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  1. JColts72

    Explain this.

    Adam becoming Cody Parker and that horrible look at me idotic dance by Autrey. Also, how flat and unprepared team was. Looked like Chuck squad. Sometimes, a team gets caught up in their own hype. Game was an embarrassment all around. Oh, fan since 72.
  2. He's so right. No nonsense from sour grape whiners about the refs
  3. JColts72

    Thanks Everyone!

    Hope Ballard actually spends on top players and not from trash heap. Really need a strong number 2 WR and pass rusher.
  4. JColts72

    Thanks Everyone!

    Great run. If u said in July, Colts playing division playoff game, we all would have taken that. All the blowhards picked team last and maybe 4 to 6 wins.
  5. Of all days to stink up the joint.
  6. All started with that ebrons drop in 1st quarter.
  7. If score, more Adam Parker
  8. 2 easy to catch I guess. 2 easy to catch I guess.
  9. Stop the nonsense about the refs. Our Offense was garbage and missed points opportunities.
  10. Been amazing run though. How about lousy offense?
  11. Dont forget no score on fumble recover earlier.
  12. Missed chances; 11 points
  13. That miss Adam Parker big now