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  1. Darnold is getting shell shocked back there. At the snap he's running for his life, and he's already falling apart. TL sees the same thing, he has leverage. If the Jets get the 1st pick they could trade it to the Jags for several picks and a player or two.
  2. With the cap dropping next year I doubt any team will give him the 20 million he wants.
  3. He'd be a 1 year deal guy. He signed longer team deals with 3 teams and burned all three. It would have to be a deal loaded with incentives.
  4. Looks like the Raven's are going to get him. He has talent, but the guy has been a cancer every place he's been. Lets not forget he's also suing both the Raiders and Patriots for signing bonus money.
  5. Yannick is a major liability in the running game, but for him to get shipped off for a 3rd tells me that he's not such a good guy in the locker room. So the Jags get what's going to be a high 2nd round pick for him and the Vikings get what will be a low 3rd in return.
  6. If you see teams selling pieces the next could weeks it's obvious as to why. The Jets would be wise to ditch Darnold now and get a #2 pick for him, he's got enough talent to win a couple games. The Redskins will have the Giants to deal with, but if either team sweeps the other the loser will be in prime position. The Texans and Vikings just have too much talent to compete, they both will win at least 5. My top 10: Jets Giants Atlanta Jags Redskins Chargers Bronco's Vikings Dolphins (From the Texans) Dolphins/Eagles
  7. Two trade rumors being floated is the Colts looking at Darnold from the Jets and Julio Jones from Atlanta. Darnold is interesting if we assume that Rivers is 1 and done here. He's still on a rookie contract next year and he does have talent. Jones is good, but the Falcons will want at least a #1 for him, too rich for me.
  8. He has done nothing since he got into the league. The Bengals have a new QB and could use all the WR help they can get. He got on the field for 1 play last week. Trade? No, he's basically asking to be cut. The Raiders like speed, even if they can't catch a cold..
  9. If Eason is ready to be the back up I'd try to trade him now, like to the Cowboys for a 3rd.
  10. This is what a team looks like with a franchise qb, we know that well..
  11. Well, according to our mock drafters we didn't pick very well in the real draft..
  12. Make no mistake, I agree. But two things come to mind. 1. How much will he want, and would he take a 1 or 2 year deal? And 2, does the coaches think his personality, the one that clashed in Pittsburg, can fit in here..
  13. The thing is, can he help anyone "just win"? He hasn't played good in 4 years with one of those years he sat out. He WAS a great running back, he's not anymore..
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