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  1. You made some great points. It may not have changed much but there would have been more options. I think the "Andrew is coming back" rumors will happen for this season and probably next, but not much further.
  2. It's his life and he owed us nothing. He had the right to choose when he retired. That said, it did hurt the organization in terms of who the QB would be. Had they known about Luck's retirement, the draft and offseason trades/signings could have been exponentially more beneficial. Instead, Brissett came in as the starter, then Rivers (seemingly coming from a "win now" perspective) and although we improved under Rivers, we didn't get there.
  3. Glad you like it. I voted Stafford. If we don't get Stafford, I suppose we go with Eason.
  4. Agreed. If there's one available and 1st round worthy, I think we go LT in the first round and corner in the 2nd.
  5. I heard that all ten of their fans had a party when they heard the news about their new coach.
  6. Your post made me think. If you think about the other QB's drafted around that time, they've won rings. Even Drew Brees, drafted a few years earlier to the Chargers, left SD and now has a ring. Eli, Ben, Brady (drafted in 2000) all have them. SD came close but didn't get there. I remember Rivers used to be very competitive...mouthing back to fans, getting into the game when they were winning (sometimes throwing fits when they weren't). He's still a good QB, not as good as he used to be, but still good. I think our O-line would be very beneficial. A couple of WR's in the draft or FA and with a healthy Marlon Mack, Hines, Williams, and Wilkins, our offense would improve significantly. We may still be able to draft a QB in Rd. 1 (to develop) or in Rd. 2 (if one was available and he was one we wanted). After thinking about it, I wouldn't hate the idea of signing him if he wanted to come here. However, I probably wouldn't have said this if there was a window of time between Luck and Manning.
  7. I think he also practices martial arts and has done so for quite some time. It makes you pretty limber.
  8. Thank you. I remember that expression and would have been disappointed not to see it. Someone posted this one years ago with two little mouths in place of his eyes. It creeped everyone out.
  9. If AC retires, we have to draft one in Round One if one is available. If that happens, I would hope we'd get into FA for a QB (Carr and Dalton are my picks for that). If he stays, we have some leeway with our first pick and may go QB if the right one is still there. I do like your point about getting one now, though, and training him up.
  10. The game even feels more ethical without the Pats in it.
  11. He's really impressive. He can throw on the run and even side-arm it.
  12. We'll never know what happened behind the scenes in regards to Luck's retirement. He may have mentioned it to Irsay or Ballard in March and they told him to "wait on it and see how you feel." Or, he may have come up with it some time in the summer. I don't have a problem with the retirement, just when it happened. It left the organization in a very bad position and if it would have been announced in March, Ballard could have looked into doing something in FA or the draft. As far as Ballard's philosophy is concerned, I believe in the "build through the draft" philosophy but we have to consider that not all draft picks work out well for most teams, only a small percentage. If you have holes to fill now, FA is sometimes the only way to go. Win five years down the road is fine but teams and fans want to win now. On the other hand, I don't like the idea of signing every FA that hits the market and paying them astronomical salaries. I would, however, love to see us be a little more active in FA if that's possible. For example, why not draft a QB and get a FA QB that he can learn from for a year? A FA DT would help if one isn't available in the draft; waiting until 2021 or 2022 for that great, pass-rushing DT doesn't make any sense when you can get a good one in FA.
  13. He may be ok there. A lot of guys don't do well at head coach but are very good coordinators. Wade Phillips is one example.
  14. Agreed. We didn't have enough pieces around the QB to be a SB team. Peyton has Wade Phillips to thank for his second ring.
  15. I think he hates Indy, especially after Deflategate. I also am not sure that I trust him as he is entrenched in the Patriots organization.
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