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  1. JColts72

    Great overall game

    Real good team win. Nice way to score in 4th after such a bad O 3rd quarter. Leonard will be a Star on D.
  2. JColts72

    Jack freakin Doyle... SMH

    Ok.. Not that good. Saw via nfl ticket. U must be watching the 85 Bears d.
  3. JColts72

    Jack freakin Doyle... SMH

    We were not watching the 71 colts d out there .
  4. JColts72

    17 unanswered points is unacceptable

    New coach..new d cord. Same bad d. Put that more on Ballard for not getting good players.
  5. JColts72

    Jack freakin Doyle... SMH

    Not just him with that play. Points off Luck interception; as usual. Horrible D and bad penalties especially in 4th and bad call for Adam try 55 yard field goal.
  6. JColts72

    Colts projected salary cap 2019

    Maybe Ballard will hold onto the money again and not spend on anybody who can help the D here.
  7. JColts72

    Realistic expectations for the 2018 Colts

    No Andrew; 5 and 11. With him; 8 and 8.
  8. JColts72

    My theory on luck situation.

    More gibberish talk from them. Who knows when luck will be in a game again.
  9. JColts72

    NFL adopts new Anthem policy

    Chicago is the murder capital of USA with the progressive mayor as their leader. He is so anti-police.
  10. Fer sure , certain and decent; not star, not scrub material.
  11. Yes there should
  12. That is looking more and more certain. He's decent but needs to change the Bert Jones number.
  13. This year? CBS sports says he is still not throwing yet; no surprise. There should be a poll here on when that may happen again i.e., the 1st game, mid season, in 2019 or never again.
  14. JColts72

    NFL adopts new Anthem policy

    Love it or leave it...Roger/and the coward owners should have enforced this last year. Perhaps they were worried about their ratings sinking and fans leaving the NFL Sunday ticket in droves.