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  1. Wow! New England gets Cam for 1 million and what are we paying our backup
  2. Paris needs to prove it on the field. Show me why he was taken before Brown, Metcalf and Mclaurin
  3. It is very rare for a player to resign with the team that did not pick up their 5th year option. Hooker is gone after this year. This is why we picked Blackmon in the 3rd round. I think Ballard has not been pleased with Hooker's play for a while. So next year Hooker will be playing somewhere else and if he wants a decent contract he should ball out for us
  4. If they value tackling why did they draft him in the 1st place. He was not a good tackler in college. The 2017 draft was not a good one
  5. Hooker for OJ Howard trade. I would like to see that
  6. BigO

    A Day Later

    I just think that when you make the trade for Buckner and sign Rivers you need to go for it now. Signing Clowney could make this defense great especially maybe losing Sheard. Turay is a little bit of a question mark after that injury and who knows what you are going to get from Banogu and Lewis
  7. I hope so but I am worried about his fumbling issues and I thought he seemed soft when watching him play last year. Hopefully last year was a learning curve and he can stay healthy this year
  8. BigO

    A Day Later

    First of all get your facts straight. The 56 million is being spent on 5 quarterbacks for next year including Hoyer and Luck who are not even on the team. No other team in the league is spending that much money on their quarterbacks. That is just not smart. Some of that money could be used on useful players that could help us win next year. Hoyer was a bad signing last year. Almost everybody on here was against that signing. That is on your buddy Ballard
  9. BigO

    A Day Later

    Maybe that is why we have missed the playoffs 4 out of the last 5 years and we are dishing out 56.5 million for quarterbacks this coming year and 2 are not even on our roster. I do realize it is a big no-no to say anything bad about Ballard on this forum
  10. BigO

    A Day Later

    Dalton was under contract also. If they would have been smarter last year and played Kelly the last 2 games they would know more of what they have in Kelly. Then we would not have to overpay for a backup that is not very good. Like I said the saints got Winston for a little over 1 million
  11. BigO

    A Day Later

    The real question is why are we paying JB the kind of money we are paying him when Jameis Winston just signed for a little over 1 million a year with the saints. The Bengals just released Dalton because of his salary being too high to be a backup. We need to either trade JB or cut him and then sign Clowney somebody that will actually help the team. Then our QB problem would be solved
  12. BigO

    A Day Later

    Well said. I agree!
  13. BigO

    A Day Later

    The problem I had was not letting Kelly play the last 2 games of the year when we were out of the playoffs and JB was stinking it up. I am not sure who made that decision but it was just plain stupid. If they would have played Kelly against 1st string players for 2 games you would have known what you have in Kelly. Were you so afraid of hurting JB feelings or what. The next year you demote him and sign Rivers. We all know that Eason is going to be favored over Kelly because he is Ballards new toy and his 4th round pick
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