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  1. Probably the most overrated player in the last 5 years. He demanded 25 million a year, he didn't get it. He them "lowered" his price to 20 per year, nope. He's stealing money from the Titans..
  2. With 10 years of top 10 picks they have only 4 on the team. 2 are from last year with 1 of those being questioned as a bust already. 2010-10th pick-- DT Tyson Alualu.. Average in Jax, now with the Steelers 2011- 10th pick- QB-Blaine Gabbart.. Complete bust, now back up the Bucs 2012-5th pick-WR Justin Blackmon.. Complete bust, out of the league 2013-2nd pick-OT Luke Joeckel.. Bust, signed with the Seahawks. 2014-3rd-QB Blake Bortels- Complete bust, out of the league 2015 3rd pick-DE Dante Fowler Jr- Average at best-Traded for a third rounder. 2016-5t
  3. If I'm Winston I'm leaving after this year. Say what you want about him, he's a gun slinger who threw for 33 TD's and 5100 yards last year. He's a turnover machine at times, but to be passed over for a guy that never started a game in the NFL is an insult. I wouldn't mind seeing him here, if JB moves on, like we believe he will. Eason Vs Winston, I can get behind that..
  4. Three teams said goodbye to a young pass rusher because of medical issues. I have a feeling he's going to find a 4th dance partner..
  5. He had some last draft success, but early isn't one of them except in 2018 with a sure thing in front of him.. 2017 1..Hooker...Bust (so far) 2. Quincy Wilson.. Bust, GONE. 3. Tarell Basham.. Bust, he's gone. Late rounds 2017 4th...Marlon Mach.. Very Good 4th.. Grover Stewart.. Turning out to be very good 5th. Anthony Walker.. Very Good 2018- By far the best draft, a building block draft. 1. Nelson 2. Leonard 3. Braden Smith Also, Turay, Lewis, Hines, Wilkins 2019
  6. We have the 4th most cap space in the NFL in a year when the cap is going to go down. These players that are FA's are picking a real bad time to hit the market.
  7. Before you crown him the greatest, doesn't he have a laundry list of failed draft picks as well? He did pass on DK Metcaf and AJ Brown for Mr. Always injured.
  8. Look at the score card, a lot of these "can't miss" QB's are already misses. It wasn't long ago the Bucs and Titans had the #1 and #2 pick, both took QB's, and both let them walk. I have no doubt that a team is going to give up a lot to get a top 10 QB and will be looking again 4 years later, most likely it will be the Jags.
  9. Biggest loser was the Jags, they really needed the Pats to win.
  10. There's a reason why a pass rush hungry league didn't offer a 6th rounder to either McKinley or Vic Beasley.
  11. Cowboys can tank and still win that division.
  12. The Giants will kill him like the Jets are killing Darnold. No line to block, no receivers to throw to and a revolving door of coaches. Both are getting killed every game.
  13. He's a savage, just not in a very funny way..
  14. OR, he could drop 10 pounds and run faster and quicker out of his breaks and become a good WR in the NFL.
  15. He has a no trade clause and he doesn't want out. Julio Jones in a pipe dream, but I can dream..
  16. In reality, the Texans and Viking have too much talent to be #1 pick players. Washington and Atlanta screwed themselves with a win. The Giants aren't good, but they don't suck. It's going to come down to the Jags Vs the Jets. Bet the Jags wished Rivers wasn't a turnover machine in week 1..
  17. Glow and a #2. Colts wouldn't be able to afford it, he'd want a ton.
  18. AJ Green actually wants to stay, so he will. Sam Darnold
  19. Nobody is giving up a 1st for him. His skills are eroding and his salary is large. Add to that the 2021 cap situation and the Pats will be thrilled with a 2nd.
  20. How did they find the cap room for this. Why is it all these team sign whoever they want?
  21. You would think they would do that for Jones, but he's getting freaking killed back there. You would have thought teams would have learned from watching what happened to David Carr, but I guess not..
  22. Ertz is injured and will miss between 6-8 weeks, so he's out. I'd rather see if the Giants would part with Everett, he can play..
  23. If the Giants get the #1 pick what would they do? Jones has talent, and they just got him. Do they trade him and take TL, behind that line he won't fair any better. What would Jones go for? I'm sure a #1 pick someplace..
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