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  1. HOF19

    Colts away schedule is brutal

    And ????? …………. My buddy (Giants fan ) ALWAYS complains after his Giants go to the playoffs and then gets a tougher schedule the following season …...Well hey just like the team with the worst record gets the first pick in the draft ( which is proper ) it is also proper that we get a tough schedule next season …..WHY ? …….Because we made the playoffs . So I guess we can't complain .
  2. Pats gonna sit their starters sometime in second half ?
  3. Rivers gonna punch a ref soon .
  4. How about a consolation game …...AND in a cold weather site Colts vs Chargers ……. I would like our chances !
  5. Maybe this is just my Colts fan pride. But we at least might have given JUST a little better game to the Pats than these Chargers are doing as I type this ………….. And just as I am typing this …….Another Pats TD !
  6. Seen other members of this message board make that same comment over the last hour and a half !
  7. Zak Keefer‏Verified account @zkeefer 3m3 minutes ago Asked Eric Ebron where the offense was today. “We left it back in Indy, to be real with you.”
  8. This game was about winning it for Reid .
  9. Chiefs players first words will be "We did it for our coach " …..Which is probably accurate !!!!!
  10. Chiefs played with a chip on their shoulder !!!!!
  11. Say it again...…… They wanted it more !!!!!!!!
  12. Now the score really reflects the game .
  13. JMV is at the game >>>>>>>JMV1070‏Verified account @JMV1070 4m4 minutes ago Copy link to Tweet Sitting here live. In this atmosphere. It screams for a playmaker. Changing my mind on the AB subject.
  14. The question to me is do we belong on the same field as this Chiefs team ?