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  1. This was game where we obviously weren't favored.... ..we actually did better than I thought we would
  2. Its not fair…...the coin flip decides the game.. Same as the AFC title game last year
  3. I'm seeing what you're seeing...we cant stop them..we've given all we have to give
  4. Much better..if they throw the ball in the middle of the field..let him catch it
  5. Comeon…….If they throw a 5-yard pass into the middle of the field...let him catch it..time will run out
  6. That line./..Nelson led the way...….24-24..what a win this would be
  7. Exactly..the call stood...If it was ruled a TD...we'd have won it
  8. Another Park ….Another Sunday….. ...why does it have to turn out that way...…. (sorry..a Doobie Brothers flashback)
  9. We cant win that challenge...….he slid out of bounds
  10. That's it Chad.. The left side of our line is a freight train going downhill Back in the game.
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