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  1. Final sentence of article " While Indianapolis isn't Belichickian in its level of impressive just yet , it sure seems poised to assume the role if New England ever steps aside ". ……………..DARE I believe ????? ( At the bottom of the article there is a comment section with a lot of fans disagreeing ) Article link >>>>>https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2840869-ranking-the-nfl-teams-best-set-up-for-the-future?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_campaign=nfl#slide10
  2. Ourlads has this on their Colts depth chart linebackers >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SLB99 HOUSTON, JUSTIN MLB50 Walker, Anthony WLB53 Leonard, Darius ……...…...I have read different articles on the internet where everyone of these guys get 2019 Pro Bowl mention...….IMAGINE OUR WHOLE STARTING LINBACKER CORP GOING TO Pro bowl !
  3. Nice jobs Colts he deserved it. I can feel the time when all NFL teams open camp getting closer and closer !
  4. I just think Cain is going to have a "got something to prove " chip on his shoulder .
  5. I am happy that in his sophomore year of his career there DC's in our division that feel they may have to spend some of their game planning on keeping an eye on him !
  6. Found this on internet >>>>>>>>Ravens' Nico Siragusa 'Obviously Willing To Learn' Center Position By: Luke Jackson, May 15, 2017 ………..https://www.pressboxonline.com/2017/05/15/ravens-nico-siragusa-obviously-willing-to-learn-center-position
  7. Ballard staying on top of things (as usual )
  8. Per Ourlads website depth chart (which they update once every 24 hours 365 days a year ) Josh Andrews next up back-up center who (per Ourlads ) >>>>> 11/18 IND from PHI P/SQ .
  9. Actually heard thoughts/opinions "Would trade Giants or Jets owner/ GM combo for Colts owner/GM combo . NY Media (and fans ) nominating Giants and Jets " Top 2 most dysfunctional organizations in NFL "
  10. I have been reading some good stuff about DL Sterling Shippy >>>>> Shippy played a big role in the Braves leading the nation in both sacks and tackles for a loss. Individually, he ended the year with 38 tackles, 8.0 sacks and 14.5 tackles for a loss ….. I know it's only Alcorn State but I will be hoping this player shows a lot this spring and summer ……. GO COLTS !!!!!
  11. Just got to see only the end of his career but to me not just a hall of famer but one of the best hall of famers ever.....Prayer and thoughts to the family .
  12. Read some things on the internet showed some ability to penetrate OL worth keeping on eye on this kid .
  13. Their overall power rankings have the Colts at # 4 in NFL only behind Patriots...….Saints and Chargers . Hey I hope they are correct ! Article link >>>>>> https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2833327-nfl-power-rankings-where-does-every-team-stand-after-the-2019-nfl-draft#slide32
  14. From Sporting News and as a USC fan this is an spot on analysis of Marvell >>>> Tell is a long, lean football machine. High-cut with tremendous length in his levers, Tell is a graceful, powerful athlete who excels in open space. Covers a ridiculous amount of real estate compliments of a loose hip girdle and long stride length. Wonderful wingspan makes him an asset in jump-ball situations. Article link >>>>>>https://www.sportingnews.com/us/other-sports/news/marvell-tell-recruiting-scouting-report-commitment-usc-ucla-athlete/1fb6ox2jbcedg1xtcl7j8hx80v
  15. So that I do not have to eat crow (and if I did it would not be the first time) I am holding off on my opinion on Mr. Funchess and trusting Ballard......As a Colt's fan to me the best case scenario ?????? Is to root for Mr. Funchess and hope he excels in a Colts Uniform …..But that is just me .
  16. My biased grade (because of my bias for Marvell Tell …. I am a USC fan) would be a B ………. But I gotta say been doing a fair amount of searching on the Net for draft grades....Can't find one that dislikes our 2019 draft ….. For whatever that is worth...….. GO COLTS !
  17. From NJ media >>>>>> By Darryl Slater | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com Now that the 2019 NFL Draft is complete, let’s hand out our team-by-team grades......And the Colts grade ??? >>>>>>> • Colts (10 picks): CB Rock Ya-Sin (2), OLB Ben Banogu (2), WR Parris Campbell (2), LB Bobby Okereke (3), S Khari Willis (4), S Marvell Tell (5), LB E.J. Speed (5), OLB Gerri Green (6), OT Jackson Barton (7), C Javon Patterson (7) Grade: A Analysis: Terrific draft. You might not have heard of Ya-Sin and Banogu, but they’re legit picks. Campbell fell perhaps farther than expected.
  18. Wanted offensive lineman in 4th or 5th round .
  19. That's 2 OL would have like to pick OL 4th or 5th round tho .
  20. Soon gonna have to start looking to see who Colts sign as undrafted free gents ,
  21. There is 1 give 2-3 more as undrafted free agents .
  22. Hey......As a lifetime USC Trojan fan I am trying to keep my happy emotions down ever since we drafted Tell...……. Drafting him as a DB makes me want jump for joy.....His range !
  23. One ok …..2-3 more as undrafted FA would be even nicer.
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