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  1. Nance actually 'throws' Vic to the ground to tip it in but that's a call you probably don't get in the final seconds
  2. winning makes it fun... ....winning creates culture.... ..few discussed the fun they were having when we were 1-5. To me, we have some players this year we didnt have last year. Maybe I'm over simplifying it but our starting lineup is just different from what it was last season....
  3. Don't worry. You're good..
  4. Try looking at the entire season......Giants don't score much. Giants lost 17-0 last week and they've been held to 20 or less 8 times I would take the Colts and give you 10.5 points and you don't want it
  5. Giants really don't score much
  6. Odell might not play..he missed the last 2 weeks.. NYGs don't score much...and we do at home.....that's why the spread is high. Plus we just beat 'America's Team'
  7. I thought Myles did a good defensive job against Hood on the shot.. ..and it would be hard to have Sabonis in there....with Thad..we didn't get the rebound. Somebody got knocked down and Nance (I hate him, too) is a good rebounder... but 93 shots and we only made 37.. Vic had a bad night. Still waiting on Tyreke Evans
  8. Cavs (without 3 starters) 92, Pacers 91 Might be time to let Vic know its OK if he goes back to dominating the ball and scoring 25 a night 37 of 93 from the floor.....starters 23 of 60 how many free throws can we miss? cant lose at home like this I'm going to go lie down
  9. oldunclemark

    We will only win one more game this year.

    Vikings kicked Miami to the curb
  10. oldunclemark

    New England (-2.5) at Pittsburgh (12-16-18)

    Chargers (11-3) have a very good shot at No. 1 They play Baltimore which has an erratic rookie QB.. ..and Denver.....which can only score 16 or 17 points a game on a good day The Chiefs (11-3) have to play at Seattle And we thank your Vikings for laying the wood to Miami to get them out of the way...
  11. oldunclemark

    New England (-2.5) at Pittsburgh (12-16-18)

    What isn't being said much is: New England isn't up to the level of past years.../. 5 losses..3 to nonplayoff teams. Might be about time to put the old horses out to pasture ….
  12. oldunclemark

    New England (-2.5) at Pittsburgh (12-16-18)

    very true...Colts might now end up playing at NE in the 3 vs. 6 game even if they do get in
  13. oldunclemark

    New England (-2.5) at Pittsburgh (12-16-18)

    This was a good day
  14. oldunclemark

    New England (-2.5) at Pittsburgh (12-16-18)

    and the Pacers won again!
  15. oldunclemark

    New England (-2.5) at Pittsburgh (12-16-18)

    We need the Chargers to beat Baltimore and I think that's going to happen