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  1. I was thinking something very similar last night. On offense we've assembled a very good line. Drafting a quality running back to go with Mack adds a reliable run game. The receiving Corps got an infusion with Pittman. Draft a QB next year and he can grow in an environment with protection and a nice collection of talent at his disposal - no "baptism by fire" like AL was thrown into.
  2. "Bird in the hand" > "Bird in the bush"
  3. If someone were to tell you whoever we picked at #13 was going to be All-Pro next year would you NOT be happy with the pick?
  4. Good thing you included "just about"
  5. When Andrew Luck's name is mentioned, the first thought that will always come to my mind is how he quit on his team and it's fans. Being the franchise player comes with many great rewards (high salary, endorsement opportunities, and fame), but also with much responsibility. Guys like Jones honored that. Today we see elite players like JJ Watt get injured, but they rehab and get back to work. Luck quit. period.
  6. Going forward, if it continues it should be described as the "Brissett Fantasy".
  7. Taking zero regular season games and assuming he is "not the answer" is a joke. Maybe he stinks, maybe he'll prove capable, maybe he'd be a better option for backup QB. The only way to determine that is, well, let him play. JB has shown through 2 NFL seasons as a starting QB that he is not a NFL starting QB. In my view, he should either stay on as the designated backup or be released and let some other team have him.
  8. Depends on what the question is. A franchise QB? No A top notch backup QB? Absolutely yes
  9. IMO, that pick 6 looked like that one terrible pass per game Luck seemed to always have.
  10. Assuming CB didn't think #26 was significantly more valuable than second round pick(s), would future salary cap considerations play into it? Don't second round picks slot in lower than first rounders? Perhaps he sees it as getting a similarly talented player(s) with the added bonus of better future salary cap flexibility.
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