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  1. Any injuries from this game announced so far?
  2. Defense needs to be hungry here. Please or please win this game!
  3. Would have expected better from Doyle on that screen.
  4. It seems we get a great defensive down or two and then sit down and let them run whichever routes they want uncontested. They win first down again.
  5. I trust in this defense. Darius looks like he feels better, is faster than last week.
  6. The sad realization from today isn’t necessarily that we might miss the playoffs, but the sad thing today for me is the inability to pretend anymore that we can win if we make it in. We just aren’t that good. Even with backup line, our quarterback had time to throw and didn’t throw well on that last drive. Burton doesn’t really contribute more than 1 good play per game and MAC looks like he has the joints and speed of an 80 year old. If the defense can’t make miracles happen, we lose. The one bright spot is Taylor. He earned an A+ today.
  7. That stinks. Crying big blue tears over here. I’m a true Colts believer and we deserved this loss. Disgusting 2nd half.
  8. What did Rivers see there that he brought the ball back down to get tackled.
  9. This is going to be a long quarter. Go Colts!! Who is nervous?
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