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  1. I want to Colts to give up the 1st draft pick next year from the perspective, because we made the playoffs.
  2. Too bad, I hoping we would retain his services, good for another year, maybe 2.
  3. As mentioned, even if caught, it was short of the endzone. I would have put in JB whotcould throw a high arching Hail Mary into the end zone. In a small sample size, I've noticed JB likes to throw to Pittman and I think he would be thinking Pittman with 6-4 height and reach has the best chance to make the Hail Mary Catch. With Rivers we had a 1% chance, with JB maybe like a 3% chance, not good odds but a chance. I'm sure like us, the Buffalo fans did not feel at ease until that pass fell incomplete when it hit the ground. They know anything can happen. Those numbers I mentioned are just m
  4. We were not compensated for Shula with RB Don Nottingham out of Kent State. Nottingham was the drafts Mr. Irrelevant, the last pick by our Super Bowl Champs Colts. He ended up being a solid "Mr Bowling Ball" RB, 5-9, 220 lbs hitter. Played a few years with the Colts then went to Miami and have a few decent years. More Trivia, in our AFC Championship lost to the Dolphins as defending champs. Our stated RB, previous year #1 pick Norm Bulaich was injured, and our 2 starting RB's, when most NFL offense used a 2 RB system was Don McCauley (the # 1 pick for Shula) and our last pick M
  5. Buckner said it discussed they probably will not snap it will be trying to draw the offside. So the offsides should not have happened. Interesting they did snap it when it was offside, not sure if the center was aware and knew they had a free play. Anyway, we have to move on and remember we were thinking Turay is our next great pass rusher and as Forrest Gump says, that is not something you can find on the street corner, or something like that. I say we give him a 2nd chance and hopefully he rewards the Colt organization to return to his pre-injury form. He w
  6. Trivia: The Baltimore Colts got the Miami Dolphins #1 pick to taking Don Shula. It was more of a NFL punishment, not a trade. We took RB Don McCauley from North Carolina with that #1 pick. He was solid but the Dolphins won that transaction as Shula lead bottom dwellers to 2 consecutive Super Bowl victories including the only undefeated season. Before the won their 2 SB, the upset the Colts in the AFC Championship, I think it was 1973 and we were the defending Super Bowl Champs with a great defense led by Bubba Smith, Ted Hendricks, and Mike Curtis. I believe RB Don McCauley started that
  7. Perfect time for a big game, playoff win, and having a baby. That would great weekend for the the Pittman family. Us too.
  8. I had a post on JT a couple months ago when his playing time and carries was limited. I did mention I believed in him and he will get better as the games slows down for him which it has, which is great for him and us. Not all RB's come in he see the daylight on game #1, for JT, it took a little more than half a season to find the key to success as a RB. Anyway, I also mentioned his limited early carries may be and is a blessing in disguise, as his legs are fresh and is used to a heavy workload. I say lets give him 25+ carries against Buffalo. IMHO, I would take JT o
  9. There were a lot of plays that could have made a difference but the specific play I'm referring to was at 1:19 of the 4th quarter, 3rd and 7 from the 33 yard line. TY was going down the middle, he had #20 CB Cameron Sutton beat deep, another CB, #28 Mike Hilton, was coming from the backside, off our WR #12 DeMichael Harris to help once the ball was in the air but he was out of position as the ball was away from #28. The culprit, #34, safety Terrell Edmunds was from the front side (side of the ball), but a little behind, I probably knew the ball was coming when he say River release the ba
  10. I'm old enough to remember the Lydell Mitchell days. We had 3 consecutive 2nd round draft choices and WR Glenn Doughty, Michigan, Wishbone Oklahoma QB Jack Mildren who was a good runner/athlete and we converted him to safety, and RB Lydell Mitchell. I would not say Taylor is better runner because they both have good vision. Taylor is a better athlete to go with the vision, bigger and faster then Lydell. Lydell had to have good vision because he was average size, something like 5-11, 200 lbs and he was not considered fast so he must have had good vision for finding holes, and strong for h
  11. I remember RB Mark Van Egan of the Raiders from years ago. Needed something like 87 yards in the final game of the season for a 1000 yards. which not only is a achievement for the RB but is a feather in the cap for the O-line. It was either Art Shell or Gene Upshaw who said, he is going to get that 87 yards if I have to carry him on my back. Would be great to have the mindset going into our last 2 games, get that 1000+ yards, win both games, finish 12-4, and strong going into the playoffs, and then, bring it on, play anybody, to be the best, got beat the best.
  12. The Pro Bowl lost credibility by not selecting Buckner. He does not need motivation because he is a leader, winner and already a self-motivator but hopefully he takes it out and lays hammer down on Pittsburgh this Sunday.
  13. It looks like the game is starting to slow down for JT. This last game he had a few runs where he read the block and ran into the whole instead of running into the back of one his blockers like in the beginning of the season. He even had a beautiful cut to the outside on his long run. His pass receiving has proved a lot of critics wrong, he has shown good hands and a asset and dangerous threat as a receiver out of the backfield. IMO, he reminds me, as far as body type, speed and physicality, RB Ricky Williams of the Dolphins, not the RW of our Colts who was OK
  14. At about 5:30 of the 2nd quarter, I just Q. Nelson get schooled Titan DT Tart, on 1st and 10, forcing Rivers to throw a hurried incomplete pass. They said Tart just got activated off the practice squad. C'mon man, focus.
