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  1. Good signing... ...a wing player who averaged double figures off the bench.... Decent defender....and a vet..age 30 on a team of young folks ..and its not like he doesn't know anybody on the team.
  2. He seems unusually intelligent We're betting he can get better..and $20 mil a year isn't that much anymore
  3. 'Flashed' is one way of putting it. But it doesnt matter. No Goga..No Edmund Sumner. No expectations
  4. Remember when we heard that Harden and Chris Paul couldn't play together Eventually, they couldn't.. Both Westbrook and Harden DEMAND the ball in their hands, don't they.
  5. My only concern is that this is a team full of strangers... ...Goga gets no summer league.. Vic and Brogdon wont get any training camp together On paper we should be good after the first of the year Before then, it could be a little ugly
  6. Im shocked...but it does make sense.. Westbrook and Harden know each other.. ..and Chris Paul gets a chance to be the No. 1 guy the salaries match... This is craziness......but I like that Westbrook didn't go to Miami
  7. 'Multiple reports ' say Russell Westbrook is about to be traded from OKC.. Maybe Miami.....maybe Detroit $38,500,000 $41.300,000 $44.200,000 Russ's salary the next 3 years. We don't have two players who make a combined $44,200.000
  8. Okay so we aren't going to win the Summer League Aaron Holiday looks physically stronger than he was last year...
  9. I..just saw it. That's big He played with Anthony Davis..and they were good together.. ///This means LBJ wont play the point much and wont wear out with his old self ….they can take LBJ off the floor and still have Rondo, Cousins, Davis, Kuzma and a shooter (Kyle Korver) to be named later
  10. A lot of talk that Kevin Love will be traded... He's from Portland...... I'd love to see him on the Pacers....We don't have a true '4' But we don't have anybody to trade..who isn't somebody we just acquired
  11. If they resign Rondo…..that team will be tough to beat...even for the Clippers
  12. Its my understanding is that Goga is not in Las Vegas and isn't playing
  13. That's the thing. The Cousins we saw last year might have been 'rehab cus' Cousins is going to have to accept that LBJ is the man.... 'Second fiddle' is the only instrument you can play on a tea with LeBron on it
  14. Unreal.. ..he said he wanted to win a title as a Pacer.. ...and then he said he said he was 'here to stay' in OKC.... Does he remember what he says?
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