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  1. He's horrible, 3 picks a game minimum. The Skins want him to sink or swim, if he sinks they could have a top 3 pick..
  2. Hoyer was horrible, that was obvious. By the 4th it was a sure bet that if we needed a play he wouldn't make it. At the end of the game when he kept tossing the ball to the back endzone there was open space for him to run and pick up 6-8 yards, he chose a jump ball. Kelly has a much higher up side and he's not afraid to tuck it and run. We should have gone to the bull pen, our starter didn't have it..
  3. The difference was that Osweller had years left on his contract, so the Browns got a #2 to eat it. Talib is in the final year of his contract and is injured so he won't be availabe to week 16 at the soonist. 4.2 million for a 5th rounder is a lot to pay.
  4. Jags were smart, but a true lock down QB is worth more than 2 low first round picks. The Jags got rid of a major cancer on the team that hasn't played the last 3 weeks faking a back injury. Peters was worth more than what they got, he's very talented.
  5. So what do the Skins do if they end up picking in the top 3 and a franchise QB is there for the taking? Do they do what the Cards did and just take the QB or do they pass and roll the dice with Haskins. I'll just say, the coaches want to win worse than anyone, and NONE OF THEM think he's even close to being ready..
  6. AB did what would have gotten anyone fired in Oakland and he did it on purpose. There's a video of him cheering when he got released. With the Pats he not only knew of the lawsuit before he signed with the Pats, but harrassed a witness and her children while with the Pats.. He'll get nothing..
  7. Harris and Miller from the Bronco's would be good/great. Might have to give up our #1 but it might be worth it..
  8. Thank you, I thought that was obvious who I was talking about, the "upgraded defense" should have been a better hint. BTW, he's looking real good for the Steelers, and they have him for 3 more years with very little salary since the Phoins paid the bonus out already..
  9. I would have traded our #1 to the Dolphins for Fitzpatrick, he would have upgraded our defense a lot.
  10. ColtJax

    Montcrief News

    He was for the Jags as well. I don't know what the Steelers gave him, but the Jags gave him a 10 million 1 year contract, which helped us with a supplemental pick..
  11. This is one of those rare trades where both teams are happy with the results. I wish him well, we got what we need and so did the pats..
  12. IF the Giants want a back it's not going to be a bigger name like a Gordon but someone that will know their role when the big man comes back. They'd be better off trading for a Dolphin back, the Phins are all about draft picks so they could get someone cheap..
  13. I think the Chargers played it right with Gordon. They offered him what they believed was a very fair offer, Gordon disagreed. The Chargers basically said, "look, we're not going to cut you or just give you away, we've invested a lot of money and time into you. So if you think you're worth a lot more you can look for a trade partner, but we want the valve of you which is a #1 pick". Gordon and his agent went shopping, no bidders. He can't blame the Chargers, maybe he needs to look in the mirror. Ramsey has another issue, it's not just the Jags compensation but what Ramsey will want. Giving up a #1 and #3 pick is one thing, but having to pay Ramsey a 5 year 100+ million dollar contract and knowing he flies off the handle is too much for most..
  14. Before the draft the knock was he was slow with a bad first step and no real moves. He didn't learn any in Dallas. 31 teams didn't think he was worth a 7th round flyer, that should tell you something..
  15. It's not JUST the picks, it's paying a clown super star money. And paying that clown that kind of money means he's un-cutt-able or trade-able for a few years. Team have to look at how he treats the Jags with a discipline president and a experienced head coach. What would make any team think he wouldn't act the fool where ever he goes.
  16. The guy was the 11th pick in the draft LAST YEAR and played up to it. Most of his money is already paid out, so you have a very talented CB at a very low salary for the next 3 years with an option for the 4th and most think giving up a #1 was too much? If he was available in the draft this past year he would be a top 10 pick, the Steelers got a great value..
  17. Gordon is slightly above average, 10 million is about the high end. The only thing he does better than our guys is he catches more balls.
  18. As long as he stays healthy he's worth it, but that's a big if with that position. Gordon has NO additional power, the Charger gave him permission to seek a trade, but nobody stepped up to talk. The Chargers offered him 10 million a year and he turned it down, they now said they'll only give him what his contract says which is 5.7 million.
  19. Still got run out of town because he acted like an butt because the owner of the Fins supports the president and he doesn't. So apparently if you don't kiss the * of people that hate you get insulted, the Phins owner wouldn't have any of it..
  20. The Chargers gave him permission to seek a trade, but they know no team is going to pay him what he wants AND give up picks. The Chargers took their offer off the table and said when he returns it's for his normal pay. Gordon screwed himself..
  21. They're basically renting him for 1 player (Mingo) that failed in a few cities and a 6th round pick LB who's a decent back up. The 3rd they gave in 2020 will be replaced by a supplemental 3rd rounder in 2021..
  22. Funny thing was, if he didn't go to the combine he would have been a top 20 pick. The combine showed he was slow and weak..
  23. The least you can do is put the Redskin's #2 pick before ours!!
  24. Jones was tough, so tough that on Monday Night Football Howard Cosell accused his of faking a seperated shoulder because he played and got great zip on the ball all the while getting killed..
  25. I hope JB tears it up, if not we'll have 3 straight times we lost a "once in a decade QB" only to get a top pick and get another. There's a few big time QB's in the draft with not many teams needing one..
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