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  1. Speaking of "streaks": The broadcast did everything they could to "jinx" the colts in the 4th Q. Bringing up that we'd scored on 4 straight possessions and were like 120-0 when leading by 16 or more in the 4th Q were kisses of death, lol.
  2. The delay in his reaction (aka "act") reminded me of one of the last scenes in Caddyshack when Rodney Dangerfield got "injured".
  3. Yeah, he was definitely the instigator. His acting after the push was so bad I laughed each time they replayed it.
  4. If a team ever tried to throw a game, I imagine it'd look very much like this one.
  5. We get within spittin' distance of the goal line and fold like a cheap suit...
  6. I'm not confident we will hold them to a FG. At least they'll leave some time on the clock. lol
  7. Aaaand just like that the defense goes flaccid and gives up two big pass plays. smh
  8. Now the 2 point conversion makes a big difference too.
  9. Didn't we move the ball& score on 2 of our first 3 possessions of the game? That's not "rust", that's the other team making adjustments and us having no counter move.
  10. He was a "bridge" QB for us, a stopgap of sorts. IMO, he performed as well as anyone could expect given the circumstance. He was a huge upgrade over Brissett and I'll be beyond upset if we even think of going back to JB as our projected starter. Ultimately it's like yanking the bandaid off. Time to set our future at QB.
  11. Unless they play much better than they did today, no chance.
  12. The clock ran for 2 seconds after the player was out of bounds...before the late TO
  13. Had a great chance for the recovery. "Players make plays" -come on guys!
  14. Doyle's starting to look like Bluto with that beard. lol
  15. The rule I always follow is: 'i' before 'e' except after 'c', or in names, or in a bunch of other instances.
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