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  1. Caffrey

    A scary thought for next season

    Yes, started the season with Luck having full confidence in his shoulder. During the first few games, he seemed to very cautious, throwing mostly short passes. Although he was throwing an insane amount of passes on a couple of those games, still was mostly short. He should open the year will full confidence. However, hopefully not like his last game against KC, but we are looking forward now. Maybe with an addition of another top flight WR via FA or the draft to go along with TY. Inman looks look solid and is a keeper, his CFL experience, winning the Grey Cup helps, he is a solid professional WR. Hopefully Pascal makes the big 2nd jump in provement. Inman and Pascal give us good size at WR. Inman at 6-3 205 and Pascal at 6-2 219, to complement the 5-10 183 TY Hilton. I remember one of announcers saying how big Inman and Pascal was when he spoke to them before the KC game.
  2. Caffrey

    What does Cox do better that Swoope?

    Both will continue to improve considering they are relatively new to competitive football. Cox is a little heavier and a better blocker. Cox besides that spectacular 1 hand grad TD against Oakland has not caught a lot of passes. However, when he did, he seemed to have pretty good run after the catch ability. Swoope is a dangerous downfield receiver for a TE and also has a knack for catching TD's, like Ebron. I was disappointed when we let Swoope go and pleased when we re-signed. Hopefully, his injury is resolved by mini and training camp. Especially if Doyle is unable to return, whom I like a reliable TE for us, as long as he stops fumbling.
  3. OK Colts Nation, our 2018 season is over. Congrats to the KC Chiefs, I do hope the beat the Pats and go on to win the Super Bowl. To reflect back, anybody who talked playoffs at preseason or at 1-5 would have been called *s by many here on this forum. I always think we have a chance until mathematically eliminated. Anyway, even though we loss, about half the expert announcers thought we would beat the Chiefs as we can't that bad. If we played a good game, who knows but again given the Chiefs the credit the deserve and like us, their future looks bright, especially with their shinning star QB Mahomes. The season is over, we have a lot of cap space, an extra early 2nd round draft choice from the Jets and looks like we will also get a 4th round compensatory pick for losing Moncrief to free agency. Just a small note, our 5th WR Fountain, missed that wide open pass for a TD towards the end of the 4th quarter. Although meaningless, the score would have been 31-20 instead of 31-13. Maybe that's why he stayed on the practice squad all year. He will be thinking about that all off-season, hopefully he makes the 2nd year jump in improvement. We had a good year, I would like to have seen us play better in our last game though.
  4. Caffrey

    It all came down to this...

    I agree, as bad as we being outplayed, we had a chance in the 4th quarters, especially when D. Leonard got that fumble, I thought we would surely score a TD. However, Luck for some phantom reason, continued his ineptitude play. You can give KC credit but if Luck played well, who knows?
  5. Caffrey

    Andrew’s poor short throws

    First, unfortunate to a novice or average fan, not fanatics like us. Many may have watched this Nationally televised playoff game to watch the hype of the great Andrew Luck. To the average fan, the will come away saying Luck did not show them anything and is overrated, based on the Chief game alone. Someone said they wonder about his shoulder because he seem to be lobbing to ball more like against the Texans and Titans. I made post last week about that but I felt he was doing that on purpose as a touch pass because he was dropping it in nicely, and these we mid range to deep passes. The Texans 2nd half was similar to the Chiefs game but not quite as bad but the Colts were in preserve the lead/win mode. Luck is our QB and he had a great year, especially after the 1-5 start, he really started to play well and I hope he did not re-injure his shoulder based on the yesterday's game. Luck did seem glassy eyed, as someone else said, "a dear in the headlights look" and unfortunately, I agree. Young Mahomes schooled him in comparison from and mental and physical standpoint. It was a team loss but Luck's poor performance was the #1 factor. When we win he gets the most glory and when we lose same thing but in this case it was obvious.
  6. Caffrey


    It was a team loss, Vinny's' misses was one of a few different factors in the loss. We could have been a 1 position game later in the 4th quarter if he made those kicks, stunning considering how bad we were playing. I don't thinks the holder was the problem either. Vinny just had a bad day, his leg strength seemed fine as the kicks had more that enough distance but after all, both were chips shots. We always bring in a second kicker to not overuse Vinny's leg in training camp and pre-season, he accurary can be re-assessed at that tiime. I don't say we get emotional and release him talk about immediate replacement, lets get a good eval of this future Hall of Famer, he is the older player in the league, but we also know kickers can last longer than any other position.
  7. If Vinny did not miss the FG and extra point, it would only be a one score ball game which would be amazing considering how bad we played. That was not good version of an onside, not chance, unless it hit a player and bounded off.
  8. Someone mentioned an onside kick to start the 2nd half, that is an interesting thought and should be considered, we gotout giving everything we got.
  9. I was about it is only a 14 point deficit, not as bad as the 28 point 3rd quarter deficit we came back from. Still 17 points is not as bad as 28 point for a great comeback. That last drive shows we can move the ball passing with a hurry up offense that we should do the rest of the game. We need to pass 90% of the plays, run periodically to keep the honest. A whole team breakdown. Luck, Ebron first drop, offsides by Autry, Hunt, and Sherod. Safety Wilcox looks lost but may be because he is a recent pick up to our system. His horse collar flag was stupid, was way out of bounds already. Lets open it up, if we go down, we go down guns a blazing.
  10. They were talking about Vinatieri hitting he FG's in pre-game warm-ups. Made me think about deja vu, Vinny hitting another game winner like he did in the snow against the Raiders to add to his storied history. Enjoy it Colt nation, remember at pre-season, we weren't supposed to be here and now some experts predict we will beat the #1 seed, what a transformation over the past 5 months. Go Colts!
  11. Caffrey


