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  1. Rivers any day even at his age over J.B. who is holding the team back with his lousy QB playing.
  2. Rather have Eli or Rivers for a year then this srub. A bad QB can set the team back years.
  3. Lets see if Ballard continues to penny pinch and sit on his millions for FA. Please no more signing FA WR bounce back projects; this does not work out well.
  4. First stop wearing Bert Jones number, and head to the bench.
  5. QB, WRS, FG Kicker, better D. Let's se if Ballard sits on his FA money like he always does.
  6. And the thing is, the South is such winnable division if played better.
  7. Andrew does not kick, or catch as receiver nor plays d.
  8. Ballard will just continue to not spend like he's been doing. Need kicker, wide r. quarter back, secondary
  9. The Horror, The Horror. No auto with Adam even without the block. Jacoby giving it away too.
  10. Playoffs?! Playoffs?!. don't think so. Pathetic effort; one thing to lose to Pats, but to sad sack Dolphins; is a disgrace. Adam, please leave on the next bus out of Indy.
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