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  1. He was a inspiring player for us. I remember when I was stationed a Ft. Meade, MD to get so I can watch a Baltimore Colts game. Then they moved to Indy and they remained my team. I think telling a friend from the area we were talking about Nesby Glasgow while watching a game. I remember him say "he makes them pay" if catching a pass in his area. I remember he made a hit on WR Art Monk, causing a fumble against the defending Super Bowl Champs Redskins, Then we had a 4th and inches from inside our own 20 or something in the 1st quarter. Coach Frank Kush went for it. We had 2 stud RB's in Curtis Dickey and Randy McMillan. We gave it to McMillan who went 80+ yards for a TD, but they called a nonsense penalty. It was all downhill after that and we got blown out. To make matters worst, our #1 draft pick OT Chris Hinton broke his leg in that game and was out for the rest of the year. In another game, Nesby Glasgow put a hit on All-Pro WR Roy Green of the Cardinals, he was super WR and super fast. Green was trying to make a diving catch but could not get to ball. Glasgow put a should into his head and fortunately it did not break his neck. It was not a direct axial load blow but an angle show that jolted his head/neck sideways, blows to the head was not called for an illegal hit light the present. Even the Cardinal players in their huddle was looking at Greens face and eyes to see if he was OK and fortunately he was. RB Otis Anderson was not to happy about it almost got into a fight after he ran the ball on the next play. Glasgow was not a dirty play, he hit hard for his size and played within the rules. Just thought I'd share a memory of him. May he rest in peace.
  2. I am over it, just wanted something to talk about. I guess with the pure size for position concept, we should have never tried Gary Brackett at MLB, Denico Autry at DT, and even Bob Sanders because they are too small for the position.
  3. He may not be the prototype 3-4 DE but they didn't even try him out there. I think they were too determined to make his a LB and even at that, I thought he made some plays at the end of his last year with us. 3-4 or 4-3, he may just be a player that makes plays and we let him go for basically nothing in return. Edwards was not close to being a capable LB for us. I think I heard this somewhere, you can never have enough good pass rushers.
  4. I've always wondered why we gave up an traded #1 pick DE Jerry Hughes to Buffalo their prior #3 pick LB named Edwards who I think played 2 subpar years with the Colts. I've been watching Hughes play above average to decent for Buffalo, makings plays like today against Houston. It is still in OT, will they win, we shall see. I thought Hughes was decent for us and not sure why we traded him, I think it was a mistake.
  5. I watched him today for the first time. He has good size, Peyton Manning like size but is a much better runner. I like the fact that he is a good runner. Showed to be a winner today. I didn't like early in the game he got his passed block and he is a tall QB, but it happens sometimes. That interception was a low pass the LB on the line just had to reach up to get it. If we take him #1, I would not be upset. I do like DT Derrick Brown at #1 if available to give us a solid defensive and offensive line. Darius Leonard would excel even more behind him.
  6. All things considered. Pre-injuries to both Jones and Luck. I would take Bert Jones without hesitation. I still remember the Bert Jones to Roger Carr combination. Even though we had RB Lydell Mitchell, I've wondered how we would have done against Super Bowl Champion Steelers if we pass on our #1 pick (3rd pick overall) OG Ken Huff, who did not start for a couple years. OG Elmer Collett started in front of him. Anyway, if we RB Walter Payton, #4 or LB Robert Brazile, #6 to play at our weak spot MLB where journeyman Jim Cheyunski started and was too slow to keep up with Steelers RB Franco Harris who gained 150+ on us. Back to Luck, he is no slouch as far as ability, but his quitting, or rather retiring just be the season started, leaving the Colts hanging, will always be a negative IMO.
  7. I know it was a topic in the past but I'm bring it up again since its in the present news and a topic on Good Morning Football. He just came of IR and released by the Pats. I think it would a trial to sign him to 1 year, incentive laden contract. We would not have give an draft choice compensation, and at best, it can be a win win situation, it can help get Gordon's NFL career back on tract and can help the Colts WR corp, give a solid 2 or even 1b complement to TY Hilton. Allow Paris Campbell to take his time recover from his abd injury and adjustment to the NFL, and no rush for Funchess return, to ensure his clavicle is good to go. Gordon would be intriguing adding for Jacoby Brissett to throw to. At worst, the Colts lose the few million he would be pain for half season, 1 year contact. The added incentive, similar to Funchess, he can sign a nice contract with the Colts or another team if he plays well.
  8. At least we held to a FG and not a TD, like what happened against the Chargers. Now history will change. AV will make a FG or 2 and we will win this game.
  9. Hopefully, not Deja Vu. Our first game lost to the Chargers had AV missing a FG and Autry getting a similar call of a the Chargers made FG which the ended up as a TD.
  10. I thought when Luck retired, Brissett was going to surprise a lot of people and play well. What I like about this situation is he is still getting better, he has not nearly reached his peak yet. Plus we eventually will get WR's P. Campbell and D. Funchess back in November.
  11. I like him and he hasn't played a down for the Colts yet.
  12. It looks like Castonzo is continuing his solid play from last year, in fact he is playing even better that last year and is on a roll. I'm sure having Q. Nelson has a lot do with it and so be it, if it is working, so be it. He is playing at a Pro-Bowl level, and I think it may have been Collinsworth who said he is the best LT in football, or something to that effect. Not sure if I would go that far but to have even been mentioned by a pro announcer, he gotta be doing great. I was harsh on him a few years ago but he has turned it around, late bloomer. With Kelley at center, what a triad on Castonzo, Nelson, and Kelley. Glowinksi and Smith are no slouches and can take care of business in their own right, no pun intended.
  13. He looks in great shape. He reminds me of the Steelers ex James Harrison. I didn't realize James Harrison only 6-0, 242 lbs, he looks and plays bigger, maybe because he made plays a few years ago. Houston is 6-3, 258 lbs, hopefully the KC game gives him the impetus to have an All-Pro year and career with Colts, and even extend his career a few years of continued great play.
  14. D.K. Metcalf? I like Campbell and hopefully he proves to be the right choice in the long run, no pun intended. Last Friday, was talking to another football fan who we were both surprised to find out are Colts fanatics. Neat to personally speak to someone who knows specifics of Colt players similar to me. Anyway, we both thought D.K. Metcalf would have been a nice pick as well. Seattle took him at #64, we got Campbell at 59. Time will tell and I hope Ballard made the right choice and Reich can eventually utilize that 4.3 speed.
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