    Losing is my biggest concern but I like our chances of winning, otherwise I have no concerns. Specifically, I would say the obvious, stopping or containing Mahomes. With his ability, he will get his share of positive plays but limit him to not having a big day. If it snows, it will impact both QB's, but I think our better O-line and RB's may be the difference maker, actually regardless if it snows or not. Chiefs RB Kareem Hunt being out has hurt their offense.
  12. Caffrey

    Frank Reich Mic'd Up

    Nice, really cool. Thanks Josh McDaniel for not coming to Indy.
  13. TY is so dependable and explosive, we would not have our success it he was not for him. The great turnaround and success has many contributors but he is surely one big factor. At work today, my co-workers know I'm a Colts fan and was saying how lucky are to have TY Hilton, he does a great job of the field without be a prima donna diva, I/me first player, and negative locker room guy. His production over the past several years would make him vulnerable to getting a big head but he stays level headed and is a pleasant interview. I'm grateful for his efforts and contributions without being a problematic player for coaches and team mates like some other great WR's like; Antonio Brown, OBJ, Dez Bryant, Terrel Owens are those that come to mind. Fitzgerald of Arizona is another top flight WR, model citizen.
  14. Caffrey

    Andrew Luck's Touch Passes

    This is my observation. It seem like during our first few games, he was still getting used to his post injury feel. He was playing conservative with quick release short passes with an occasional mid range pass, and rare if any deep passes. The first hail mary at the end of the half, Reich put J. Brissett to throw that 60+ yarder, creating further having questions about his shoulder. Luck remained politically correct in his post-game interview. When Luck was kept in for the hail mary, at the end of the half, I think it was the very next game, it was about midfield and I'm not exactly sure but I think he threw that pass about 53-55 yards in the air. I think if he wanted too, he could have thrown it farther because he threw it a little higher than normal to allow the receivers to get under it. Although it was incomplete, I felt good that he could throw it that far if needed, and probably a little farther. TOUCH PASSES! What I've noticed over the past 3-4 weeks, he seems to much more comfortable and confident in his shoulder and passing. I see him throwing intentional soft touch passes that drop in for the catch to the open receiver, and these are not short passes but mid range to long passes. Remember, he was not throwing long passes early in the season. He is now playing at a high level and he seems to be getting better every game, not mentally as he already has the mental game, but physically in his shoulder/passing. Kind of like a kid in the candy store, now that he got his game back, can't wait for the next play to make up for all the fun he has been missing. This also makes our run game better and vice versa.
  15. Caffrey

    1995 Colts Analogy

    You know me an my analogies but I think this is another good one. THE LEAD IN: The 1995 Colts, Jim Harbaugh became the starter and led this bunch of "Ragamuffins" as he would call it to a 9-7 record and wildcard playoff birth. I remember the long pass from mid-field to WR Sean Dawkins was a thing of beauty. The FB Zack Crockett carried the rock for over a 100 yards to win the wild card game to move on the K.C. THE SIMILARITY: KC was the #1 seed then and now, we were the #6 seed then and now. A lot of my friends and relatives who knew I'm a Colt fan said they thought the Colts can beat the Chiefs and we did. Like back then, my friends and relatives are telling they think the Colts can beat the Chiefs. There are no guarantees, that is why they the play the game. This is my true feeling, the Colts have a good shot is winning this game, I'm very impressed with Mahomes and lets leave it at that. A difference is that Harbaugh threw for only 112 yards but in a winning effort in 1995. We won with good defense and the KC PK missed a key FG. I don't anticipate Luck will be held for 112 yards but I don't care if he passes for 9 yards, 0 TD, 4 interceptions, as long as we win, the whole team and Colt family will be happy. I do really feel good about this game. We are in the Divisional Playoffs, football life is good. Note: I just happen to be watching NFL GameDay Primetime and they are showing some KC highlights, caption says they had 3 primetime losses in 6 weeks, to the Rams, Chargers, and Seahawks, before clinching the division with a win over the Raiders. In the Seahawk lost, the announcer is saying "KC has no answer for the Seahawks receivers".