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  1. DougDew

    Luck post game interview

    Did he say why he didn't audible to runs?
  2. DougDew

    What we know now after eagles game

    It sounds like Reich had little confidence in the O to do anything else other than quick passes.
  3. DougDew

    What we know now after eagles game

    The Philly d line controlled the LOS. I doubt that Mack would have made much difference.
  4. DougDew

    What we know now after eagles game

    I don't know. But Luck was getting as much pressure as he used to get with our old 5 to 7 step drop offense, but he was throwing the ball right at his third step. That's how bad the oline was, IMO. Getting rid of the ball quickly...probably too quickly to be accurate at times...was the reason we only gave up 2 sacks.
  5. DougDew

    The Pagano era....all over again?

    I said we are a 6 win team and will stay with that. We could be competitive in many or most, but won't have enough to win.
  6. DougDew

    What we know now after eagles game

    I don't know what y'all saw or think, but the oline looked horrible to me.
  7. DougDew


    Its comforting to see that they both are trending towards playing up to expectations.
  8. DougDew

    Something is wrong with luck.....

    Luck's arm looks fine to me. On the poor throws, it looked like he was trying to get the ball out too quickly because of the pass rush. If we were playing with Chud's offense, he would have been sacked about 10 times, IMO. He looked rushed. A split second too quick. He's still getting comfortable with the offense, which, IIRC, is totally different than any offense he's ever played in, going back to Stanford. And having only one playmaker on the field that he's played with before makes it that much tougher. And, he's had precision issues at times during his pro career anyway. Hopefully, hammering him with short pass routes over and over helps him improve his accuracy
  9. DougDew

    The Pagano era....all over again?

    I was commenting on the idea that one week people think we're great, then next they think we stink.
  10. DougDew

    The Pagano era....all over again?

    And after the Redskins game, some thought we could win the Division. Now its a dumpster fire. We look like a 6 win team. It'll get better eventually.
  11. DougDew

    Something is wrong with luck.....

    But that's not a shoulder injury issue. Luck has never been supremely accurate in that way. Some other NFL QBs have been much more consistently accurate in placing the ball where it needs to be.
  12. DougDew

    What we know now after eagles game

    This offense requires the QB to hit the receiver in stride for YAC. Getting tackled immediately leads to short gains, and being off on accuracy cause the receiver to lose precious steps instead of getting more yardage after the short pass. The receivers need to get used to running the correct angles, and Luck needs to get used to where to throw the ball. It will take tame. Hines and Mack are our only receivers that have real wiggle. To get Grant and Rogers YAC the pass has to be perfect, IMO. And Luck never has been a perfectly accurate passer.
  13. DougDew

    Something is wrong with luck.....

    Dink and dunk keeps Luck safe. How many times was he sacked? This oline and Philly's dline was not a good combo for Luck to throw long. As far as accuracy. He never has been the most accurate thrower on crossing routes. A dink and dunk O requires YAC, which requires the QB to hit the receiver in stride...not behind him, or on his hip, or over his head.
  14. DougDew

    Erik Swoope is back

    It's not for his blocking. I assume he's insurance in case Ebron goes down.
  15. Is Geathers a "good" player? How much has he been on the field, and what has his impact been when on it? And has this board liked him since he's been here? The bias is that people didn't like the Landry signing...wanted what I don't know....then magnified every issue he had. Same with Toler. Many hated the signings from day one for whatever reason, then looked at their play through that prism their entire careers. Not living up to a contract doesn't mean they weren't good players. They were both fine. Not great, but were good players on a very good secondary. Toler played out his contract. He stayed in the NFL and played decently-to-well for the Redskins. It became obvious that Landry wanted to make-out with his biceps more than play football, so he was released mid way because of that. AFAIK, he disappeared afterwards.