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  1. Sadly, women have learned to weaponize these allegations, which can completely ruin a man, even when the claims have zero supporting evidence. Let's hope Bobby doesn't have the lifelong dream he worked hard for ruined by a couple of unfounded allegations. Unfortunately, with multiple (unfounded) allegations, my hunch is the media (who are less journalists and more activists) smell blood and will go in for the kill, as they so often do. Hmm . . .
  2. If she has dyed hair that's shaved on the sides, and/or wears glasses with thick, black frames, run away and don't look back. She's a radicalized nutjob straight off of the local college's assembly line.
  3. Unfortunately, last fall, we witnessed half the country completely abandon the concept of presumed innocence. Most of us are still cautious over that.
  4. Found the CNN watcher.
  5. That white guy who makes money pretending to be a black guy on Twitter is upset by this signing. He says we should have signed Kaepernick instead.
  6. Ignorant, violent thugs will be ignorant, violent thugs. C'est la vie.
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