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  1. Fountain's injury may have just saved Rogers a spot..
  2. More than likely a couple guys get dealt for a 6th or 7th rounder. You can't "hide" someone on IR, the Colts will have to release him first to bring him into IR, unless it's after the 53 are announced, but by then we'd have to release the guy we're looking to keep.
  3. The Chargers won't trade him for a third rounder, that's what they'd get if he leave via FA after the year with a supplemental pick. And no team is going to give a 2nd for a decent running back and have to pay him what he's asking. He has no real leverage and he's with a team that doesn't spend or cave into demands.
  4. Why don't we work out Tre Boston, at least he was a pro bowler at one time..
  5. They suspend the Seahawks DT Reed for 6 games even though there's no proof that he battered anyone, but the NFL found him guilty. But Hill gets nothing even though battered women seldom testify against their abusers especially with support on the line. I don't know about Reed's reputation, but Hill's was dark to begin with. Roger Goodall has the power to suspend anyone, and even if the courts turned it over the NFL would save face. But now the NFL looks like clowns again. Brady gets 4 games but a guy that breaks a 3 year old arm and batters a pregnant women gets nothing..
  6. I'm a die hard FSU fan that died hard! Last year was the worst product I've ever seen out of A talented team. We have the talent to go 10-2 or 11-1, the maturity and coaching to go 5-7 or 6-6, so who knows. How do you sign 5 and 4 stars every year, get a top 5 class 4 out of 5 years and a top 10 the other year and produce that crap? Coaching, or lack there of..
  7. He should have went on "My 600 pound life" as a celebrity case. He would have gotten top shelf help and would have beaten his issues.
  8. I agree, but my point is that eventually (and it will be soon) a very good QB (or his agent) is going to ask for so much that the team will have to decide if a great QB without money for quality pieces is worth it..
  9. They were talking about the future signing of Pat Mahomes and said "it doesn't matter what he wants, if it's 40 million a year you do it". I disagree, and I know I might be in the minority to say it. But at what price are you paying for an 8-8 team at best? Don't you have to put pieces around the QB? What if he says "I want a ten year 400 million contract with 100 million up front and the rest guaranteed", would they do it? At one point it's going to be just a "NO" and the team will have to use the 5th year option (if available) and 2 year franchise tags then say goodbye. QB's are going to get top dollar, but at one point it's going to kill the team..
  10. "There are also rumors that the mother of his children is not mentally well. This situation could be very messy, top to bottom". I think the fact that she stays with a man that beat her while she was pregnant and beats and terrifies her 3 year old child is proof of that..
  11. The talk is Mahomes will be in the 40 million and up per year range. At one point teams are going to realize that it doesn't do any good to have that elite QB if they can't afford pieces around them. And the QB will start to cry because they can't win without pieces around them. Every player wants to be the highest paid at their position, and every year the bar is raised.
  12. The NFL has to be smart enough to know that the women will recant in order to get money for her and her child. It's very obvious what happened, you don't need to see a video clip. If the Chiefs take that tool back I'll lose all respect for them, this is the same team that cut Hunt for less than this..
  13. "Btw, I wrote this earlier. I wonder who on this board was defending Jameis Winston when the woman accused him of sexual assault". I defended him and still do. Did you read anything about that case? That was 100% about money, they "victim" lied from the start, even the women that she said would help her cause said she lied. Hell, even her friends said she made up the attack, she didn't go to the police she went to a trial attorney. This case was the same as the Virginia rape case, everyone lynched the Virginia school until it fell apart, but they still said "something must have happened"..
  14. Here in Jax I watched him every week. The Jags had no safeties, yet they let him walk, for a reason. He was HORRIBLE in pass defense. As a tackler he was good, but a huge liability in pass defense.
  15. Makes you wonder why the Bucs couldn't get a draft pick for him. He was making 11 million, he's set to make about 13 million so you'd think one of the teams in that bidding would give a 5th or 6th to jump the line..
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