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  1. There is very little energy in this stadium right now. Hopefully it fills soon with loud fans.
  2. My thoughts exactly. Run was working, short crossing routes were working. B Hoyer throwing fades to the corner of the end zone never ever working...so we tried it 3 times in a row. Honestly this strategy was incomprehensible.
  3. Had anyone seen Sanchez try extra points? Could he really be worse?
  4. Did our o line get drunk? Their play is embarrassing! Brissett needs to get rid of the ball quicker.
  5. At the game today, I was really watching how their D lined up pre-snap. Almost every play, was thinking : yikes hard to run against That Front! Texans sold out to stop the run. I agree with choice to take what they were offering.
  6. I was wondering why we still have refs trying to run around the field Trying to keep up with the most elite athletes? ...when their line of sight often gets disrupted. Why not have the same number of refs (with the same assigned responsibilities as now) in a booth watching the players on computer screens to decide when penalty flags are indicated? Could leave one on the field to place the ball based on what the line judge radios to him. This might actually speed up the game versus having things reviewed after the fact. I know it’s not perfect, but no one seems to believe that the current system is near perfect either.
  7. While eating some KC Bbq at the stadium tailgate last night, I twice said to KC fans beside us that I understood we were going to lose big and likely in a blowout so .... awesome Bbq last night but my share of this crow this morning tastes GOOD! Fun to see a little blue in Arrowhead. Go Colts!
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