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  1. Good thing you included "just about"
  2. When Andrew Luck's name is mentioned, the first thought that will always come to my mind is how he quit on his team and it's fans. Being the franchise player comes with many great rewards (high salary, endorsement opportunities, and fame), but also with much responsibility. Guys like Jones honored that. Today we see elite players like JJ Watt get injured, but they rehab and get back to work. Luck quit. period.
  3. Going forward, if it continues it should be described as the "Brissett Fantasy".
  4. We don't know how he will be in pressure situations or from 50+ yards, but thus far he's looked like money compared to AV. Yes, that's a low bar for comparisons, but CM can only make what he's allowed to try and there's no reason to gripe about the results thus far. Competition is always good, but IMO we don't need to spend a pick in desperation on a K now.
  5. Wasn't ESPN the network that broadcast the game 3 days ago? I could swear there was effusive praise for Brissett - even declaring him a franchise QB.
  6. Before I switched off the telecast last night, there was an animated graphic comparing Marvin to Thomas. The "Marvin" graphic was pumping his arms and celebrating (an apparent catch/TD). I had to chuckle at the idea of Marvin Harrison showing such emotion.
  7. On the blocked punt something occurred that I was unsure of: the defender on the right side (who blocked it) initiated his block on Wilkins by lowering his helmet and hitting hitting him right in the helmet (head). It knocked Wilkins back and off balance. Are helmet-to-helmet or spearing rules only applicable to defenseless receivers or QB's? It seems that the possibility of inflicting an injury is higher on this play than it would be brushing a QB's helmet with a hand.
  8. Really, it's only two areas in which they are lacking: players & coaching
  9. Taking zero regular season games and assuming he is "not the answer" is a joke. Maybe he stinks, maybe he'll prove capable, maybe he'd be a better option for backup QB. The only way to determine that is, well, let him play. JB has shown through 2 NFL seasons as a starting QB that he is not a NFL starting QB. In my view, he should either stay on as the designated backup or be released and let some other team have him.
  10. I hope Ballard has a good inventory of pink slips. He needs to send a boatload of players and coaches on their way.
  11. Saints player led with his helmet.
  12. The issue I have at QB is regardless of how locked in they are with JB as the starter, it seems like it'd be a prudent idea to play Kelly to see if he's capable of being the backup (i.e. #2 QB). Hoyer had a chance and proved he's nothing but an emergency QB. If you don't get Kelly some real PT, how do you know what he can do in a real game? Apparently, pre-season play is meaningless for evaluation according to a lot of what I've read. Brissett isn't going to gain any substantive experience and the risk for injury is probably higher than the opportunity for improvement. Otherwise, it looks like he is/was the emergency QB for this season and probably doesn't figure in the plan for the future. This is entirely possible. What I've wondered is the reason he's on the roster at all? Did they ever consider playing him or was he just put on the roster as a favor to Jim Kelly to allow Chad to prove he can keep his nose clean?
  13. And missing deer season as well...
  14. Depends on what the question is. A franchise QB? No A top notch backup QB? Absolutely yes
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