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  1. Turftoe

    Los Angeles (+3) at New Orleans (1-20-19)

    Similarly, I can only imagine what some of the game thread negative nancys would have said if Luck threw the same interception Brees did (under heavy duress).
  2. I haven't watched or paid attention to the Pro Bowl for many years, but I believe it used to always be played in Hawaii. That used to be a big part of the draw: a nice vacation to warm Hawaii in January.
  3. I completely believe it. On KC's first possession our guys were clearly unable to get good footing while KC was playing normally. I even commented in the game thread that the field was garbage. That said, I also believe we did make equipment adjustments because the guys were running and cutting normally later in the half and from then forward. It might be that because the offense was so inept, and went 3 and out over and over, that the D didn't get the new cleats/shoes until KC had already gone up by two or three scores. Like others have said, it's not an excuse. There was plenty of time to test the field prior to kickoff and select the right equipment.
  4. It is a meaningless game that most fans don't bother to even watch, but if the players enjoy it, then who am I to complain? This morning I saw an interview with Luck on a local TV station about his addition to the Pro Bowl game and he sounded happy about it, so good for him. Another thing I noticed in that brief interview was that he (Luck) sounded like he had a cold, he seemed to be kind of "clogged up". Perhaps he was coming down with it on Saturday. Just a guess, and I know players play with minor sickness all the time, but playing outdoors in cold weather while you're coming down with a cold or something wouldn't be helpful for performing at your peak. IDK.
  5. Perhaps his shoulder doesn't feel the same in cold weather?
  6. From here on out every possession is 4 downs. Gotta consider on sides kicks, too (if we score).
  7. They were "gassed" the first time they stepped on the field. The offense is totally Mia.
  8. Aaaand the defense lets up. Sheesh
  9. Wow. That was a much needed shot in the arm!
  10. Ya just have to laugh. Third and six and we throw a five yard pass. SMH When it rains, it pours I guess.
  11. Hit out of bounds... No call. Come on refs! KC doesn't need your help.
  12. I don't want to hear that the defense has bben on the field too long or are tired. Quite simply they're being totally outclassed (thus far).
  13. That field looks like garbage, but they're not slipping & sliding like we are. I still remember Edge injuring his knee there.
  14. Our guys need to be less than 10 yards off them...