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  1. Understood. Any person who finds things that don't make sense to them has the right to fill in the facts with speculation and intuition. That's called connecting the dots, IMO; and that's a big part of life and understanding things as to move forward with decision making. The idea that is sometimes common on this forum is that people are often criticized for simply expressing an opinion, even a reasoned one, without facts or data to back it up. That's unrealistic. Nobody ever has the all of the facts about something before they need/want to have an opinion. I like your theory about the pain killer addiction. There was a selfie of him over in Europe where he looked emaciated compared to his normal 6.4 stocky build we're used to, which is how addicts will appear. Also, while Ballard took a pretty objective look at the situation, which his is job, Irsay was the voice who seemed to leave the door open. Jimmy had pain killer issues himself and may have been able to see some familiar signs in Luck's behavior and thought there was a greater possibility Luck might change his mind when things cleared up. With addiction events, people are nervous about falling back into addiction, and the farther removed they are from the incident the more their confidence grows, which can change their outlook and priorities as time passes.
  2. IMO, when things don't make sense, its okay to think about it and entertain possibilities, discarding extreme iterations and settling on something reasonable. That's the sign of an intelligent mind, not a conspirator's mind. And the Luck saga in its entirety had things that seemed very uncommon. I don't think he would come back either.
  3. I meant to write my message using the sarcasm font. Sorry. To be clear, I think both HGH and steroids are legitimate therapy for injuries or health issuesy. Nothing immoral about them, IMO. The NFL bans them for obvious reasons.
  4. He probably had to take a year off for rest and to get HGH therapy to truly heel. I doubt the NFL can reach into someone's retired personal life to test for stuff. Colts probably knew it and thought the retirement was temporary; something was up.
  5. I got into some back and forth with people about Hines, but I agree. Although, he stepped up his value by showing he can return punts. In reality, he can catch but isn't known for great hands or great route running. He's not real elusive...as in lateral agility and still maintain balance. Seems to go down easily without breaking tackles. He's not bad at any of those things, but really, is just a small fast guy. He's a dime a dozen player who does the things a typical small fast guy does, nothing more, IMO. Maybe he'll have a break through, but so far, I don't get the love.
  6. Thanks. I know some probably think I was being sarcastic, and I was to a point because I know that it could have certain connotations in certain circles that look at everything through a political prism. But its a word that denotes superiority, and that's what sports teams try to achieve. The opponent will lose before they even show up. The Raiders have the word "Excellence" in their brand.
  7. Then call them the Washington BobCostans. Same shrimpy height, but the one with the white skin can meet the diversity quota to keep the lawyers and woke types off their back.
  8. I haven't kept up on the negotiations, but its my belief they if an individual player benefits from being in a collective union (NFLPA), then things should also be detrimental to him to. IOW, if the Union says they will play, then he plays. He shouldn't have the luxury of opting out simply because he feels uncomfortable playing. The NFLPA has already weighed the risks and has decided for him. Part of the reason why it sucks to belong to a union. They'll want to have it both ways, which ever way is convenient for them at the moment, but nobody is entitled to that in this world. But if I was the NFLPA, I would simply scrap the season. I think big people are more at risk despite their age, so my guess is that NFL players have more risk than scrappy little baseball players. I guess players wouldn't get game checks. Maybe not paid at all. If I was a player, I would take the risk. If I was the head of the NFLPA, I would push to scrap the season.
  9. Baseball and football have bigger rosters than the NBA. The NBA has an advantage because they have fewer players to spread the virus.
  10. LOL. Of the four QBs we have, he is the most likely to be here next year. No way he gets cut this year.
  11. I don't attend events or businesses where there is a crowd. Shoulder to shoulder volumes are not my thing. In a broad statement, if every bar, nightclub, theatre, quaint bistro, tourist trap, etc. closed forever; it would actually be a good thing in many ways, IMO. In that respect, bring on more COVID. The fact that the Colts will limit capacity to 25% would actually be a reason to attend. The pandemic has created a desirable environment for me to now to attend the games, where a crowded status always kept me away.
