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  1. I don't think basketball players are hit by 300 pound men all game and used as a tackling sled. It seems to me there would be much more wear and tear on an OT's Achilles than a baseball player.
  2. I'm surprised we didn't get a team option for a second year. Who knows how good he'll be coming back this year. Lets not forget it's not like he can workout very much.
  3. A lot of these guys have great measurables, in fact first round measurables. Obviously they have major flaws to fall into the very low rounds or the UDFA route. Remember, Deion Cain was the best there ever was, until he wasn't. That said, we sure have some nice clay to mold with..
  4. He's slow, he ran about what a above average DT would run. He's just long, and in college you can get away with a lot of things that you can't in the NFL.
  5. When Tampa can sign all their own and still go shopping. When KC can sign the most expensive OG and trade for an expensive OT while shopping, I don't want to hear about the cap..
  6. I didn't have a problem with the player (to be honest, the Achilles injury is a concern, that one can take a career away), it was the position I wasn't a fan of. We could have picked up a quality OT, WR or CB, all positions of need..
  7. Blank proved to be a very good kicker, but his leg is below average by NFL standard. I was hoping the Colts would have picked up Gano last year before the Giants snagged him, and he has a cannon and is very accurate..
  8. Just curious, starting OT's usually get paid in the 12-18 range with some higher than that. He got cut because he was making under 9? Why? Who can they get to replace him for under that??
  9. I like how hopeful we all are. For the least few months it's been an inventory of who we're getting, we got zip, nada.. Sure we signed our own, which was good. Most to a 1 year contract, so next year it's "here we go again". In the end I highly doubt we sign any of those OT's, we're going to go into battle with Tevi and Davenport, two of the worst OT's last year protecting Weitz's blind side..
  10. The bears had one of the worst OL's in the NFL, the QB got killed last year..
  11. 1. Paye: (A) He’s an A. Great pick. To be honest I would have preferred the VT OT, but can't argue this one. 2. Dayo: (C-) He MIGHT turn out fine, but we already have his type (Lewis) that has his own injury history. Great WR's still on the board, great CB and OT's still on the board. 3. Grandson. (D). There were much better TE's available if we were going there. Jordon from Miami comes to mind. This guy isn't just undersized, he has average speed and stone hands.. Dan Moore Jr. OL, TXAM was the pick right after him, he's going to be good. 4. Davis. (D)- This was a reach, he could ha
  12. The first was OK, I would have preferred Darrisaw and grab a DE in round two, but I can live with Paye. It's after that! OT the most glaring weakness, not address to the bottom of the 7th. TE, a pick that is a reach, undersized and stone hands. No CB help at all. This is the first time I feel like we completely bombed in the draft. Grade "D"
  13. Not us, that's all I know.. Put it this way, all the teams in the South got much better, except 1...
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