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  1. You make the best point. I don't know how he was allowed to do this.. You don't use this machine by yourself
  2. Up here in Lake County, we get the Bears, not the Colts
  3. My point is: No receiver is worth that much of your salary cap.... QBs, CBs..edge rushers are more valuable..because they do more on more plays Thomas is only going to touch the ball 10-15 times a game on a good day And Thomas isn't better than Julio Jones no matter what the numbers say There must be a bailout clause where they can cut him after 3 years
  4. Since its not a shoulder injury or an arm injury.. ..this isn't a major concern 5 weeks before the season..
  5. This is just a ton of money....for a WR Basically,,its 20 mil a year for 3 years, right? Still,.....He doesn't throw it and you cant hand it off to him. I don't see how any one receiver is worth this. It will now be interesting to see what Julio Jones gets at his age
  6. I don't recognize any of these players, though.
  7. So true. The NFL was considered invincible..and the AFL was seen as gimmicky finesse football. Baltimore was an 18-point favorite going in to that game and the Jets won 16-7....18 points is the 2nd largest favorite ever in a Super Bowl. (Did you remember that the 49ers were an 18 1/2 point favorite over San Diego in 1995?. I didn't) Broadway Joe and the Jets over Baltimore in '69 changed the face of the sport
  8. I just don't think you can ask to renegotiate or extend a contact with 2 years left on the deal.. If Ezekiel hurts his knee, he might be out of football in 4 years... ….NFL teams cant predict the health of running backs 4 years down the line so they cant put $15,000,000 on the line per year for 2021 and beyond. That would be a horrible management decision. He's got to play out his rookie deal to earn the big buck guarantees
  9. There is no evidence that I know of that playing 18 games is more dangerous to players than 16. There is no evidence of more in injuries when then NFL increased from 12-14 or 14-16 Drop 2 preseason games and play 18 regular season games. Increase the rosters by a half dozen players . More jobs More money for everybody and more football for fans. Just do it
  10. Good signing... ...a wing player who averaged double figures off the bench.... Decent defender....and a vet..age 30 on a team of young folks ..and its not like he doesn't know anybody on the team.
  11. He seems unusually intelligent We're betting he can get better..and $20 mil a year isn't that much anymore
  12. 'Flashed' is one way of putting it. But it doesnt matter. No Goga..No Edmund Sumner. No expectations
  13. Remember when we heard that Harden and Chris Paul couldn't play together Eventually, they couldn't.. Both Westbrook and Harden DEMAND the ball in their hands, don't they.
  14. My only concern is that this is a team full of strangers... ...Goga gets no summer league.. Vic and Brogdon wont get any training camp together On paper we should be good after the first of the year Before then, it could be a little ugly
  15. Im shocked...but it does make sense.. Westbrook and Harden know each other.. ..and Chris Paul gets a chance to be the No. 1 guy the salaries match... This is craziness......but I like that Westbrook didn't go to Miami
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