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  1. I like him and he hasn't played a down for the Colts yet.
  2. It looks like Castonzo is continuing his solid play from last year, in fact he is playing even better that last year and is on a roll. I'm sure having Q. Nelson has a lot do with it and so be it, if it is working, so be it. He is playing at a Pro-Bowl level, and I think it may have been Collinsworth who said he is the best LT in football, or something to that effect. Not sure if I would go that far but to have even been mentioned by a pro announcer, he gotta be doing great. I was harsh on him a few years ago but he has turned it around, late bloomer. With Kelley at center, what a triad on Castonzo, Nelson, and Kelley. Glowinksi and Smith are no slouches and can take care of business in their own right, no pun intended.
  3. He looks in great shape. He reminds me of the Steelers ex James Harrison. I didn't realize James Harrison only 6-0, 242 lbs, he looks and plays bigger, maybe because he made plays a few years ago. Houston is 6-3, 258 lbs, hopefully the KC game gives him the impetus to have an All-Pro year and career with Colts, and even extend his career a few years of continued great play.
  4. D.K. Metcalf? I like Campbell and hopefully he proves to be the right choice in the long run, no pun intended. Last Friday, was talking to another football fan who we were both surprised to find out are Colts fanatics. Neat to personally speak to someone who knows specifics of Colt players similar to me. Anyway, we both thought D.K. Metcalf would have been a nice pick as well. Seattle took him at #64, we got Campbell at 59. Time will tell and I hope Ballard made the right choice and Reich can eventually utilize that 4.3 speed.
  5. Wasn't his zone from the front of the end zone where he was to back of the end zone since that is where he was with no one was behind him. It resulted in a TD on a play that look he may have been able to have defended. True, it should not matter if he is the best WR in football and Ryan's favorite WR, he still should have covered him.
  6. On the Julio Jones TD, it looked he bit on the receiver in front of him too long, there already had a DB on the receiver in front, and to let Julio Jones run past him to the corner of the end zone for the TD is a mental error. Jones is their best WR and one of the best in the NFL, to let him run by you unchecked with no help behind you seems to be a poor grasp of the defense or not playing smart defense, not a lack of physical ability.
  7. It's possible but I hope not. It could happen if they are big headed about the success they had last year and complacency is in the air. The did set a high bar after the 1-5 start and if they have similar success, I'll take it. On the other end, positive side. If the 2 rookies Q. Nelson and B. Smith can make that 2nd year jump in improvement, and Glowinski and others improvement with the 1 year chemistry behind them. Kelly stays injury free and shows that he is the best OC in the NFL. I also think Costanzo had one his best years and I think Q. Nelson next to him had a lot to do with it. We may not regress but dominate. Hopefully the coaches and leadership among the players prevent any complacency.
  8. I'm going. The Colt game will be sandwiched between a drive/hike to the iconic Hollywood Sign on Saturday and to Universal Studios on Sunday. Getting hyped, departing tomorrow, just about finished packing. I expect Brissett to play well. Unfortunately for the Chargers, they will be without RB Gordon, OT Okung, and S Derwin James. Those are big losses but so is the loss of Andrew Luck but as mentioned, lucky we have JB. Game should be entertaining. As long as we win, even if only by 1 point, I'll be happy. Interestingly, I went to the Colts/Chargers game in Indy a couple years ago, that was the year before Andrew sat out and we won that game in the 4th quarter with TY catching a long catch and run.
  9. A disappointment is he win a Super Bowl Championship with the Colts. The story may not be over, I still say there is a 50% chance he returns next year and if not, a 75% chance he returns in 2 years. Once he feels better, gets bored, and his competitive juices tells him to return or he will always think for the rest of his life, what if I returned, while still in his prime?
  10. Peyton Manning as a 2 game back-up QB for old times sake, until Chad Kelly can return from his 2 game suspension. However, I think Denver may still have ownership of his rights. This is a half sincere, half novelty joke thought.
  11. Does he plan to retire, sit-out another year, then comeback next year to win comeback player of the year, 2 out of 3 years?