  15. If Windsor plays well, we just got great talent and depth on our DL. He must be hyped to know he will be getting his fare share of playing. Great opportunity for him.
  16. If Buckner can't play, that is disappointing but if so, hopefully it for only 1 game. He is a key reason our defense is highly ranked. If is hybrid DT, tall, long and rangy and still stout enough stop the run and provides good inside pass rush. A unsung play a couple game ago was a tackle he made on an sweep but got the RB by the sideline after a 9 yard gain. Most DT's would have the range to make that kind of play and would got for a 15 yard or more gain instead. If don't if he tested positive or exposed, but if he doesn't play, I think Stallworth would be the next man up
  17. Some would argue Bubba Smith was more like 300 lbs. Back to our 2006 SB defense. Besides DT Booger McFarland, DE's Dwight Freeney & Robert Mathis. We had the great Safety Bob Sanders, he made a huge difference in our defense. Excelled in both run and pass defense. I also liked LB Clint Session he had striking/hitting ability. OLB Rob Morris found a way to contribute after we drafted him at MLB but it did not work out. CB Marlon Jackson added quality DB depth, who became a starter the next year.
  18. IMO, the best Colts defense for its time was the I think 1969 Colts The year after we beat the Dallas Cowboys in SB V, 16-13 To defend the title the next year, we had an once great but aging Hall of Fame QB Johnny Unitis When we talked football we my friends, they would say we did not have a QB My rebuttal was with a defense like that, we don't need a QB! No one could argue I used like to write down the depth chart on paper when I was a kid. Here's the starting defense that I can remember. The Super Bowl defense was pretty intact except for Billy Ray Smith w
  19. Another perspective was a concern with all the carries he had at Wisconsin. By rotating him with limited carries now, it my be invaluable at the end of the year and upcoming years, his legs will still be fresh at down the stretch.
  20. I'm a Pittman fan and I think he can be even better. He is tough, and has very good football speed. He may not have run a 4.3 or 4.4 forty but on field, he plays fast. I think he can be a dangerous deep threat as well. A few times against Baltimore the announcer mentioned Pittman has single coverage but the ball was not thrown to him. The first deep pass to him against Baltimore has the safety there for double coverage. The other long pass was overthrown. I think if Rivers throws the deep pass to Pittman with a little more arch, he knows to catch it at its high point, using his 6-4 Ht.
  21. I agree, Taylor hardly played after the fumble which seemed to alter the game plan, we were moving the ball. I hear a lot of negative comments about Taylor. Instead, I think he needs encouragement, he will be fine. Sure he missed a few holes early one but he still did decent, imagine when things slows down and he hits those holes, he will be one of the top RB's. I do remember he went over a 100 yards in his first start. I can see the physical attributes in the open field, power and speed. I anticipate he carrying the load for us in due time. I remember I hear negative comment
  22. I reviewed it once during the game and a few times today, I did not see the false start and anything worthy of calling a false start penalty. After watching the replay of the game tonight, my initial reaction was the related the to the play prior, a run by Hines in which towards then end of the run, Pittman made an aggressive block on the DB on the defensive side of the pile-up and it even looked like Ryan Kelley was looking who is that. I was thinking the referee did not call a penalty on the block but called him for a false start on the next play. Maybe I'm thinking too deep into this?
  23. I remember him when I first became a Colt fan and dream season enroute to the SB III nightmare loss to the Joe Namath and the Jets. Colts were huge 17 point favorites after blasting the Browns 34-0 in the NFC Championship. The Browns was the team that handed the Colts the only loss 31-21, in their 13-1 season, when the started Johnny Unitas, coming off his elbow surgery as he threw 3 ints. He road the bench until SB III when Morrai was messing up and almost brought the Colts back but the loss was NFL destiny and was a factor in the NFL/AFL merger as the AFL KC Chiefs beat the Vikings in SB
  24. I didn't see another thread on this subject. I know it was mentioned about his kickoff one one of the Colt new stories. About his kickoffs. Does not see to take a running start to make a power kick out of the end zone. Makes short stepped kick to the corner of the endzone, is good at it as it has hang time and almost force the returner to catch it at about the 5 yard line, let do some stops inisde the 20 and LB Speed made at kickoff stop at the 10. Very innovative and soon other teams may copy cat league it. The returner takes a receiver if he does not catch because it could bounce back
  25. What I'm impressed about Metcalf who I also liked, is he is always a threat to go deep and does make plays deep. That opens up the running game and underneath passing routes for the other receivers. I like Pittman, although he also had an unfortunate injury. I think Ballard drafted Pittman in response to his regret on passing on both AJ Brown and DK Metcalf. He had an opportunity to draft either or imagine both WR's with players who are not playing much. I do wish P. Campbell and speedy recover and long career though.
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