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  1. Jackonsville had the same thing. No pre season, Not enough OTA's, first game of the season and they played well.
  2. Not sure what happened to Cam. He played really well the first couple of games but after getting covid he has been really bad. He also has little talent around him. As for Rivers he had a great game against the Bengals but even Baker Mayfield had 5 touchdowns against them. We will see how he does against the tougher part of schedule coming up.
  3. In my opinion Justin Fields is not too far behind Lawrence!
  4. When you said Ballard had failed to hit on a pass rusher in the draft. I was using Banogu as an example of a reach and probably a bad draft pick.
  5. I will eat crow also.Rivers played very well today but the key was the offensive line was giving him most of the time good protection. It was also nice to see some receivers step up like Johnson, Harris and Burton. I still would look like to see us get Taylor the ball more in open space.
  6. Let this sink in. Rivers has 4 T.D. passes all year and Chargers rookie Q.B. Herbert had 4 T.D. passes in one game last week!
  7. I think he mentioned free agents and the draft. Case in point Rivers was a scheme fit for the colts instead of someone like Cam Newton. The Colts seem to like pocket passers that do not run very much. Hopefully this will change because everyone can see that the NFL is moving towards mobile quarterbacks like Jackson, Mahomes and Murray.
  8. First of all he was not benched, he has an injury. As for tanking for Lawrence, do you really think the jets are going to win any games this year. They are the worst team in the league by far. And why would you pick up Darnold's option if you draft Lawrence and start with a new regime after they clean house of Gase and their coaching staff.
  9. I think we should trade for Darnold. Right now we are in the .500 record for the next few years which means a middle of the pack draft pick which normally does not get you a franchise QB. Watching Darnold play he still has a lot of talent but at times makes a bonehead interception. Right now he has no talent around him which does not help. The Jets are in tank mode for Lawrence which means they will want to move on from Darnold. Ballard make the move we have a history with Jets aanyhow.
  10. I would offer them a 3 for Darnold. I am pretty sure they would not be interested in Rivers!
  11. So are you saying he is not detrimental to winning with 4 td's and 5 interceptions. I am just saying it was a bad decision to sign him. . I said that at the beginning of the season. Sometimes management does make bad decisions and Frank was the one that wanted him and their was better options like Cam Newton at the beginning of the season. Of course everybody wants to win especially when your job depends on it.
  12. We should have hired Vrabel instead of Reich. He is doing a really good job with the Titans!
  13. Give me an example where they signed somebody for 25 million and cut them after 5 games. Frank praised Rivers before they signed him saying that he watched every throw from last year and that he thought he was still good and then management signed him for 25 mil. and then New England signs Cam for 1 million. Would not reflect well on Frank if they made a change after 5 games. And as far as management wanting to win more than I do I have been a fan over 50 years and I think I have the right to express my opinions
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