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  1. Brady Big Ben Brees Luck Rivers Ryan Goff Mahomes Aaron Rogers Stafford OK, maybe I'd rather have him than Stafford, but the point in that if he can demand 35 million a year it's not going to be long before a 50 million dollar QB is born..
  2. If this was a long term deal, no way. But for a year or two? Hell yes! We have plenty of cap space for this year and next and he's someone that can really be an upgrade.. These are the type of deals the Pats always seem to do and they get quality snaps for a couple years out of their guys.
  3. He's a very good QB, but he wouldn't be in the top 10 if you counted them down. The price just keeps going up and up for a QB until a QB will take so much of the cap space that teams are going to fight to stay at 8-8. Next up is Dak, which would be surprising if he gets close since he hit the wall last year..
  4. He would have been great. If you want top talent you have to pay up, you don't think we're going to have to do that with our guys when they're in for 4 years? I would have given up our 1st and 3rd and been happy to pay the 100 million, difference makers are worth every penny..
  5. "Experts" thought that the Raiders stole him, but in reality they paid a 3ed and 5th rounder for a team cancer. Just wait what he'll do if Carr doesn't make him the main guy..
  6. One day a start up league will be smart and be an official NFL developmental league. It's tough to get NFL player since even a practice squad player would be risking an NFL career with an NFL paycheck to play. But if NFL sponsored teams have NFL allotted player it would make it much more interesting for the fans and bring in higher ratings..
  7. Doubt they cut him, they already seen how that can back fire.. Still, unless he's found guilty and evidence points to him hurting a child it's going to be tough for the Chief's to cut him and yet a PR nightmare to keep him..
  8. These leagues should good full "NFL minor league mode" and play that Saturday during the NFL season. Teams would put their practice squad players on them and be able to call them up if needed. Not to mention the un-claimed players would be available for teams to take as well. The league would have a lot more creditability if some players had their teams symbol on the back of their helmets..
  9. The AAF is bluffing, they want more players available but what the NFLPA to take responsibility if they get hurt, not going to happen! Does anyone REALLY believe that if the practice squad players are available that suddenly the league would be better?
  10. DB's always grab an arm or hand of the WR when the ball's on the way, the WR fights through it. That's seldom if ever called, it's just part of the give and take of the DB/WR game, just as the push off is for the WR. But now every big play that's broken up or a big disputed catch will be reviewed and over turned. Why do we even have refs, lets just make it run by machines. Bad calls are going to happen, that's how it always was and should be..
  11. I know they won't show much for 2019, who would. But I hope this is a real inside look at the 2018 draft, who they had on the board, the calls they fielded for the picks and who they debated taking with each pick. I'd love to see their mind set and the thinking that goes on..
  12. The best "value" we can get would be to get a bigger back like FSU's Patrick in the 5th round or 6th round. The guy was a very good back in 2017, last year FSU had a horrible OL and a worst OC. He's a big back that would complement Mack and would only cost a low round draft pick if even that!!
  13. Looks like the Bucs are seriously considering getting rid of him. We could have him for a late round pick. His contract is 3 years 38.4 million, all not guaranteed. I look at guys like that for our system, quick and disruptive. I think he'd be a guy we could get for a year or two that could really make a splash..
  14. He has a dark history, and the recent news makes it that much worse. I HIGHLY doubt many teams would even give them a 7th rounder no matter how good he is. Maybe the Raiders would, desperate teams do desperate things, but they wouldn't trade him in the division anyway..
  15. This chart is basically just for entertainment purposes. In order to move up to the 5th pick we would have to give up our entire draft. 1st, 2 #2 picks, 3ed, 2 4th rounders, etc.. Who would do that??
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