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  1. Cris Collinsworth has become a bit of a shill for the NFL. Yeah I know the Colts didn't play well in this game- but the holding penalty where the guy slipped and fell and that running into the kicker along with at least 3 PI I remember are really unacceptable to miss during a division playoff game. You can't miss those calls, it doesn't do the players justice. When he tried to defend the holding penalty it proved to me he has no objectivity.
  2. LOL. Running into the kicker. Never touched him
  3. Well, this Chiefs team isn't that good. Sadly I think Pats will beat SD and then beat Chiefs. Had enough Brady for ten lifetimes.
  4. Wow. AV. Total duck fart.
  5. That missed FG was huge. Does anyone seriously think the Chiefs have a chance against NE/SD? Tomorrow is for the AFC Champsionship.
  6. Boy the Chiefs suck too. This team has no chance next week.
  7. I hear ya, there is some padding in there- but dang that's a lot of yards to give up, almost 6500!
  8. Over 400 yards per game of total offense allowed is the big one for me. Very few teams in NFL history have accomplished that. If Luck weren't injured this game might have gone differently.
  9. Statistically, it's one of the worst ever.
  10. Defense ended up playing great. You're not going to win when your offense makes a historically bad defense look like the Steel Curtain.
  11. This is one of the worst games a QB has had a playoff game in years. Every, every, EVERY throw has been bad. He has not made one good darn thrown in this game. Not ONE. Not a single good throw. Not even one good throw in the whole game. Frustrating.
  12. Well, definitely prefer him to you.
  13. Underthrown AGAIN. All day. Every single ball soft and/or underthrown.
  14. That's possible I guess. He'll be asked about it after the game. There's no way a guy suddenly starts throwing the ball with so much less zip than all season. There has to be an explanation.
  15. FYI by saying all his posts "wreak" you are saying he has destroyed your spirit.