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  1. The Steelers have pretty much owned us which is dissapointing. The Harbaugh to Aaron Bailey Hail Mary that rolled of Bailey's stomach and Coryatt missed interception which would have won the game, That was rough, great game in a losing effort. Nick Harper, not taking the fumble return to outside so Roethlisberger would not have been able to catch was another tough loss. Last years regular season loss hurt to and had big time negative playoff implications for us. The planets was aligned for us to win and we still loss. Roethlisberger was out. Vinatieri missed a 43 yard FB at the end of the game which would have won it for us to add to his nightmare season. Rigo had the football laces facing toward him which is bad but the replay show he Vinny chili dipped, kicked grass before hitting the football and missed badly, was not even close. The game showed on replay this week. Here is an other what if. Paris Campbell caught a pass on the left flat, had running room, looked like he probably would have scored, but he got tripped on his own feet and went down inside the Pittsburgh 10, he had a blocker on the defender in front of him so I think he had a good chance to score a TD. Anyway, on the next play or 2, Q Nelson was blocked back in Jacoby Brissett and that is when he injured his knee which also affect the his play and season. If Campbell had scored, Brissett would not have gotten hurt a couple plays later and who knows. We did beat the Steelers in the regular season in about the 1977 season, after 2 playoff losses to the Steelers in 1975 and 1976, I remember a comment by Left OT David Taylor who finally held his own aganst DE Dwight White, who nasty a football player but a showed to be a decent man off the field. Anyway Taylor said he did not let White's intimidation tactics get to him (poking at eyes). Something positive about Dwight White, I remember when Rocky Bleier made his comeback in uniform. the whole Steeler team came out first and was on sidelines and then Rocky Bleier was introduce last as the Vietnam veteran making his return debut. Dwight White was the first or one of the first Steeler to run to the tunnel to great him at the end zone as he came out of the tunnel, nice showing. I remember we beat the Steelers in a regular season game in the Peyton Manning era. Our safety Melvin B, (sp) made a big defensive play at the end of the game to prevent the Steeler comeback.
  2. I think TY, Campbell, and Pittman are locks at the 1-3 WR. I like Pascal at #4. There will be quality competition for the #5 WR between Marcus Robinson, Fountain, Rogers, others. Robinson is pretty solid veteran. Fountain was have a very good pre-season, making that 2nd year jump, until he had that unfortunate injury in the last pre-season game last year. Hope Rivers can develop a prior basketball player to TE relationship, is liking Antonio Gates, would not expect that great of a success but something to that effect. I like Wilkins at our #3 RB, he is a competitor, look at his play his senior year in college against #1 Alabama, he rose to the occasion and did not back down and played impressively against them, like a 1 man team. I would not let a RB who averages 5.8 YPC go and until he shows shows he cannot average 4.3 or better or even the 4.0 target bench march.
  3. I met Mr. Warford at the airport in American Samoa a few years ago, waiting for our flight to Hawaii. Malcom Floyd WR for the Chargers was also there but they were not together. Anyway, I did get to speak with both of them briefly, very respectful young men, referring to me as Sir, and they said they were in American Samoa to see their mothers. If we sign him, it would help ensure our OL is a strength, now that our skill positions looks promising. I was a little familiar with Warford, being a 3rd round draft choice of Detroit, kind of wanting the Colts to draft him at the time. I did mention Dominic Raiola, the lines OC, knowing he lines up next him at OG, Raiola, being a All-State Center in Hawaii's dominating St. Louis High School, where Tua and Mariota play high school ball as well. Warford gave a good smile and said he and Dominic were tight. Floyd had a nice career for an undrafted WR, and is a big WR in the Pittman/Patmon mold. Interesting his older brother who was also their, with a similar spelled first name Malcolm and Malcom Floyd, the elder being a WR for the Houston Oilers in 90's.
  4. I really getting sick and tired of losing to the Steelers, to include games we should win. Last years Vinatieri missed FG loss at the end of the game. Has significant negative playoff implications for us. Nick Harper's fumble return fiasco, should have taken it outside Harbaugh to Aaron Bailey almost last second TD catch. Q Coryatt could have intercepted and return for a TD to seal the game, Just saying and letting off steam. Lets kick some Steeler but this year and from now on. Its a new era. Back to the schedule, we play who they say we play, and we need beat those put in front of us.
