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  1. Sweat was a 4th round pick with 1st round talent because he has a knee that's going to end his career sooner or later. He's a good DE but he's playing on borrowed time, it's a degenerative knee situation. For a 1 or 2 year deal he's fine, but I wouldn't do the long term thing..
  2. When we traded with Washington we gave up a lower 1st for their high 2nd rounder and their #2 pick the next year. That turned out good because they sucked the next year..
  3. #1-Lawrence (CU) Jags #2- Fields-OSU After that it's musical chairs. Atlanta and the Lions might be in play, but that would put Ryan and Stafford in play. Also in play is the Patriots, Colts, Steelers, Bears, 49'ers (Which would put Jimmy G in play, most likely to the Pats), The Redskins and a lot of questions. Like, do the Eagles keep Wentz or does he move to a QB needy team. Does the Texan's keep making stupid mistakes with Watson, is Tua good with the Phins, do the Saints look for a different QB than Hill or Winston? #3 BYU's Wilson #4-Trask from UF #5-Jones
  4. We could trade our #1 for the Dolphins two #2 picks, the Texan's and their own. We'd most likely have to throw in our 4th..
  5. If the Colts go for a QB this year we know that Eason looks like a back up at best. If the Colts take an OT and maybe re-sign JB as a back up, I would think that Eason looks like a future QB for us..
  6. I'd give our #1 and #3 pick for Stafford and call it a day. 5 years of top talent, with our core that can be 5 rings.
  7. Good QB's don't grow on trees, if they did teams wouldn't suck so bad. A lot of average at best QB's will be available. Jimmy G from San Fran may be the best. I'd still take Winston over the field right now.
  8. We do this every year, and every year we get next to nothing. Ballard build through the draft and pays our own. Nelson and Leonard will need to be paid. Rhoads will want to get paid. What about Mack, do we re-sign him? Rivers and Jacoby count over 40 million combined, we can get a major upgrade at that position.
  9. He's making next to nothing in NE now, and he hasn't earned a penny of that!. No way would Washington, or any team look at Cam, he's DONE! Arthur Blank just came out and said both Juilo Jones and Ryan are on the market. Washington would do a lot worse than get both of them. New England would be smart to look into that as well..
  10. The players and coaches don't want to lose, no way. Why would a current player want to tank for a college kid?
  11. The best solution for tanking is put the worst 5 teams in and have a drawing to see who picks from 1-5. This way a team like the Jags and Jets would go all out to win knowing they will be in that selection anyway. Here in Jax they're actually rooting on Chicago in their own stadium, and not just the fans but also the reporters that cover the team. I hope the Colts win today then with nothing to play for next week lose to the Jags, that would be a fitting end to the Lawrence talk..
  12. If he's traded the team who takes him will be getting the draft pick just to eat that salary. I can see the Colts taking a 3rd and his contact. He has a lot of talent, the Eagles have no line and worse WR's. He could do good here, as could Darnold..
  13. BIGGGG difference between 14-0 and resting the starters for a playoff run and 0-14 and losing on purpose to draft higher.
  14. In the NFL you'd better not make the flop obvious or teams can be fined draft spots. It's one thing to try a back up to see what you have, it's another to throw a game. All talk on the radio here in Jax is the game plan to lose this weekend. I hope we beat the Steelers and if we have nothing to play for the week 17 game I hope the Jags win.
  15. Rivers is a decent QB at this stage in his career. He's more known for checking down to a 3 yard pass than throwing the top off. He's also known for trying to throw the ball into tight windows when he no longer has the arm for it. If we can get Stafford for our #1 pick, DO IT!! Wentz we might actually get a 3rd pick from the Eagles to take. Next year Rivers is going to be that much slower and his arm that much weaker, we really do need an upgrade..
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