  12. I'm surprised this has not been a hot topic. Losing All-Pro Safety Derwin James is a big loss for the Chargers. Hopefully RB Melvin Gordon holds out until after they play the Colts I'm got to the first game against the Chargers in LA. I feel much more better about Andrew Luck starting and I'm getting re-Charged (no pun intended) about going to this game at Rokit Stadium, Carson, CA.
  13. My observations. I watched the game while doing my homework so I may have missed some things, but did stop sometimes and replayed some plays. 1 . Khari Willis - some may not agree with this because I seen positive comments about his play on another post. However, I seen in seen him in the first quarter. I see him tackle/made contact on a Frank Gore run, made contact after about a 3 yd gain, was drove back another 2 yds for a 5 yd gain. The next play the blocker similarly pushed him back. Thats all I seen of him but expected more physicality from our rookie strong safety. 2. Fountain had real nice game, outplayed Cain. I read Cain has drops in practice and had them in this game. He needs to step up soon for his sake. I Fountain continues with his 2nd yr improvement/jump, he may make it, or at least the practice squad again. 3. DT Grover Stewart held his own and we need him as our primary big body. Watch those offside thought. 4. Why Hines started the game at RB. Wilkins maybe should have started and I like him and think he does not get the respect he is due. Williams had a decent game. Hines should come in as a spot player. 5. LB Speed looked decent. His head to head penalty was the correct call. 6. On Buffalo's 65 yd TD run by the Rugby player. LDE Phillips who had a good game, was playing a purely outside pass rush but still could have made the tackle if he did not only focus on the QB, after he realized the RB had the ball, it was too late. LB Speed over pursued inside and the blocker was able to seal him of. #36 Safety Derrick Kindred, the last line of defense on the long run. I did not know who he was and had look up #36. Anyway he looked to have taken a bad angle to stop it at a 20 yd gain instead of a 65 yd TD run. The RB had good speed and that was probably a factor. 7. Did not notice CB Rok but may have to replay the game to check him out. Anyway that's may takeaways of the game.
  14. IMO, he seemed to struggle as a rookie when I first seen him play, then as he got more experience, things have must have slowed down for him, became more comfortable, and had a solid year in 2018. Hopefully he continues to improve and is our stud smaller DB mixed with our other DB's with good size.
  15. Might be a blessing in disguise, having both McCoy and Suh both available DT FA's. One might think they should sign sooner than later with an opportunity to play of a up and coming competitor and can compete now for a Championship, with either as the final piece to the puzzle. If we sign one of them, the other will be left looking for another team, unlikely with the upside of the Colts. I think a fair 2 year contract would be OK, with some incentives. If either focuses on their game, preparation and physical conditioning, he can be a solid player with the supporting cast we can provide.
  16. Penny Hart, if he makes the team. I don't Lexington Thomas on the roster, maybe he didn't make it past the first mini-camp?
  17. Since our previous biggest back is Wilkins at 216 lbs, and we have a scatback in Ny. Hines, I felt we could use another quality RB of the heavier frame and Ware at 5-10 229 lbs fits the bill, compact and stout. Although he had the 2017 injury, he had a decent 2018 season on a limited basis stat wise. Carrying 51 attempts, 246 yards, a solid 4.8 avg per carry. Also caught 20 passes, for 224 yards, 11.2 avg, excellent for a RB. I was curious to see what kind of damage he did against us in the playoffs and he had no carries. He must have been hurt, I think, but not the same injury as 2017 again I hope/think, a temp injury. If we keep Ware. Let Williams go. What about Penny Hart or Lexington Thomas, who I would like to see one of them kept. It would mean we keep Hart or Thomas for our practice squad or Jordan Wilkins goes to the practice sqaud. Again I like Wilkins, he showed his METL hanging tough against the big boys Alabama, he had our best avg per carry, that 50 yard run he had helped. His 2 fumbles hurt his stock, otherwise we would say he had an excellent rookie year instead of a good year.
