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  1. I was thinking that Cato June was that type of hybrid S/LB, if I remember correctly.
  2. I could see that. I've always thought that the Jaguars would somehow end up in St. Louis. They have waves of fandom for a little while but then it fades. In other words, 8 out of the 15 fans lose interest and stop showing up.
  3. Interesting: San Antonio Chiefs Portland Chiefs Louisville Chiefs Oklahoma City Chiefs or Tulsa Chiefs Omaha Chiefs There are several options out there. It would be more interesting if there was a movement to change the name of the team during the move.
  4. I'm rooting against the Chiefs. I can't think of any situation where I would root for the Ravens.
  5. Colts will need to start drafting heavy pass rush to rattle Stroud.
  6. As a fan who has relocated back to Indy a few years ago, it's great to go to the Combine. I took my son the first year that they opened it up to fans but you had to be completely silent. My wife and I went last year (son was at college) and it was different. You could cheer (they asked you to be silent during the 40 but no one really did). The vendors were also open. It was a nice event. We got to see so many NFL greats, past and future.
  7. Those are my picks exactly. I want to the wind taken out of the Texans' sails. Tired of the Chiefs (mostly in commercials and Mahomes' temper tantrum) and I like Tua. I like Josh Allen so Go Bills. Cowboys? Nope. Not America's team, Go Pack. Lions...I like what they've done there.
  8. So the way around the Rooney Rule is to do just that. Get him a year or two ahead of time and put it in the contract.
  9. I hate when they embarrass their fans in a nationally televised game.
  10. I realize that all twelve Texans fans are quite happy but Indy needs to get after Stroud and take that smirk off his face.
  11. I wondered about this....right after the fourth pick in the draft. I do think Stroud will be good for the Texans and I hope the same for Richardson, provided that he can stay healthy next season.
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