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  1. I'm sure that most look at the draft that way too. But I also think that Ballard takes into account the comp pick formula when both drafting and signing FAs more than most. There is no doubt in my mind that Mack was intended to earn us a comp pick, Hooker too, but they both got hurt and could not perform. I think if either stayed healthy and performed like expected Ballard still would have let both leave. Autry was let go and to be replaced by a draft pick, partly because it factored into the comp pick formula. I'm not so sure Hines gets extended, but rather is en
  2. As we get better pieces the likelihood of taking risks goes up. Really, the 43 zone, if that's what we play, relies upon the front 4 for pass rush, so there should not be very much blitzing. Maybe if Paye and Dayo work out like expected, there will be even less blitzing. But if Flus wants to be like the old SEA defense, he's going to need better LBers than just having Leonard at WILL. JMO.
  3. Yes, and if a few of those down hill guys blitz, the coverage by the other downhill guys would suffer even more. Our defensive personnel is not that good and it limits what the coaches can do. They have to protect weaknesses too much to let loose the aggressiveness.. JMO.
  4. Do you think that adding Oke, Speed, and Banogu since Leonard was a rookie has advanced the opportunities for our LBs to blitz? I think Flus has had is hands tied due to personnel. Not exclusively, but its played a big role, IMO.
  5. Building the roster until the drafted players take their place. I think Glow was a hole-filler, but the other guys were good stop gap starters until a younger player steps up. He had to double dip on Rhodes since the drafted corners have not really stuck well. Now that Ballard has had a few drafts to build out the roster, I think his FA moves will be even less eventful than in the past. But he'll still have to plug a hole here and there as draft picks fail or move on to bigger contracts elsewhere.
  6. I think Ballard looks at the college draft for players who can start or develop into starters, or players who can start in a situational role. Granson for example is going to play immediately, but, on a limited basis because his role does not require him to be on the field every play. So you can get that part time role player in the 4th round, but he is going to start from day one in that role, IMO. Hines too. He is a "starter" for the types of plays Frank wants to run. He's not really a backup RB. I think Ballard looks to the FA market for backups...(exception being this week
  7. I had forgotten about the slot CB...who would only be in the game when he's replacing the SAM, who should be the better blitzer of the two. Our SAM stinks, as does our MIKE. Generally as football players, not just blitzers. But the ratio is elevated likely due to selected opportunities. Blitzed in situations conducive to success. IOW, If they blitzed more, in different situations like you're asking them to do, the success ratio would go down because as a whole they are not very good football players. We already give up the middle too often. Our slot CB and SS are
  8. Agreed. Who on our defense is supposed to blitz, from what position? Name the players, and you'll probably see an incompetent blitzer. Leonard may be good at it, but who is talented enough to cover Leonard's position? Blitz Willis?, maybe. Rhodes..no. RYS? Oke? Should we have blitzed with Walker?
  9. That's what I meant. The comp pick date has passed. I think that was his strategy all along, to wait until that date passed before we would see more FA signings, since the quality of player he was going to sign was about the same as the players that were available before the date.
  10. Its getting more obvious that Ballard cares about the compensation pick formula. He's not going to sign front tier guys. So if its going to be vets signed to a team friendly contract, where that pool of players bring basically the same skill set. may as well wait until after the comp pick formula dates pass to do more of these signings.
  11. Yeah, younger folks can have their own standards these days of why they gravitate to some and not so much towards others. Older players were probably taught more professionalism, or obtained it, and the younger players might use more personal criteria for affiliation. Hopefully the Colts front office provides proper lecturing on professionalism. Leadership is tough to judge. I heard that the older players just wanted Wentz to play well at QB. They didn't look for leadership. Sounded like Luck didn't really relish that role either. PM probably was born to do it.
  12. What an offensive yet revealing comment by the author. Presence. Not the pressure of Hurts' performance, but his mere presence. Presence. Simply being there. Simply who he is, I guess. Pressured by who Hurts is.....and who Wentz is therefore not. Implying that who Hurts is, was a big part of the decision to replace Wentz, who had QB that had a 93 QBR the year before. How revealing. I don't know what QB is supposed to not feel pressure because of that. Wentz can't change who he is. Welcome home Carson, to a fan b
  13. Gotta fill air time and band-width with something. All of that infrastructure overhead is expensive.
  14. Wentz has already been pigeon holed as the whipping boy for the O. You know some are just waiting for the opportunity. He partly was that at Philly, and that reputation has already partly made its way to the Colts. Its not going to take much to blame him for a lot that goes wrong. I'm sure Ballard is more fair than that, but my guess is that if Wentz fails, its going to be viewed more as a statement about Wentz than it will a statement about Reich.
  15. IMO, Leno's tape showed that he got overpowered a lot. He's small for a LT. His ratings improved when daBears moved Cody Whitehair to LG. Perhaps Whitehair had to help out too much, causing daBears to want to release Leno in favor of a more stout Tevin Jenkins (whom everybody thought would be RT on daBears). Maybe Frank saw that and wanted Nelson free-er to do other things. No great loss in not signing Leno, IMO. I'd like to see Davenport develop as a capable true LT. He languished as a RT in HOU.
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