  5. Hot Rod. I like Chase and felt a lot more comfortable with PAT's with him over V. he report is Hot Rod has a stronger leg, for the 50 yard plus kicks. Advantage Hot Rod Kendall Coleman, working with Robert Mathis is an advantage with his endorsement O'Donnell. Good size, with a wrestling background, Canadian All-Star The next few are interesting. Wellington is just a good versatile football player. Wonder if the Colts was considering drafting him over Glasgow, similar size at the same position. Played high school QB, RB, Defense and ran a couple kickoffs back for TD's Donald Rutledge has decent size for the safety position, 6-1, 210, with a bunch of tackles and a few interceptions Cameron Kine: Similar to Windsor but not quite Williams DT 6-2 302, good enough to be invited to the Hula Bowl and East/West Shrine game. Look active in his highlights but then again they all do, it's highlights.
  6. It seemed Coach Reich felt Pittman was the best WR in the draft, and said this a month prior to the draft, not after the draft just because we drafted him. I think it showed March 29 as the date he was saying how good Pittman was. Must have been classified Colt video, held until after the draft.
  7. I thought I read that he was a Champion wrestler which would serve him as a offensive lineman. Also, that he pitched in a Triple A level baseball game. Has talent, maybe a diamond in the rough as a back-up OT and who knows in 2-3 years? Has the prerequisite size 6-6, 315.
  8. I see that he is light at 170 lbs but was happy to see he ran the 40 in 4.28. Has ball skills, is an interceptor. Can be a Dime or Nickel back but perhaps the Colts leadership really wanted him for his kickoff and punt return skills.
  9. As mentioned earlier, can draft players in the late round verses the risk unable to sign them as a UDFA, competing with the other 31 teams. We have a history of signing 15-20 UDFA, with 2-3 typically making the final cut or being placed on the practice squad.
  10. Watching the Chad Kelley video, coming fro Ole Miss, looks like his 2 WR's may been underclassman A.J Brown and D.K Metcalf. He did have some nice throws though, after all it is highlights. I'm OK going with Phillip Rivers, Jacob Eason, and Chad Kelley. Nothing personal against Brissett but it is a business and he is taking a lot of salary cap space for which he could sign another free agent. It looks like Irsay, Ballard, and Reich is going all in this year and I like it.
  11. Provides depth at OG and OT. Since he has decent speed for an OL and has a TE background, would be a good tackle eligible option on short yardage plays. I can imagine that, with Nix, our new big FB, Johnathan Taylor at RB, and WR Pittman split out wide. Plus he is local boy from Ball St.
  12. Excellent pick and investment, great value for a mid 4th round draft choice. Lindy's draft magazine has him rated as a 1st round pick. Experience seems to be one of the issues. He can sit and learn behind Phillip Rivers for 2 years. Rivers said he only wants to play 2 more years, so he he can coach his son who will starting high school football. If we hit the jackpot, we get a top tier NFL QB, at worst, we used a 4th round draft choice on a back-up QB. Not sure what this means for Jacoby Brissett. Could trade him for draft choices for this year or next year and lesson our salary cap, could sign another quality free agent to add what we already got.
  13. That was a good prediction. I have not heard of him. I hope, almost sure the Colts must have done a physical on him to ensure the ACL OK, although that is always a significant injury. I was concerned when I seen one report listing him at 187 lbs, pretty light for a safety, then seen another magazine listing him a 204 lbs. The highlight shows he can deliver a big hit, has striking ability.
  14. We got depth by drafting Taylor today. Teams need 2 good RB to endure they are fresh. I don't we should give up the RB depth after we obtained it today. Mack has also proven to be a RB and he is still in his prime.
  15. About LB Zach Baun. I wonder if the Colts had him as the highest rated player available, a #1 pick by a couple reports. Once New Orleans traded in front of the Colts to take, then they traded down with Detroit. I don't know this, just speculating. If he is a good football player/LB, could have found a role for him but, Oh Well, move on #85, still some decent players out there
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