  12. WASHINGTON ELITES. "We're better than other teams in every way possible."
  13. Sad, but predictable, and in keeping with the nonsense and slow cook, passive, brainwashing our institutions have been performing on our society for decades about this issue; the president of the Navaho Nation, released a short statement. It reveals quite clearly to anybody with an open mind willing to cleanse themselves of the passive coersion, about how he identifies his people as being different...self segregating....from the rest of Americans, and tries to foist the wrongminded notion that colonist stole this great country from them. Just like stupid people with PHDs in sociology and Amercian History try to do. He calls his people "First Americans". LOL, obviously the way we've been taught for decades, and the basis of the nonsensical name "native Americans" The entire PC name is an attempt to slow cook brainwash America into thinking the colonists stole America from them. Flat out says, First Americans, finally and probably unintentionally revealing the passive intent of the decades old coinage of the term Native Americans, when it should just be Natives. Its such an offensive statement and concept, trying to claim his people thought of America before the colonists. How dare he tries to steal America away from the people who built it. invented it out of their own brains. He should be called out, then sued for attempted robbery. And I should get a refund on my tuition and tax dollars for all of the sociology classes I had to take. Having to pay money for an attempted brainwashing. https://www.foxnews.com/sports/navajo-nation-releases-statement-washington-redskins-retire-team-name-logo Having said that. the code talkers were quite an asset in WWII and their contribution should be elevated to common knowledge, honored, and cherished. But it would be a stupid name for a football team.
  14. The word America is not native. Its pretty simple. The fruits of colonial invention and moral evolution that welcomes all regardless of race, creed, color, or national origin is what America is. As long as a person adopts those criteria as a way of life, they have the right to use the name American. America did not exist until the colonists built it. And many natives wanted to assimilate and become Americans. Some did not and wanted to maintain there way of life and heritage. They were given land to do this. Why do all natives now enjoy the benefit of having the term America associated with them when they worked so hard to segregate their attitudes from the rest? The term native american kind of implies that they owned America first, then colonialists stole it. That's false. They owned nothing. Colonialists invented America and built it, or else it wouldn't be here. Anybody who doesn't adopt the American way of life at the same time rejecting the former life they used to have, regardless of national origin, should not have the right to claim they are American. That's not a twisted way to look at it. Its the correct way to look at it. The way that 100% of our institutions and 95% of the people who listen to those institutions are the ones looking at it in a twisted fashion. Getting back to the topic. I see where the owner of the Redskins decided to retire the name, out of pressure by others I assume. They could not relocate to a 90% black city unless they changed their name. Funny, I wonder if the stadium will be 90% black attended. Based upon the profile.....call it stereotyping within the first 30 seconds of thinking about it......my guess is the attendance will be populated by northern Virginia white suburbanites (who found it a pain to commute all the way into Maryland) and government connected DC residents. I'm sure the new name will help them absolve some of that phony guilt they've been taught to have as they root on the new named home team. Based upon a correct sterotype (which most inherently are) I think the new name should be the WASHINGTON ELITES.
  15. As a white person, who is a genetic descendant of the people who INVENTED the un-tribal concept of America, I am offended that a group of people who fought against that concept in order to maintain their inferior tribal way of life would try to use that word as a means to distinguish themselves from the rest of Americans. We think of African Americans and Asian Americans as being a different race, because they are, but Native Americans are actually Asians in terms of race. So to use the term Native Americans, they are actually distinguishing themselves from the rest of us based upon their heritage and culture...which was one that decidedly fought against the concept of America. To try to now steal some sort of ownership of the word and use it for their own elevation of cultural status into an equal culture is offensive. If they want to distinguish themselves from other Americans based upon their heritage then they should be called Natives and cease and desist using the word that is at the root of the differences. Or we all can just call them Americans. Its sad that most social studies teachers...and even PHDs, are simply too stupid or PC brainwashed to understand the root of the issue, and how offensive they are every time they call Indians Native Americans. I don't really care what the name of the Redskins is, but the owner should be the one to decide. The tactic that multinationals are using to bully others to behave like they want is close to extortion, which is conceptual extension of the simple tactic of a back-alley mugging or liquor store robbing. They are trying to coerce someone else to do something they want him to do. There is a simple way for Target, etc. to have the name changed. Buy the team at market price. Then change the name to the RedDots or whatever they want. Same simple way to get money out of a cash register of a liquor store. Buy the store. I suppose in the end, its just less expensive to bully someone than to spend your own money or to do things the sincere way. Typical tactic. A short cut to effect change based upon laziness and ease, ultimately at the root. By the way, therm negro is derived from latin to denote Black. We now call Negros African Americans because they are Black, not because they are from Africa, which they are not. So why would one term for Black be more offensive than another term for Black? We moved on from calling black people negros to calling black people African Americans. Wow, what a significant accomplishment.... When will people wise up. It only takes mild analysis, peeling the onion back only one or two layers, and willingness to use it to see how most social studies issues in America have been taught backwards and stupidly since the 60s. Just think, people now in their 60s have led an entire life being brainwashed into wrongmindedness about so many racial issues. Its just easier to believe than to fight, so they believe, and reinforce, and validate. Beats actually thinking about it.
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