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  1. That white guy who makes money pretending to be a black guy on Twitter is upset by this signing. He says we should have signed Kaepernick instead.
  2. Ignorant, violent thugs will be ignorant, violent thugs. C'est la vie.
  3. She's your typical disgusting, low-IQ rat who makes a career out of harassing athletes. I doubt her accusations are true, and even if they were, I'd be more inclined to give Inman a bonus over it than to not re-sign him.
  4. Yes, dance the funky chicken while down three scores, you low-IQ bum.
  5. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm rooting for a Kansas City touchdown here. We need a mercy kill at this point.
  6. It's four-down territory from here on out. If you're gonna go down, at least go down fighting.
  7. There's enough time left for us to get our inevitable 3-and-out and the Chiefs to put up another touchdown. 31-7 halftime, anyone?
  8. Who blocked the punt? I was in the kitchen looking for comfort food.
  9. It's crazy how little will power some people have.
  10. Today was close to perfect for the Colts' playoff chances. My hunch is, Pittsburgh is the team that ends up falling out. They're in that 7-win group (with a tie), but have a brutal schedule remaining: vs. Patriots, then at New Orleans, before finishing against the Bengals. I think Pittsburgh finishes 8-7-1, and Baltimore overtakes them at 9-7. Chargers got one Wildcard spot locked up. My gut is telling me the final Wildcard spot is going to come down that Indy @ Tennessee game to end the season (which should be flexed to Sunday Night Football).
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