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  1. I wasn't a fan of Suh early on but I think he's our best option at this point. He's a good pass-rushing DT. A one year deal with him may give us the talent to go all the way this season.
  2. At face-value, Ballard could seem frustrating to fans as Polian did, sometimes. When you analyze what he's doing, I think he's brilliant.
  3. That would be some Round 2 draft drama.
  4. The only thing I'm really mad about is that I stayed up so late and didn't get to see the Colts pick a player. I think it's a good move. The three picks in the second round will be nice.
  5. ahahaah! What an upgrade over the previous administration. (Won't mention names).
  6. Actually laughed out loud at that. I oddly pictured Ballard with a coy little smile and a side-glance. A disturbingly funny image. I like this signing and I like the fact that it was under the radar.
  7. I'd like to see Suh, CJ Anderson, Ansah, Demaryius Thomas. I'd be ok with Ajayi but injuries are concerning. If not Ajayi or Anderson, maybe TJ Yeldon.
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