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  1. My draft from the simulator, not bad.. 34: R2P2 DL ROSS BLACKLOCK TCU 44: R2P12 RB JONATHAN TAYLOR WISCONSIN 75: R3P11 TE COLE KMET NOTRE DAME 122: R4P16 RB CAM AKERS FLORIDA STATE 160: R5P14 G BEN CLEVELAND GEORGIA 193: R6P14 QB SHEA PATTERSON MICHIGAN 197: R6P18 G DAMIEN LEWIS LSU I know, 2 running backs and two OG's? Well Cam is a different type of back all together. Lewis looks like a road grader, but he can move to center in a heartbeat..
  2. Something TELLS ME WE COULD GET Jonathan Taylor OUT OF Wisconsin with the 34th pick. Most of the models I've seen have him falling to round 2. I could see that, we need another quality running back and he looks like a good one..
  3. There's going to be a guy everyone has as a top 15-20 pick that falls to us. Maybe a OT? Most likely a WR since the draft is so stocked this year. Higgins or Mims, if both fall what would your pick be?
  4. Resigned Watkins for another huge contract with some as preformance bonuses. Seems like all these teams have money to sign multiple big free agents. They still have a huge one to sign, then next year a 40 million man..
  5. ColtJax


    I don't get this. Some of you would take Mitch or Haskins as a "project" to work behind Rivers but not Winston? I would take Winston in a freaking heartbeat, he's a gun slinger who needs to learn when not to pull the trigger, but damn he's good. Doubt he would sit behind someone for back up money, but if it could be arranged it would be a grand slam..
  6. Which is why Yannick Ngakoue is so way off base with his demands. At least Clowney can play on running downs, unlike Yannick. If I was him I'd sign that tender for 19 million, it's guaranteed money and I highly doubt he'd get a better deal..
  7. ColtJax


    I wouldn't mind trading JB for a 4th rounder and pick up Josh Rosen for a 4th or 5th rounder. The guy has been dealt the worst hand ever in football, but he has talent. And if he can't develop all we lose is a mid round pick. If the Fins take a QB (which they will), Rosen would be available for cheap..
  8. In order for him to be traded he has to sign the tag first. In order for him to agree to do that they will have to have a trade in the works, which they don't. From what's being reported the Jags want too much and the teams listening won't come close to paying him what the Jags will. This one is going to scratch on awhile, sorta like Williams with Washington. It's one thing to come off the pick, it another to do that and pay for a 2 down player..
  9. Former high 1st round pick gets released. I thought he played well, I wouldn't mind seeing him in camp for competition..
  10. Considering the Jags already turned down a #1 pick saying they want what the Seahawks got for Clark (2 #1 picks), I don't think a 2nd rounder would do it. That being said, he's about as over rated as they come. He's a good pass rusher, but he's dead weight stopping the run.
  11. The Cowboys always seem to find the money to keep their top talent, so will we. What's the point of getting top talent if we let them walk when they want to get paid as top talent??
  12. Only if Winston bombed. But they have a very good QB coach, so it's a good risk..
  13. And signing Winston. The Bengals need a lot, they can get a lot for the #1 pick. Like 2 #1's this year and a #2 pick as well as a #1 and #2 next year. Winston is a very good QB, and if he can be coached up he can be the #1 pick value he was selected to be. The 2 #1 picks could be 2 impact players and the 2 2nd round pick could be quality players as well. This would be the kind of move that can bring Cincy back to competition, or get the GM fired..
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