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  1. If they feel he needs it we may all be shocked to see him play a half in the next 2 weeks but I think they would do that only if they feel he really really needs it .
  2. Giants fans have no problem with this at all >>>>> (NY Post newspaper ) headline "The Saquon Barkley mistake Giants can’t make" Excerpt from artilcle>>>>>> (Barkley is 100% heathy ) "Barkley is the straw that stirs the Giants’ drink. The risk-reward isn’t worth taking him out of bubble wrap. Better safe than sorry. Keep him in mothballs." ………………. I can see that point of view and it DECREASES my concern about whether Andrew plays in Pre-season or not .
  3. Has this franchise ever had a game (pre-season or otherwise ) where it had 200 yards penalties in one game ?
  4. Ok So we do have a shot at a 200 yard penalty game .
  5. I do not spend a lot of time concerning myself on third string QB's but this guy Kelly is making it hard on any thought of cutting him (to me at least ).
  6. How about the defense get a turnover ……..Just for some fun .
  7. The best news...…… This gets us one week closer to real football.
  8. Can we at least make them have to use a third down ?
  9. Been reading some things about what the positive potential of the Ebron-Doyle combo can give the Colts this season .
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