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  1. How refreshing to have so many plays and so few flags. Loved that!
  2. I wish we could see the all 22 to follow specific receivers. Watching tv, we can’t see what any of our receivers are doing. Can’t really judge.
  3. I try to be an optimist but it is very hard now. This is embarrassing. Feeling my post-season depression coming. I will still cheer for my Coltsi
  4. I was in the Superdome and watched in horror when our team suffered the worst loss in NFL history in New Orleans with Curtis Painter at the helm. This is no where close to the worst first half.
  5. I agree. We expected the D to look bad against this Chiefs offense. What I didn’t expect was this disgusting and offensive offense.
  6. Can someone send a message to not leave the entire midfield open
  7. 3 defenders in same place and for all 3 of them it is wrong.
  8. Hate to see a major player hurt. Want NO excuses when we come back for the win.
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