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  1. No real surprise there as they've done it before. I'd want the evidence to be confirmed, of course, but it wouldn't surprise me.
  2. Now that we've accepted the fact that we won't be in the playoffs and that we may have a decent 1st Round Pick by the end of the season, the Colts will somehow win it.
  3. I remember the days when only one RB saw the field. Edge's body took a beating every game as he gave 100%. It's good when they change them out when needed.
  4. Wait....Did Quincy Wilson just save the game? Nice job, Quincy! Call the Coroner to check on the Titans!
  5. Need to let his loose and see what he can do. That's the only way to battle test him. He did well today. Managed the game on the field after a major event that was destructive to team morale.
  6. Because Luck is no longer a Colt. He's gone. If we don't want a winning QB behind the center, why play?
  7. I think he will but it will obviously be a while before it happens. While I understand Luck leaving, I believe that after the KC game would have been a good time to do so. That left Indy with the draft to make preparations. I'm not sure what we would have done but changes to the draft agenda would have taken place.
  8. I like Ballard's approach on this issue-the Colts aren't one guy. I love Andrew Luck but you don't quit and then show up one day in a year or so and say, "Well, I'm back!" Maybe they've worked out something behind the scenes as a possibility and the retirement is a leave of absence for physical and mental health....maybe it's for good.
  9. At first, I was bummed out when I found out because we went from the greatness of Peyton and then we were fortunate enough to get Andrew. I thought, "All they need to do is tighten up the D and the Oline and we could have a SB." It took a while but I think Ballard was instrumental in setting the table. I was excited when camp kicked off, thinking that Luck would return. I was hoping to beat KC and NE in the playoffs (to get that NE monkey off of his back also). Now, Luck is gone as is that hope for him to lead Indy to another SB. We are starting over but this time we have much more around the incoming QB. I'd love for Brissett to lead Indy to the playoffs and ideally a SB but he's too unproven to expect that right now. We'll see. It is interesting in regards to where Indy will go with this.
  10. I think Jacoby will be better this time around and will win more games. He's improved and we have better personnel around him, especially with the O-line but with the defense, also.
  11. I think Ballard is doing well. He's not afraid to invest in trading picks and doesn't go nuts with FA. I think he's shrewd in this capacity. I think we try Jacoby and see what he can do with better personnel, better than we had the last time he was our starter. Meanwhile, keep our eyes open for better FA or draft picks.
  12. You realized you just called him Trent Dilfer. And....he has more Super Bowl rings than Andrew Luck!
  13. Cain looked pretty good out there.
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