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Colts @ Chiefs 2019 AFC Divisional Round Playoff Game Thread


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1 minute ago, coming on strong said:

we really need a new QB i was never sold on luck he is not the next coming of anything . he is about to be 30 next year he already peaked we know what he is .   By age 30 manning was the best QB in the league . luck is not good he is a matt ryan / mattew stafford .


Dear lord... it's like you've not watched him this season. 

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I think called timeout to give the defense a rest.  Didn't matter.


Just doesn't feel like with them getting ball to start second half there is much hope here.  I would seriously try the onside kick to start the half, low probability of success but they haven't punted yet anyway.

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15 minutes ago, threeflight said:

I agree he is a stats machine, but he is still pretty good.


Reminds me a lot of Cato June.



He would need to gain 30 pounds to be a true impact player.


He does need to gain weight. He is listed at 234, but posted a pic on his instagram story (disappears after 24 hours) of the scale reading 215. That's insane...

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2 minutes ago, iuecon99 said:

Couple of drops too.  Feels like just a couple first downs maybe could have stemmed the tide.  But 24-7 at half is tough.

...and I didn't figure that our WRs could not get open.

WE have not turned the ball over

Andrew is not missing open receivers


..They just slapped a bucket full of defense on us

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Just now, oldunclemark said:

24-7 now...we have 1:40 to get something and we have to

we cant get a first down its not gonna change ..... the colts are horrible today and a couple years away from being good .  we need to build luck a top 3 defense or he cant win a super bowl he is to inconsistent to ask him to go 3 or 4 games against good teams he cant do it not good enough

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