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  1. No it would not. Cory Joseph ($8 mil) and Bogdonavic ($10.5 mil) and a No. 1 for Butler. ($19 mil)...We replace Joseph with Holiday (which we do next season anyway) and Butler replaces Bogdonavic. ..and we are real contenders in the East now If Butler does not resign with us, we have a ton of money to spend next summer. We're going to draft low. ..the No.1 is no big deal. I like our team but we've got to get up off this 'core guys' stuff. We have guys who helped us win 48 and lose in the first round. Maybe Butler would not even think about coming to Indy. I dont know. All I'm saying is: We have Vic at a relatively low cost. Lets try to be the best we can be right now. Make the call.
  2. 'Good' isn't East champs. We have six guys (Collison, Joseph, Evans, Thad Young, Bogan Bogdonavic and Myles Turner) in the final year (or only year) of their deal...We are not going to resign them all. If you accept that, we can take on Jimmy Butler in exchange for one or two (Bogdonavic, Collison) of them. Maybe Jimmy will walk after this year....maybe he wont. But we have Vic at $21 mil for 3 more years.,.then he becomes $40 mil Vic Do we want to add an all-star and proven 2-way player and take our shot at the East this year or do we continue to wait and hope for Myles to get better...?
  3. Edmund Sumner need to look for luxury apartments in Fort Wayne... He's got potential and its spelled 'G-4-NOW"
  4. We've got to keep in mind that we won nothing last year...its no risk Jimmy Butler isn't a star on his way down. Hes in his prime Our team breaks up after this season no matter what you or I want. This is the last ride with this group I'd give up a No.1 for Butler and hope to sign him. I'd at least make the call
  5. oldunclemark

    Should reciever stats include INT's because of them?

    If it falls to the ground its incomplete pass....goes against the QB If its deflected and grabbed by a defender its an interception...goes against the QB Probably cant have it both ways
  6. oldunclemark

    Should reciever stats include INT's because of them?

    There's no way to base statistics on opinions. Most times, you don't know what was called or what the QB was trying to do Its the problem that exists with the 'drop' stats... Way to arbitrary a distinction. If the QB throws the ball, its his fault because he chose to throw it. We can 'believe' it wasnt his fault...….but you cant make that a statistic based on something you believe that a more informed viewer might know is wrong..
  7. oldunclemark

    Dallas (+3) at Houston (10-7-18)

    4th and 5 at the our 43 (tie game) or so....we go for it and lose.. 4th and 2 at the Houston 43 or so.....Dallas doesn't go for it and loses. How 'bout them Cowboys!!
  8. oldunclemark

    Dallas (+3) at Houston (10-7-18)

    10-6 Houston mid-3rd ..another 3-and-out for the 'Boys.. They must be such a frustrating team if you really like them
  9. oldunclemark

    Minnesota (+3) at Philadelphia (10-7-18)

    23-21 final.. Kirk Cousins is better than I thought he was.
  10. oldunclemark

    Jacksonville (+3) at Kansas City (10-7-18)

    You are today's winner, CBE
  11. oldunclemark

    Minnesota (+3) at Philadelphia (10-7-18)

    Minnesota 17-3 at the half....Captain Kirk is 20 of 24 so far Fans in Philadelphia. Not happy
  12. oldunclemark

    Jacksonville (+3) at Kansas City (10-7-18)

    4 interceptions for Bortles...wow
  13. oldunclemark

    Seahawks sign TJ Green

    I think that's what they see. I really do. I'm glad to see this (since he's out of the conference) because he is a star athlete, just not a player yet"
  14. oldunclemark

    Dallas (+3) at Houston (10-7-18)

    I hear you...I'm rooting for the 'boys Sunday night and I don't like me for it
  15. Throwing 60 times is a product of trailing in the game (obviously) If we were ahead all the time, he'd be throwing 35-40 times.. What I see is us wearing down the other teams rushers by passing so much We're giving up pressure at the start of the game and our line doenst magically improve.. the edge rushers tire.. ...We want to throw a lot....that's our strength.. But if we were leading...we'd run to burn the clock and we'd be in the 35-40 range