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  1. Villanueva signed with the Ravens. A team that knows what they are doing.
  2. Not really pleased with this draft except for Paye. Hope I am wrong but it really seemed to have a lot of reaches. I think when a lot of the good left tackles went in the second right before our pick really screwed our plan. Did not like picking a player in the 2nd round recovering from a serious injury to replace Autry that you could have kept by giving him a little more money and keeping him from a rival. I hope I am wrong but I feel this will turn out to be Ballard's worst draft so far.
  3. Are you really counting on Campbell?
  4. Man I would like to work for you if you are happy with a .500 record!
  5. I hope Ballard has a better plan than what we are seeing right now. LT is the most important position on the line and we just traded for a QB that lost his confidence in Philly because of their line and lack of quality receivers. So now we sign Tevi, one of worst rated tackles in the league and maybe draft a rookie LT that you have no idea what they will be like in the nfl. That is a BIG gamble with a QB that needs a good OL and good weapons as receivers.
  6. I knew as soon as Autry started that garage fire he was a goner. Oh well we still have Banogu!
  7. Sign Lawson Edge Sign Patrick Peterson CB Sign Curtis Samuel Wr Draft LT in 1st round Resign Autry,Hilton, Muhammed and Carrie Do not resign Houston and Rhodes
  8. I would take Leatherwood from Alabama for LT and trade 3rd round pick for a quarterback!
  9. That was the difference in the game. 2 of 5 in the red zone leads to losing against a good team every time. But we had trouble in the red zone all year! We are still a few players away and we need to get the QB position fixed for the future.
  10. The fact is he was not ready to go in the game. He first had to find his helmet. I can't wait till he is gone next year. Way overpaid and I doubt he is even on a team next year. So you have your opinion and I have mine.
  11. DK Metcalf and Claypool. Metcalf is a pro bowl player already and Claypool looks really good. Claypool looks a lot more fluid than Pittman and much more confident.
  12. Jackonsville had the same thing. No pre season, Not enough OTA's, first game of the season and they played well.
  13. Not sure what happened to Cam. He played really well the first couple of games but after getting covid he has been really bad. He also has little talent around him. As for Rivers he had a great game against the Bengals but even Baker Mayfield had 5 touchdowns against them. We will see how he does against the tougher part of schedule coming up.
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