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  1. Yes and needed based on corona daily depressing news and our lives turned upside down. Let's all be well and stay safe.
  2. Rivers was someone could not stand; arrogant, beat us in playoffs? But now, welcome and take him any day over Jacoby.
  3. Take him any day over our current QB.
  4. Rivers any day even at his age over J.B. who is holding the team back with his lousy QB playing.
  5. Rather have Eli or Rivers for a year then this srub. A bad QB can set the team back years.
  6. First stop wearing Bert Jones number, and head to the bench.
  7. Aging out about the past Hockey days? I'm 54.

  8. With Luck 9-7, without him, I can see 6 and 10 and bye-bye Chuck
  9. Was the owner, GM, coaches all asleep at the wheel to not have a good 2nd string QB option, Everybody at home knows Luck will not be ready 100% and may not be so overall.
  10. As with Luck previous official team replies from last season of downplaying the severity of his shoulder, I would be concern about how ready he will be and when. Could be looking at Number 1 pick next season and new HC if he's out for a significant period of time.
  11. Chuck needs to produce with soft schedule at least playoffs. Otherwise, Ballard will bring in somebody else.
  12. They suck nfl network. Spent 15 minutes on steeler qb pick.
  13. Put him in for power full back at goal line.
  14. I would say sf with their first 2 picks.
  15. Maybe ballard does not want a player who ko a woman.
  16. After sleeping on it, like the pick better then first reaction. Wish Reddick was at 15.
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