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  1. I'll be a bit surprised if the Colts don't get an "apology" from the NFL later this week on the TY pass interference call. I agree that the overturned catch/fumble probably hit the ground, but in that case the "indisputable evidence" justification was thrown out the window.
  2. The dreaded third down........ and we let 'em pick it up.
  3. In a brief and temporary moment of self-awareness, Al Michaels admits they've had their lips firmly affixed to Mahommes' buttocks.
  4. Somehow we still have a chance... might as well steal this game.
  5. And our scintillating defense gives up a 16 yard run on first and 15
  6. QB play hasn't been the problem today. It's probably JB's worst game this season, but he's been decent while many other parts of the team have been putrid.
  7. This game's teetering on the edge of a blowout.
  8. That's not how we needed to come out in the second half
  9. That was 30 minutes of unimpressive Colt football....
  10. You can't squander possessions when the defense is playing lousy
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