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  1. I heard that all ten of their fans had a party when they heard the news about their new coach.
  2. Why was he nominated? In that case, I would nominate Trent Green but Trent Green didn't become an activist after he was benched like another unnamed individual.
  3. I think he likes a good, quiet family life and Indy offers that. It is a smaller city (with enough to do) and is easy to get around. I think he'll be happy here while he's on the Colts.
  4. I could see Cleveland with his relationship with the Haslam family there but I'm not an expert on that. I don't see Denver as I think Elway would be first in line. He could possibly make a bid on Tennessee. I think the Saints would be another possibility.
  5. A lot of people think they have the whole thing figured out because they've been fans and have studied the game a long time. No one here knows what will happen. That said, I respect you for posting this. I'd gladly eat crow when it comes to the Colts benefiting and winning. Some exciting things were done today. Cheers.
  6. Wife and I were just talking about that. It's going the way a lot of people thought.
  7. I think the 4th round is a safe bet for him. Having Rivers to mentor him would be extremely beneficial. With Reich's coaching, he could be a good QB, especially with that year to develop. I like his quick release and field awareness. He's my favorite QB that we have a chance at getting.
  8. The Giants are my #2 team and close behind, the Falcons. I've started to like the Rams, too, after seeing them live at the LA Coliseum for their last game there last December.
  9. I think that the jury is still out on Kelly. We could have used the opportunity last season when Brissett got injured to see what he could do.
  10. I'd hope we go WR at 34. If we go QB at 44, I'd want Hurts, Gordon, or Fromm if available. I like what I'm seeing here in FA so far as I think CB is doing well at addressing at holes in the roster.
  11. I liked Hurts and Eason; I was really impressed with Gordon's quick release. I like Fromm but his combine drill looked like he was overthrowing quite a bit. I think he might be ok behind our line. In addition, if we can get him at #34 and sit him behind Rivers and let him learn. (Of course, I'm biased towards Georgia players). I don't think Love or Herbert will be there.
  12. I would see Bridgewater or Carr as being smart signings, especially since a lot of first-round-worthy QB picks will likely be gone by 13.
  13. Your post made me think. If you think about the other QB's drafted around that time, they've won rings. Even Drew Brees, drafted a few years earlier to the Chargers, left SD and now has a ring. Eli, Ben, Brady (drafted in 2000) all have them. SD came close but didn't get there. I remember Rivers used to be very competitive...mouthing back to fans, getting into the game when they were winning (sometimes throwing fits when they weren't). He's still a good QB, not as good as he used to be, but still good. I think our O-line would be very beneficial. A couple of WR's in the draft or FA
  14. I think he also practices martial arts and has done so for quite some time. It makes you pretty limber.
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