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  1. We could use another WR with Hilton in and out and Paris out, again. Is there a DE that we can get for cheap? The Bear's WR Robinson has been rumored to be on the block, he'd be a great addition.
  2. The Dolphin's #1 pick might be the first pick in the draft, or the second. They'd be wise to hold onto Tue and let things play out.
  3. Just in time for him to be suspended. I'd be shocked if the Dolphins give anything until they know what's up. The trial don't start until February. If he settles Goodall may suspend him, so the Phins need to have protection.
  4. Already with Green Bay. Ballard makes practice roster moves only..
  5. No, it's watching him get destroyed when ever he's in there, which means our QB, RB and play gets destroyed. Putting in Davenport is lounge and cheek, I have no idea why he's still here. But Fisher is getting paid like a dominate OT, he's barely a speedbump.
  6. Unless Fisher REALLY comes around there's no way he's back. We might as well keep Davenport, he's on the same level.
  7. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/recently-released-jaylon-smith-finalizing-deal-with-packers/ar-AAPd6Zf?ocid=spartan-ntp-feeds Packers can find cap space, seems like everyone but us can..
  8. And yet everyone +ed about no diving in the FA pool..
  9. He's getting paid a ton, wasn't playing and is a FA after the year. The Pats should have held him and let him go as a FA, they would have gotten a 3rd round pick as compensation.
  10. For the Cowboys to cut him while owing him all this money tells me he's toast, and not the tasty powder kind..
  11. Well he's signing with KC, and they don't take "Oh brother" players. He'd be a MAJOR upgrade to Paris, since he could be on the field unit he needs a fix..
  12. Mack and a 5th to the Eagles for Zac Ertz.. Otherwise it's Mack and a 7th for a 6th..
  13. Reinstated and in shape. Sure he has drug problems, but since we're working out a headcase might as well look at a stone head.
  14. We could have used the Davis 5th round pick and our 2nd and jumped Washington to grab the Texas OT that we could have really used right about now..
  15. If Hundley starts the Colts need to cut Eason Monday morning. If he's not good enough to get a start, but someone on the bottom of the scape heap who's not even on the team can, then we have issues. For 5 million we could have had JB this year...
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