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  1. We own his rights forever. You don't just sit out and that year gets erased, it just pushes back. So if he retired with two years left he'd have 2 years left when ever he returns..
  2. 2021 we might be looking for a QB, it would be a blessing..
  3. But, to GET TO the practice squad the player has to be waived. So either way, if Eason is going to be placed on the PS he's going to have to be waived..
  4. My point is, even though I really like DL as a Colt, his story just doesn't make sense in many ways. Maybe I'm being skeptical because of the MANY "me too" fraud cases, from the lady who spray painted swastika's on her door then claimed white men did it, or the Jesse Smotett scam to the Bubba Watson noose....plus 100's more!!
  5. San Fran is the front runner. How do these teams keep signing these high priced guys and never have major cap hits? I thought they were in cap hell, that's why they traded Forester to us? I guess your only in cap hell until another high priced guy is available..
  6. A witness, yea, they're hard to come by. I refuse to believe that a guy like DL would allow himself and family to be mistreated like that and just walk away. This just smells like another "me too" story. BTW, Bubba is still going on with his "story", it's tough to jump down from your victim perch. For the record, witnesses always comes out of the woodwork after these high profile race baiting cases. Look at Michael Brown in Ferguson. Witnesses said they SAW him with his hands up and his back facing the cop. Turns out they weren't even in that area, but the media just bought it..
  7. There was a report that said many top players will enter the supplemental draft because of the health situation this year. We might end up seeing players that could go in round 1,2 or three getting selected for a 3rd, 4th or 5th round pick..
  8. But there's nothing else to this story?? So a white man (always the evil white man) can say "I don't want "THEM" here" and the management will fall over backwards to kick the black family out? All this while 1/2 of their workers and a good chunk of customers are black? Why does this sound a lot like the Bubba Watson noose situation to me..
  9. This type of crap is all too common, 17 in Chicago this past weekend. But if the mob can't spin it political it doesn't matter...
  10. Titans will go 10-6 or 11-5 Texan's lost a lot of lock room, they fall to 8-8 Colts will struggle, Rivers is over his prime and the defense is suspect.. 7-9 Jags are tanking, they want the #1 pick- 4-12
  11. Ryan doesn't have a deal with anyone yet, the Jets are thought to be the front runner. But the Jags and others are still in it, why not us too??
  12. Even the thought of this will make the owners second guess these long term contracts. NO WAY do I give Dak 35-40 million a year, no matter what. But if the cap might fall down 20 million, he'll be a cap causality anyway..
  13. The union and owners would work something out. If anything like that would happen it would kill the players and the owners..
  14. I hope we seriously have some interest, because the talk here in Jacksonville is that the Jags have interest in him and Ryan Logan.
  15. No way will the league allow that. It's already illegal to pump in extra crowd noise to give the home team the advantage. I HIGHLY doubt they allow the home team to drown out the visiting team..
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