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  1. Vaughns may just a good solid WR/Football player. 6-1 height is sufficient. A little on the light side for his Ht at 185-190 lbs, but not anymore slight than Marvin Harrison or TY Hilton. Now I'm not saying he is the same status as those great Colt WR, just a build comparison, but they are both faster. They say Vaughns did not have a good 40 time at the USC Pro-Day, 4.6+, slow for a slight WR but thought I seen he had run a 4.5 in the past. Still he was very productive and consistent at USC, kind of don't measure him, just play him and throw to him, he makes plays. Competing for the #5 o
  2. Tough question, but I'm going by the perspective of Colt free agents that we re-signed. I don't think it can be overstated how important the re-signing of CB Xavier Rhodes was to outlook for the season. When he was re-signed, I had a big sigh of relief. Good CB's are are to find and if he can replicate his season, we are in good shape. With Moore playing solid as well, we just have find some dependable play from the other CB, instead to 2 CB's (if Rhodes signed else where).
  3. He has a similar body type to Stallworth, and I think they will compete for a roster spot got for the back-up DT/NT. To back-up Grover Stewart, can also play the NT, good complement to DeForest Bucker. Although Antwaun Woods was an UDFA, we was a Co-Captain at USC his senior year, which is a good endorsement. Also started a bunch of games for the Cowboys and fans on youtube said he was decent, I read a comment the defense played better with him starting. He may also have a bone to pick with his first team, Tennessee Titans, which is good internal motivation against our primary division riv
  4. This is what I got on him from a Packers virutual meeting. Looks like he steps up in the big game. Has an impressive game against Ohio St in the Big Ten Championship. The Green Bay Packers held a virtual pre-draft meeting with Northwestern receiver Ramaud Chiaokhiao-Bowman, according to Justin Melo of The Draft Network. Bowman, a Minneapolis native, played in 47 career games at Northwestern, catching 82 passes for 986 yards and eight touchdowns. In 2020, Bowman led the team in receiving yards (508) and receiving touchdowns (five), set a new career-high in catches (41) and earn
  5. I think Wilkins is underated, he would a solid #2 RB on any team. He did have some starts for us and didn't he his 1st game as a rookie for us. Mack coming of his injury, being brought back slowly could be #3/4 with Wilkins, Plus Wilkins contributes on special teams. Jackson my be able to save on the practice squad. Hopefully Mack makes it back to his pre-injury form. I was at the game when Mack made the 56 yard TD runs against the Chargers in there temp Carson, California stadium. My wife was screaming go, go, GO! during that run, around the Charger fan who was yelling when
  6. The year of the Achilles with Mack, Dayo, and possibly Fisher. If it works out, we will be the standard for which players with Achilles injures will use a a reference point about coming back from this type of injury. On Fisher, I did not realize he was the #1 pick in the draft in 2013. I knew he was a 1st round pick but thought he was a mid 1st round pick. If we sign him. Have Tevi start the first month or so, and if Fisher comes back close to form. It will be a O-line I'd pay money to watch, which I'm doing already. A healthy Fisher, next to Nelson and Kelly, WOW!,
  7. I give them a D- for their ability to grade drafts and that is being generous.
  8. It is interesting. I'm sure everyone knows they can find a negative on any player drafted, Peyton Manning - they said would spread his legs too far during his drop back and can't win the big one. This years #1, Trevor Lawrence - They said something about his commitment prior to the draft. Says he takes too much risk, stairs down targets, contributing to his 17 career int. If we drafted OT Darrisaw - maybe due to a lack of condition which leads to different energy levels from one play to the next/inconsistent play. Not a good pull blocker. Like mentioned, r
  9. WR Vaughn, is a good UDFA signing. Lindy's had him projected at a 4th round pick. His measurables was not desirable, Ht is OK 6-1, a little light 190, but not too light. Not saying he is Devonte Smith who is 175 lbs, but faster. They say Vaughn did not have a good Pro Day 40, but Lindy's has him at 4.47. Vaughn may be just a good, solid, reliable, smooth ER who knows how to get open. Did not put up great numbers but was consistent. Highlights shows he did receive a lateral pass then threw a TD pass to Pittman at USC. We could do worse with Vaughn as our 5th WR or practice squad. There w
  10. Although I like Wilkins, we could trade him for a mid round draft choice next year. I mentioned last year we should not trade or release Wilkins who has average over 5 yards per carry for his career unless he proves he cannot do that or 4.5 ypc. In 2020 he avg 3.7 ypc but keep in mind with J. Taylor and Hines being the 1-2 RB combo, a lot of Wilkins carries were mop up duty at the end of the game, running out the clock, when the defense knows it is a running play. I think Wilkins can be a solid #2 RB in a 1-2 RB combo in NFL but we at well stocked at RB with Taylor, Hines, and M
  11. Alright the dream is the have our 7th round draft choice plug and play a mean LT, next to Q. Nelson and help lead us to the Super Bowl along with contributions of our new crop of draftees and 1-2 UDFA who we have always had make the team. Ballard may now see where he has to spend money on a key FA acquisition.
  12. Like someone said earlier, he reminds me of the Saints QB Taysom Hill because of his running ability and similar size. Not sure of Hill's speed but not sure can similarly play WR in a pinch with 4.74 speed, unless he just has the knack to get open. OK to compete with Eason for the back-up QB. It is good to have it understood the it is know that Ehlinger or Eason will be the back-up QB to Wentz, we don't want the Philly syndrome in Colt Nation. I have a old Army buddy, my room mate in Iraq who bleeds burnt orange like I bleed blue blood and he knows it, is from Austin, grad from
  13. He did say he can block, but did mention he is considered a fast TE. I think at 6-2 240 he should be able to block if he mindset is to do so. I would think a 6-2 240 TE should block better than a 6-5 240 TE, more compact, lower center of gravity. I like to use quotes if I can remember it. Vermeil in his days with Philly, said something about a 190 lbs RB or something like that, he said, you're 190 lbs, you're tough, you can block. About his drops, it mentioned about 4 drops in game. He said that is behind him and he is confident in his hands. The highlights does show a 1 ha
  14. I was surprised with the pick, considering they passed to OT Dan Moore, Texas A&M who the Steelers took with the next pick. Moore started at LT for 3 years. The Colts scouts must have seem something they did not like about Moore. Also, their higher best available TE's still there. Ballard/Reich must be think he is a Burton like player and replacement the Wentz will like and be factored into the offensive game plan. I seen him listed at 6-2, has good speed and is good with run after the catch. The reported drops is concern and they often come at the most worst
  15. I thought the Colts was trying Banogu at LB in his rookie year but that did not work out and played him at DE. Perhaps he could not grasp the pass defense concept needed to play LB.
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