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  1. Agree 100 %. His history shows that. Like overpaying for devin funchess when other teams were not even interested in him
  2. How do you know Paris is good. He was hurt most of the year. When he did play I thought he ran tentavely like he was scared to get hit and very worried about fumbling. That worries me about him going forward. Watching the draft I was screaming for either one of the Ole Miss receivers because they both have NFL ready bodies
  3. No! Thought they should have played Kelly the last 2 games to at least see what he could do in real game conditions. Also did not like how the kicking situation was handled. This is a business and you are getting paid to make tough decisions. I did like how some of the young players got experience and played pretty well. Need to spend some money next year and get some real F.A. not ones that nobody else wanted. You can't build a team just using the draft because you are going to hit about 30 to 40 percent on your picks even if you are a good G.M.
  4. The only new wrinkle was the competition we played. Saints last week compared to a team that already quit on the season (Panthers)
  5. Should have taken Marlon Humphrey instead of Hooker. He is a real difference maker on defense with the Ravens!
  6. Per Reich and Ballard the team does not have any QB questions!!
  7. Did not know you had to post on this message board in order to be a fan of your team
  8. Not so sure about Reich and Ballard being gone very quick. It took Irsay way too long to pull the trigger on Grigson and Pagano.
  9. I wonder if Irsay is calling the shots here. They paid JB and Hoyer and do not want to look bad on their decision. I am really starting to worry about their talent evaluation of players. This is the first time in 50 years of watching the colts that I saw the team quit!
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