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  1. ahahaah! What an upgrade over the previous administration. (Won't mention names).
  2. Actually laughed out loud at that. I oddly pictured Ballard with a coy little smile and a side-glance. A disturbingly funny image. I like this signing and I like the fact that it was under the radar.
  3. I'd like to see Suh, CJ Anderson, Ansah, Demaryius Thomas. I'd be ok with Ajayi but injuries are concerning. If not Ajayi or Anderson, maybe TJ Yeldon.
  4. I'm not. He would be too expensive and kind of reminds me of Terrell Owens or Keyshawn Johnson in terms of being a team player.
  5. I think Montana was better; you made some great points. I see Brady as good but he's a prima donna.
  6. I think the game could go either way. You have Tom Brady, one of the greatest (I just threw up in my mouth) QB's in recent history. He has five Super Bowl Rings and the one where they beat the Falcons was during an honest season. Then there's Belichick who can prepare the team well. It was fun watching him throw that clipboard yesterday, though. Lots of weapons on the O side of the ball. I think the Rams D would be the only thing that saves them. Both teams will put points on the board but I think the Wade Phillips D of the Rams has the advantage. I'm hoping that the Rams win as I like what McVey has done with the team. Either way, I have very little interest in this Super Bowl.
  7. I was thinking about that last night. Mack took the whole ground game on his shoulders and must have been exhausted by the fourth quarter, when we saw traces of Wilkins and Hines. I wonder if the rushing yards would have been higher if they would have seen the field earlier and intermittently.
  8. That guy really improved over the season to become a leader. I was really impressed by him.
  9. I'm very happy for him. Chuck is a great guy.
  10. Lack of pressure on Mahomes with the secondary in a close...well, second.
  11. Hahah. Typo. Pics of the scoreboard after the Colts/Redskins game this season.
  12. Trade Wentz to Jacksonville or Washington for pics or players.
  13. Defense has to step up here. They're not rested, though. A strip-sack would be beautiful here.
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