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  1. It's at the point how Rambling Man Jim needs to stop updating on Luck. Looks like 2017 debacle again. He may do a better job then the medical staff.
  2. Looks like Luck could be comeback player again in 2020 if the injury keeps him out, Have no faith in the spins coming from Colt front office.
  3. Hey. it's my opinion as a fan since 72. We all don't have to drink the Ballard does everything right Kool-Aid. Jets are making power moves though, and Browns too. For Star players, one does have to spend big, and for 13 Milfor new WR is not exactly star material even for one year. Bell is getting about 14; who's the better player/ Going to say we don't need a stud back like him too?
  4. One average season of 700 yards. Will fit right in with his drops. Ballard gets too much credit as this FA season is a big Zero. Other teams actually spending on players who are good. Sometimes, have to think a few years down the line. You mean Brown. Odell or Bell are not good to have on a team? Enough with Ballard locker room culture. Need some star player makers too. Steelers and Giants gave away their star players for peanuts. Oh, yeah, it does cost money, but cheap Ballard wants to hold on to it. Bell could have been had too for what Jets paid.
  5. FA so far Sucks. Have no idea what cheap skate Ballard is doing.Jets and Browns early winners. Ballard is operating like on shoe string budget and plan again to do ragpickers signings. If he was GM in NY and had this money not using up, he would be ripped 24/7. Good thing he's GM in Indy as not a peep about his moves.
  6. Too much money on a borderline 3 WR. How about using the Ballard pennies left for D? since he's treating all that money as such. But wasted 13 mil on a scrub. Oh, all the top D gone.
  7. Rather have seen 13 mil spent on Sheldon Richardson. Ballard u have the money not just to count. D plus for that horrible WR move. I mean need some better players; D remains an issue. What about Justin Houston? Make better moves Ballard.
  8. Waste of millions. When will front office learn about these one year WR bust signings? Colts easily could got Brown for what Raiders gave. Ballard is like the Joker in Dark Knight movie by sitting on the millions (again) and saying money does not mean anything. Does he know it's ok to go after better players? Probably not. Oh the sensitive pc world. What madness.
  9. That I am. U ripping the post draft talking heads too on their instant grades? Not if its too u liking?What thin skin colt fans we have here. U never last in a big city.
  10. What do they know unlike us arm chair experts? It's a joke sensitive colt fans.
  11. U probably blindly give the Colts an A plus on the draft so far. Nelson A plus, rest a D. Our scounting stinks.
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