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  1. DougDew

    Colts work out Jalen Collins

    I've forgotten about Wilson. So through a season and a half there are still issues with his performance. That's disappointing.
  2. DougDew

    Blue on Blue Uniforms

    I don't like the double white stripes on the jersey or the pants. The two stripes should join together somewhere or be replaced with something else, IMO. On another thought, I've noticed college programs are going to much more vibrant and intense colors than in the past. Not sure why folks think those are more attractive now than the traditional colors.
  3. DougDew

    Colts #4 in PFF O-Line Rankings

    Yeah. Ranking things makes it sound like they are concluding it is "the 4th best oline in the NFL" when we don't really know what that means.
  4. DougDew

    Looks like the defense has regressed back to normal

    Agreed. I was disappointed that we didn't give Henry Anderson a shot at playing 3 tech. When he was here, he always seemed to get some push into the pocket. It was never enough to get a sack, but it was disruptive, IMO. I know he didn't line up at 3 but more at 5, and maybe the thought was there was just no way he would be successful at 3, but I would have liked to have seen him try. He slimmed down and lighten up quite a bit before he got traded.
  5. DougDew

    Colts #4 in PFF O-Line Rankings

    They most definitely would not be, I don't think there is much conjecture there. I was curious as to how those ratings are calculated. It could be as simple as taking each individual grade of each lineman and using a formula to combine them as a unit, or they somehow grade the unit as a whole. PFF projects a simple numeric ranking, but I was wondering how simple the calculation is.
  6. DougDew

    Albert Breer on Cowherd Talking about the Colts

    IMO, Cowherd adopts his favorites or his dislike for players, QBs, teams, management, etc. early on then constantly talks in a way that validates what he previously said. I'm sure once Leonard starts receiving his individual praise, Leonard will no longer be able to do much wrong in his eyes.
  7. DougDew

    Colts #4 in PFF O-Line Rankings

    Is Kelly having a better year because our QB releases the ball quicker than he previously did, as well as Brissett? How does the play of other positions factor into this ranking of olines?
  8. DougDew

    TY The Slot Receiver

    I don't think this offense requires studs at the WR position, but more talent is needed for sure. I wouldn't count on Cain to be that guy either. If TY yields his #1 role to another high talented guy and he plays from the slot, I think the offense will benefit greatly.
  9. DougDew

    Colts work out Jalen Collins

    I've never thought PED usage was the character issue some make it out to be. He can still be a good locker room guy and team player, IMO. My concern is that he needs the PEDs to enhance his performance enough to be a good NFL player.
  10. DougDew

    Looks like the defense has regressed back to normal

    That was my feeling to. The DBs don't have to be as talented, in a broad statement, as a comparable press man 34. That's how Polian and Dungy used to describe the benefits of his zone cover 2 when trying to manage an entire roster. Our recent 34 was just too expensive to get it right. The 43 zone allows us to invest more talent, high draft picks and money, into the trenches and the pass rush. Maybe that means we won't be able to build a monster, but settle for a bend no break defense and win games by Luck and Reich's offense. I think a 3-Tech pass rusher would be extremely valuable to us, and I would prefer that over the traditional edge rusher to combat the quick hitting offenses that seem to be successful
  11. DougDew

    Looks like the defense has regressed back to normal

    So the article refers to us running a cover 2. I'm not certain we do, but I'll take it at its word. Considering our secondary has struggled, what are the attributes needed for a DB to play well in a Zone cover 2? For Corners, contesting passes are going to be rarer than tackling well, since there will always seems in the zone and a CB won't necessarily be running with his man. There will always be times where the CB is a few steps away from the receiver, but he has to tackle him quickly. Also, is there a different responsibility in the run game? For safeties, cover 2 tends to put both safeties back deep. Both have deep responsibilities, each splitting the field side to side, as opposed to front to back (where only one would have the true deep responsibility). It would seem that both safeties have to have a blend of attributes and not be that stark of a difference from each other in terms of skill and body type. I tend to think that the intent is for us to NOT run much cover 2, but I haven't seen the secondary play in detail.
  12. DougDew

    247 Sports just moved Colts

    Seems like the National Football League would have to change its name to something else, LOL.
  13. DougDew

    TDN rates Colts 2018 Draft Class #2

    Yeah, if it were strictly about comparing contracts, the NFL could compute the picks immediately. I think they wait until the end of the season because there is some sort of performance based evaluation of the player, probably based a lot on playing time. We should root for Moncrief to do well, IMO.
  14. DougDew

    Is Castonzo now the weak link?

    I don't know about weak link this year, but the future might be considered. I'll repeat myself. If the Colts select their future LT this draft in round 1 and have him play RT until he is ready, (despite Smith's emergence) even skipping on a traditional looping EDGE rusher, I think it is a good move for oline stability.
  15. DougDew

    TDN rates Colts 2018 Draft Class #2

    I think it might have to do with playing time too, or some sort of evaluation if the signing amounted to anything. For example, Moncrief playing well would help our situation, as would Autry not "earning" his $5 mill, if that would be the case. Not sure if where the player was drafted has an impact too. Moncrief being a 3rd round pick coming off his rookie deal and signing a $10 mil contract while playing well enhances his value, IIRC. But maybe it has nothing to do with it.