  18. I was note aware the Chargers were rated that high. I seen on TV the other day, the post-draft rating had the Chargers at #4 and Colts at #5. I'm going to the first game, Sept 8, at RoKIT field, Carson, LA, a 30,000 temp stadium until the state of the art LA Charges stadium is built. A 30,000 seat stadium, no seat can be that far away. Anyway, someone said with our first 2 games being away game, if we can split and go 1-1 that first 2 games, we are in good shape. Well, I say lets start 1-0 and start this season right with a great away win against a quality opponent. It made me look at the Chargers draft little more. #2 Tillery is a big taller than normal DT, may play him some at DE. With their second rounder, they took a highly regarded safety, Nasir Adderly out of Delaware, #1 rated by Lindy's. To pair with last years #1 Derwin James. Regardless how highly regarded Adderly is, Reich and Luck will be test him for sure.
  19. Good point about Lexington Thomas going up against 2nd or 3rd team defense Ohio St but they are still players wanting prove to their coaches they are capable. Was not aware Penny Hart may have been hurt when he ran the his 40, which may the reason it was not as fast as expected. That is what makes this forum a good thing, different perspectives and research. For me, I would like to see Penny Hart or Lexington Thomas make the final 53 man roster or at least the practice squad. May the best man win if they decide to keep one of them.
  20. On another post I said Penny Hart appeared more impressive the another UDFA diminutive RB Lexington Thomas. The are both about the same same size at 5-8, Hart at 175, Thomas at 180, but Thomas is much faster and listed the 40 at 4.42 with one reported 4.29. Hart was good enough to be listed in Lindy's at a fair at best 4.62, especially considering his size but he seems to play faster. Watching youtube highlights again of Lexington Thomas, I came away more impressed as he made some nice juke moves to get to the outside. Plus his competition was better, showed highlights of a few runs against Ohio St. where he scored a TD and did break out for a nice run against big dog Ohio St., and Thomas must have been a marked man as the main offensive weapon for UNLV. I think the Hart/Thomas gap is pretty close. Also, I think Reich and Ballard realize a small breakaway player is an invaluable weapon, like a Darren Sproles or similarly Ny Hines. The can score from anywhere on the field. 300+ lbs DT are great but they can't score 50+ TD runs or reception. It may be an interesting keeper to have one of them make the team, to give us that added dimension, plus help in kick returns where we can be more explosive.
  21. It seems like every year we bring in about 15 or so UDFA and 2-3 always make the team. IMO the UDFA I'm most impressed with are, in no particular order: CB Jamal Peters, 6-1 220, Lindy's has him projected as a 5th rounder and my be moved to safety RB Marquise Young, 5-11 210, UMASS, he had some impressive runs on youtube highlights, had something like 3,600 career yards, 5.3 avg. Did not double check to verify. Could compete for 4th RB spot but I would like to see a big 230 lbs plus in our RB corp. TE Hale Hentges, wearing number 84 sure resemble Jack Doyle a lot. Is Swoope gone, don't see him on our roster. RB Penny Hart, 5-8 180, another with impressive plays on youtube. If only if was a little faster, listed at 4.62, he does play faster and has moves. Reich and Ballard seems to know the value of having a smaller breakaway guy. We have Ny Hines, one more similar breakaway type would be nice. RB Lexington Thomas, 5-8, 175 like Penny Hart but with speed listed at 4.42, and I thought I seen a 4.29 on him but I thought Hart had better highlights on youtube. WR Ashton Duhlin 6-1 214, 4.42, could not find highlights but read him dominated at low level competition, super longshot as our WR corp is crowded.
  22. After reading more about Campbell and watching youtube highlights, the more I like the pick. He is not just as sprinter playing football. He is a football player with sprinter speed. He played RB in high school and it shows. I was wondering why his Avg per catch about 13 per catch, was related low for a WR with great speed. I see because OSU and Haskins threw a lot of short and underneath stuff to him and he did a good job holding on to the ball and running after the catch. I think coach Reich had some vision how to use him to utilize his speed and create mismatches and add more pressure on opposing defenses. We have TY, our big WR Funchess, and Campbell. Add TE Ebron and that is a mismatch nightmare for defenses.
  23. Rigoberto can place kick and is pretty good at it. Still, they might bring a PK to not overwork both.
  24. I don't think OG Beau Benzschawel from Wisconsin was drafted. Per Lindy's, he was the preseason #1 rated OT and presently predicted as a 4th rounder. I would think he and Willis must have something that is not public to be taken off the boards. Also our Marvell Tell III was the number ranked preseason safety by Lindy's.
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