at the time. I was trying to keep it at the 30,000 foot level and just look at the amount of impact we've had from the 1st round over the past 6 years since Luck and its been disappointing as a whole, and before that. Maybe even the 2nd round too but I haven't thought about it that much. Edit: As an aside, I'm not disappointed in Hooker. He's playing like I expected, but has little impact because FS have to play forward sometimes, or a two deep zone, taking his potential impactfulness away simply by scheme. I'm disappointed we drafted that position so high, because the realities are that a FS has to do other things besides sit back there and wait for a long ball.
  5. I highly doubt it. Just don't think the UDFA/NFL-cut pedigree is as equally impactful as a 1st or 2nd round pick. It kind of defies how every GM looks at talent too.
  6. I thought you were singling out those years specifically since you chose to name names and only mentioned Grigson. Apologies if you were not.
  7. No, you're not agreeing. You're passively arguing. If you want to still get stuck on GMs, the way I see it is that its the nonimpactful investment of capital from both GMs we've had since AC was drafted. Polian doesn't count because nearly all of his last players would be retired by now. That's how long its been.
  8. I know. And the rest of the team has been exposed, including starting last year's backup QB. IMO, it shows just how much Luck carried the team. I think other teams that have elite QBs also have several elite players at some positions. Brady misses Gronk, but the drop off in NE offense is being blamed mainly on Brady.
  9. Last spring we had no 1st rounder. Its hard to get an impact from a first round player when you don't have a first round player. If you're saying that it was a good decision for the future, that's another thing. I'm saying the reason we are 6 and 7 today, is because we have not gotten much impact from the capital you're supposed to get impact from.
  10. All good players make an impact. Its a matter of which positions make more impact than others. This isn't news. In fact, its common knowledge. Besides, I was talking about not getting much impact from our last 4 first round picks, only two of them were olinemen. And if you want to go back further, I would say that we haven't gotten much from the first rounders besides Luck, and AC before that. We have to go back so far to find anybody that whomever we would have drafted would probably have retired by now. Its the first round impact, or the lack of it. For years. That's why we suck. Luck made up for it. We won't have Luck again, IMO.
  11. All positions are important. Lets put it this way. How often is a olineman credited with making a play that changes a game, compared to a WR making a great catch, a RB making a great run, a DB an interception, a LB or DT a big sack. A QB making a great throw. In the AFCCG, Jeff Saturday made a game changing play when he pancaked Vince Worfolk, allowing Addai to score the game winning TD. That highlight as been played often. Its just not done given the nature of the position. The Colts lack, and have lacked for quite a long time, impactful players at impactful positions, and its gotten worse over the past 6 years. That's not to say the oline is not important.
  12. Our oline is much better than it was, and it serves as a great base by which skilled position players could make plays. It gives the QB and RB and receivers the opportunities. Look at it this way, our oline has been completely healthy this year and we're going from about 6-2 with our QB and oline to what looks like 6-10 with the same QB and oline. How impactful can it be by itself.
  13. Additionally, we haven't gotten a lot of impact from our last 4 first round draft picks (even longer than that), in part, because of the positions they play. When you have a franchise QB talent....not the guy you get at pick 20, but the guy who's worthy of number one... you don't have to be especially concerned about positional value. The entire roster can be seen as a supporting cast to the QB. When you don't have a franchise QB...who knows if we will ever get one again...you have to be more concerned about getting great talent dispersed throughout various impactful positions.
  14. Why are we getting into the same arguments. JB has nobody to throw too. And it isn't his game. His game is to keep it close. Down field passing to whom ever looks open is Winston's game. He doesn't even make much effort to know where the DB is, he simply throws it. Against a bad defense, that method scores 38 points, despite three picks. Against a good defense, it results in fewer points but just as many picks. A QB is supposed to keep possession of the ball. Keep it close, so defense and special teams can win the game....like they are supposed to. JB's not a shootout QB, or a 4th quarter come from behind QB. I wonder where we rank when it comes to total minutes trailing by 14 points or more? I'll bet its bottom 5.
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